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So today is the last day of February, and ten months closer to Christmas.  Hoo-fucking-ray(‘ . ‘)/!


And today I was supposed to have the revised edition of HUSH done and ready for download, or in Amazon’s case, ‘click here for updated version’.


But since it was a very short month, and I’ve been busy with domestic issues and occasionally being lazy, HUSH is still 1/4 unrevised with 3/4 of it already having been revised.  So I’m anticipating that the new revision of HUSH will be available sometime before March 10th, 2015.  If not. . .shoot me!!


But in conclusion, I do apologize for my busyness and laziness, and hope you all understand:).


Just so all are aware, I am taking the time to make sure HUSH will read more smoothly, flawlessly and effortlessly meaning, you the reader, trying to comprehend whether I intended to make that particular word or dialogue or sentence sound that way, or adding or correcting certain words that I might have intended to use but my fingers slipped somewhere off the keyboard thus fucking up the entire word?


I’ve also been very cautious about crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s” in all the right places.  I’ve also added to some of the Chapters as well as taken away.  Some of the [graphic] scenes have either been enhanced, or toned down (catch 22, right?), and according to my latest review, “[I’m] Not providing insight into the sex-trafficking trade”.  In all honesty, I’m merely speculating an opinion and added some embellishments to keep HUSH interesting to Readers/Buyers.  I mean, I do mention that HUSH is purely fiction at its very onset, don’t I?  After all, the beauty of being a fiction Writer, or an Author is the ability to make shit up and make it sound 99.9% believable like the Pill, right?



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