Dear Readers & Fans of HUSH & HUSHED:


After careful consideration, as well as hours of thought, I decided to title the conclusion to HUSH & HUSHED, “JANE.” as I [personally] felt it deserved the homage.


I am excited over the title change as it brought me some piece of mind and the ability to re-work the plot.  Don’t get me wrong “THE GIRL” was a pretty stellar title, too, but since the book(s) primarily focused on Jane, I decided (again) to base my decision on that.


I do hope you agree.



Devlin De La Chapa


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6 Responses to “JANE.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi …love your writing.
    May I please ask how many pages Jane*is
    Thank you.

    • hushhushed says:

      Greetings, Elizabeth, and thanks for stopping by. . .Since JANE. is part of HUSHED (which was split in two to reduce page length), JANE. will be anywhere from 200-250 pages in length.

      Hope this helps!

      Devlin De La Chapa

  2. I just have to say…that these two books have totally changed me in so many great ways. It has made me realize that I want to minor in studies involving human trafficking. I want to help woman that have been raped and who have been taken advantage of. Not only did this book describe the horrors of what the sex trade really is, but it also goes into depth about something a lot of girls go through that is so often looked over. So many of us put our trust and our innocense out there to a man , only to have it taken for granted. Once that trust is taken and destroyed , we feel like we aren’t worth anything, we let men walk all over us because we don’t expect anything better. We let men take advantage of us and control us and its something that happens everyday to millions of girls. That’s when you get men who don’t value women for anything else than what she can give to him, that leads to rape, and woman who are severely confused on what they even want for themselves. Leads to self harm ,self medicating, suicide, bad choices, etc. Etc…the list goes on. This book shows that this could happen to anyone…and it does! It happens everyday to girls who are looking for approval from a man, girls who are trying to find the definition of love and totally give all of themselves to men who could care less. Anyway I can’t wait to read book #3.. I have told everyone I know about how awesome these books are and I can’t wait to find out what happens with Jane! 🙂

    • hushhushed says:

      Hey there, Kaysmomma, thank you so much for stopping by this site and for reading both HUSH and HUSHED. I’m glad that you (along with many, many others) have grasped the overall concept of the HUSH Saga. As far as pursuing a career in studying the aspect of human trafficking and sex trafficking, I think you shouldn’t think it but pursue it. You’ll do the world some good. So I wish you lots of luck;)!

      Take Care, stay in touch,
      Devlin De La Chapa

  3. Angie says:

    When will The Girl be released?

    • hushhushed says:

      Hi, Angie, thanks for stopping by.

      I’m anticipating sometime in the Summer (2015). I will keep everyone posted via this site when exactly “JANE.” will be released.

      Take Care,
      Devlin De La Chapa

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