HUSH: the Amazon “Good News/Bad News”

The “GOOD NEWS” is the [newly] updated version of HUSH is now available.

The “BAD NEWS” is it’s only available if you’ve previously purchased HUSH using your Amazon Account.

The updated version of HUSH will be publicly available anywhere from 48 hours to one week.  So I have my fingers crossed that it will be sooner! 

To obtain HUSH’s updated version, log into your Amazon Account and head to your “Manage Your Kindle,” or “Manage Your Content and Devices,” then scroll to HUSH and hit the “Update Available” notification button just off to the right.  This will automatically update HUSH.

Hush__Cover_for_Kindle (2)

 (click on book cover to purchase)

Just a quick note:  This updated version of HUSH is the original version of HUSH since I had no interest [in the past] of furthering HUSH as it was meant to be a “stand alone book”.  Now that I’ve ventured HUSH into a three-part saga, some of the previous content has either been removed, altered, or shortened.

Hope you enjoy this updated version of HUSH.

Sincerely, Devlin De La Chapa

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