“HUSH” is now available in its entirety












Well faithfull readers (and God I’m hoping that atleast somone was reading this story since its onset and not just hitting the “like” button?) of “Hush” the book is now (drum roll please) available in its entirety, both in paperback and in digital print.  Yay (‘.’)/!  I just got my print copy today and it’s detestable considering that it’s “self-published” and not traditionally published which I am REALLY aiming for some day, fingers crossed!  I have a few more novels in the making (well not in the making “making” ’cause they’ve already been penned) but actually in the early stages of transcending into self-published novels as well.  So in closing, and while I would really love to end this post with “Buy My Book, Please!” I won’t ’cause that would only be groveling.  So I will just end this post with, “Hush is now available in Kindle and book form if you want to buy it.”  There!

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  1. Glynis says:

    There indeed, Girl, this is great….I’m going to check this out!

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