“HUSH” is in Amazon’s Top 100 Paid

Since Hush’s debut in April of this year, and despite the lack in Star Ratings & Reviews, HUSH has been listed in Amazon’s Top 100 Paid in Kindle store.  Despite the fact that I view Hush more as a “curiousity factor” rather than an “interest” on readers’ behalf, I honestly do not mind.  As long as Hush sells and people are reading it, that is good enough for me.  Not bad for an Indie author in a sea of 3+ million authors!


Here is HUSH’s new cover

Hush__Cover_for_Kindle (2)



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4 Responses to “HUSH” is in Amazon’s Top 100 Paid

  1. Congrats…:) And I Love the new cover…to bad you can’t change it on Amazons website…

  2. theval2000 says:

    not bad at all! 😀 I hope I do half as well 🙂

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