Book Summary for “HUSH”. . .my apologies.

Well in all my haste, I forgot to add the book summary to my novel “Hush”.  And I thank the blogger who brought it to my attention. . .so Thank You:)

High school pretty Anna Jane Parker seems to have it all:  a wealthy family, a new car, freedom, money, designer clothes, rich friends.  But just beneath that privileged life, a dark, disturbing secret lies. 


Two months into her freshman year at a prestigious high school, Jane meets Tanya Ray, a pretentious sixteen-year-old junior, and the two immediately become the best of friends.  One night during a sleep over, Tanya’s seventeen-year-old brother Dominic, a very popular and influential senior coerces Jane into having sex with him.  And what seems like puppy love for Jane will rear its ugly head, when at a party, she falls victim to a mixed drink laced in drugs followed by a multiple rape.  Unsure of Dominic’s reaction after he walks into the bedroom and finds her naked and disoriented will become clear to Jane after she realizes the volatile act was a pre-meditated cruelty when she witnesses Dominic collecting money on her grievances.


Sensing an apprehension to keeping silent about the incident of having prostituted Jane unbeknownst to her, Dominic threatens to blackmail her reputation with video evidence of promiscuity if she doesn‘t agree to “working” for him.  But when Jane refuses the threat, the lives of her family are instead threatened.  And to keep her family safe from harm, Jane succumbs up until the moment to escape presents itself.  But upon seizing the opportunity, Jane will unravel more to her fate than Dominic’s oppression.

Chapters 3 & 4 Follow this Post

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