2 ~ The DiamonD: HOLLYWOOD

The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD Summary: 


After taking total control of The DiamonD, nothing will prepare DiamonD for the danger she’s about to face.

While struggling with a string of family issues – which includes a clash of opinions, bad attitudes, jealousy, infidelity, betrayal and fist fights – DiamonD’s past – a past she thought had been taken care of – comes back to haunt her after she is nabbed by a gang of Koreans with ties to an organization run by K-Town’s top pimp, Jimmy Tran.

During the intense confrontation with Jimmy and a known associate demanding the return of Stock taken from them, DiamonD instead proposes a business opportunity to keep war from trickling onto the boulevard is instead met with great resistance.

But as DiamonD is in the throes of trying to stop one of two wars threatening to destroy her and The DiamonD, a Russian crime boss’s son, Nikolas Nikolin pays The DiamonD an unexpected visit which threatens ownership of The DiamonD’s estate unless a negotiation for DiamonD to retain ownership can be met.  But while in negotiations, DiamonD learns of a money making realty scheme and decides to blackmail The DiamonD’s way in to further their control over Hollywood. 

With the threat of war and ownership seeming to come under control, the Monteagudo Cartel makes good on their promise after making a contract with DiamonD to capture Bree, seize control of The Montoya Cartel, and bring Lola Jayne safely back home – with a little help from an in-house deception – a heated confrontation between DiamonD and Bree then erupts with Bree falling victim to a vicious stabbing and DiamonD making a crucial decision that could tear apart The DiamonD indefinitely.


The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD is book 2 in The DiamonD Episodes, book 8 in The HUSH Series.