ANNA: girl, GONE – official book trailer


Thanks for Watching!


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Tommy: FUCK BOY – official book trailer





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HUSH Novelette Volume 4 … available at HUSH`s eBook Store – .95¢

Next in HUSH Novelettes:  Tommy:  FUCK BOY ~ .95¢

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HUSH: Revised … now available on Amazon

HUSH:  Revised [ Lengthened with 20+K Words and Original Ending] now available at Amazon for $5.99. 



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Tommy: FUCK BOY – Volume 4

Coming soon in HUSH Novelettes: 

Tommy_ FUCK BOY 2

available soon ~ .95¢

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a break from writing for “Lucas The Spider!“

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poet`cerpt ~ HUSH in The Dark – volume 1

abstract Filth in versesHUSH_ In The Dark volume 1


o                  pen

mouth agape

jaw detached

throat raped

forbidden is the hole

and ridden

is the semen

in a porcelain flush bowl

long before

I felt that bass in your cock






my tongue guts you

from shaft

to slit

you sputter

and spit

your bruise`y head throbs

and writhes

`neath that bludgeoned tourniquet

I feel your rush

the hustle and flow

I can no longer feel your bass









for my biblical knees

have spun a 90 degrees

where the other awaits

with dessert on his plate

sugar daddy jizz

spoils of bitches

I`s got the itches

but it`s in my glitch     powder shifts

this is the biz

show biz

ho biz

lights, camera, action ~

suck `n blow bitch!


eyes gawk as I cunt squat

upon your golden tower

and drown you

in a golden shower

lubricants in my sunny

jacket yellows

become a political miss

the piss waters sing and

ring around your cock`ring

you want to slip

your ding`a`ling

into my vaginal bling

but I feel not a thing

only the gush and hush

of what makes your dick blush


I want to feel my anal bang

so stop talkin` all that bedroom trash

and get to jackin` on my ass

like porn queen cheap

bung that hole, make it weep

against your cock `n balls

oh, baby, thrust me deep

I want to hear

my gospel walls sing

and my hostile shit scream

right as your slammin` cum

down my chute

and what pollutes

is oh so

perfumed stench pretty

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“HUSH in The Dark“ volume 1

Aside from writing, I do dabble in poetry – poetry which have been published in over fifty online rag`mags or poetry journals – so it was only natural that I pen poems based on The HUSH Series.

HUSH in The Dark is a 2 book volume of over thirty-five poems based/and or situated around The HUSH Series.HUSH_ In The Dark volume 1

Alike my Diva of Darkness Series, HUSH in The Dark also pushes boundaries but between sex,  incest, prostitution, sexual slavery and dark taboo themed erotica; poetry that is sure to shock as it is unique and thought provoking.

HUSH in The Dark will be available soon! 





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And still, I don`t know WHY I don`t have a Lit Agent?


So, and as of this evening:



are at US`s Top #60 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #33




The DiamonD

HUSH:  Missing Pieces

DiamonD, The Trilogy


is at UK`s Top #100 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #9 [a few days back it was at #5] sorry, I had to gloat.



The DiamonD


HUSH:  Missing Pieces



are on AU`s Top #80 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #25.


The DiamonD


DiamonD, The Trilogy



are at CA`s Top #70 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #20 and The DiamonD at #6

And still with all this, I don`t know WHY? I don`t have a Lit Agent?


Thanks to all the FANS who have made The HUSH Series what it is.



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So, what’s the difference between buying straight from the Author instead of Amazon?

Answer:  There is no difference except for one is an Independent Seller and the other is Commercial.

Please read as a FREEBIE follows.

It has been brought to my attention – based on the emails/chat inquiries received – that enthusiasts of HUSH/DiamonD are not HAPPY about the decision I`ve made not to continue publishing via Amazon and other self-publishing platforms.  Example:  HUSH:  Revised, HUSH Novelettes, The DiamonD: BLOOD (to which I pulled last month), and the recent, The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD.

But in my honest opinion, I don`t think it’s the ebook(s) themselves – not being sold commercially online, that is – that have anything to do with the enthusiasts discontents but rather their Skepticism to buying something (i.e., eBooks) from somewhere other than Amazon/Smashwords/Kobo/Google Play/eBay and then being disappointed.

So instead of making this a long and drawn out post/thread about how I can`t stress enough my apologies for the decision – which was a personal choice, btw – I instead decided to let the skepticism speak for itself (unless you are one of those refund-happy-people, then sorry, I can`t help you as all sales are Final). 

Download ANNA:  girl, GONE for *FREE, give it a full read or a browse; if you like what you see then your skepticism has been satisfied.  If you don`t like what you see…Well, there`s always the PDF version.


*apply Discount Code:  “PROMO418“ at Checkout, then download eBook to your device.



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