Indie novel HUSH is a #1 Amazon Best Seller

The last time I posted anything on HUSH was back in November of 2013.  After looking back – actually looking down behind this post – I expressed some issues regarding ratings and reviews.


Fast forward. . .


So far I have been accused of being ~


a pedophile

a rapist

a sex offender

a sexually abused survivor

a person with a “sick imagination”


While I would genuinely love to state that I AM exactly all of the above I am actually far from it.  In fact, I’m just a struggling writer/author who happened to write a book about an young naive American suburban girl thrust into the world of prostitution by the people she trusted.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  Happily ever after, right?. . .Far from it!


For those of you reading this post, I am referring to my self-published novel “HUSH” which was released back in April of 2013.


The Good News about HUSH is:


it’s currently (not permanently) #1 on Amazon’s UK Best Sellers – 2 months running, I believe?.  #1 on Amazon – on and off for the last month.  #2 on Amazon CA, and #2 on Amazon AU, and has garnished almost 200 reviews.


The Bad News about HUSH is:


It’s been receiving it’s share of 1 & 2 Star reviews.


So far HUSH has been branded as:



a Piece of Crap

A Guide to Pedophile Porn

A Book about Porn

A Book Written by a Pedophile






And that HUSH is:


Full of Grammatical Errors

Writing Style is Awful

Words Don’t Exist in Dictionaries


Needs Serious Editing

Reads more like Fiction than Non-Fiction

HUSH obviously Written by a Teen

HUSH poorly written


Now for the reader(s) reading this post, all this negativity is enough to make any Indie author cringe, right?  Of course.  And believe me, I’ve done my share of the “15 second weep”.  But in a nutshell, I really don’t mind the negative reviews because it just lets me know where my book is, and where it stands.


As a self-publisher I really can’t afford a $2000-$3000 Editor.  And even if I did consider hiring a professional editor, my book will still suffer its share of spelling and grammatical errors as there is no absolute guarantee that the editor will make my book read 100% flawless.  And as an avid reader myself, believe me, I’ve read many Best Sellers with their share of editorial mistakes.  But I do try not to emphasize so much on the editor’s mistakes as I tend to emphasize more on the story telling of the book.  Something I wished all Readers would emphasize on particularly with HUSH.


I will be the first to admit that when I first released HUSH, I really didn’t give much thought to how the book was presented both in style and grammar as I was just excited and overly anxious to get my book out there in the public mainstream.  I didn’t realize that my “over anxiousness” would suffer HUSH’s consequences of grammar and spelling complaints.  So in that I’ve learned a huge lesson. . .And so I say this to you, Indie author:  Do Not Publish Your Novel “AS IS”.  Take the time to read, and re-read and make all the necessary corrections prior to publishing no matter how anxious you are to get it published.


Now as with any and all books, Readers will either love your book or hate your book.  And with this stated, there is no gray area here, and the same gray area also applies to HUSH.  Because HUSH is such a touchy subject because it deals strictly with child/teen prostitution and sex-trafficking, and not everyone will like it.  But for the ones that do, it will make reading HUSH all the more worthwhile.

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  1. Hey man, sales speak for themselves. You can assume that no news is good news, so most of your readers don’t mind the grammar errors.

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