a Bout of Rebelliousness, maybe?

Been “under the weather” lately, and preoccupied with stuff and other things, so my apologies for not having posted anything since April, and May. . .well it was like one big blur to me!

Either the above fended is correct, or either I was just going through some rebellious streak with my writing?

I will admit that after suffering massive blows/hits from readers more focused on the grammar and spelling of HUSH rather than the story itself, and then having spent a considerable and ridiculous amount of time trying to polish HUSH [without an Editor] to readable perfection kind of left me anxious to hit the road on something else which, I will admit, I have been doing (i.e., poetry) to hone better writing skills and gain inspiration to continue the journey of the HUSH saga.  I think I’m alright now, and ready to tackle it once again.

So having confessed to my absence or the short abandonment of JANE., JANE. has gained some inspiration.  I will have the first Chapter of JANE. available here to read.

In conclusion, the updated/revised version of HUSHED is just about completed (no big changes, just corrections, re-wording, sentence structuring. . .you know, the usual crap that goes into a revision).

Have a great day!


Devlin De La Chapa

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