“JANE.”. . .chapter one


Chapter 1

March 1st, 2012

New Orleans


“So,” Viktor said settling himself down behind the mahogany black desk. “What do you think?”

Jonah casually paced his space for a moment, pondering carefully over his boss’s inquiry as to not answer with something he would later regret.

Jonah cleared his throat. “I think if she finds out the absolute truth, she’ll give you hell to pay.”

“Well,” Viktor said reaching into his gold plated cigar box, “the less she knows, the better off she’ll be. Wouldn’t you agree?” he swayed removing the cap around the end of his cigar prior to giving it a solid clean cut with his monogrammed engraved cigar cutter; a personal gift from a past Canadian lover, who to this day, still managed to move him emotionally.

“Agreed.” Jonah replied without a hint of contention, yet Viktor could still sense his doubt.

“Good. Now leave me.” Jonah nodded against Viktor’s request and exited his boss’s office leaving Viktor to his thoughts as he lit his cigar and puffed steadily for a brief minute causing a plume of sweet smoke to bellow up around him. It wasn’t until that plume of smoke had cleared his clouded vision when the double solid oak doors to his office suddenly opened up with anticipation and the crawlings of his past scrambled in carrying a warrant with five shot guns specifically trained on him.

“Viktor Kasa, I hereby place you under arrest.”

As the Agent read Viktor his rights, Viktor couldn’t begin to think of anything else other than the fact on how he admired Jane’s unwavering vindictiveness in which he grasp as no more than a stern gene in their dysfunctional lineage. And the last thing that swept across Viktor’s impassive face as the handcuffs came clasping down on both his wrists was a smile – his mother would have been so proud.

“Viktor Kasa are you aware of your rights?” The Agent inquired. Viktor smirked almost toyingly neither nodding nor verbally agreeing leaving the Agent battling back pride. “Leave us.” the Agent then gestured to the men. The men obediently, yet cautiously drew back their weapons and exited Viktor Kasa’s office. “Alright then,” the Agent then agreed pulling up a nearby chair and taking a seat across from Viktor. “Anna Jane Parker?. . .Where is she? I know that you know where she is, Vik? So I’ll ask you again. . .Where is my daughter?

“Ah!” Viktor grinned. “Things might go a lot smoother, Madam Agent, if you removed the cuffs.”

“Perhaps things would go a lot smoother if I just haul your ass in – ”

“If you think that’s the solution. . .then by all means.”

“Goddamn it, Viktor!” The Agent belted in frustration. “This isn’t a fucking game!”

“If this were a game, Madam Agent – ”

“Oh cut the formality crap, Vik!” the Agent spat in disgust. “It’s Sissy. . .Sissy Young. Remember?” Sissy scolded springing up from her seat and crossing to the credenza where Viktor housed some of his best Vodka; remembering how Viktor was – when he mattered to her – a connoisseur of Vodka, always returning home from one of his illegitimate business excursions with a bottle or two, and always claiming them to either be some rare commodity or the early beginnings to a business destined for global notoriety. Sissy reached for one of the bottles and poured herself a drink. And the second she swallowed the clear, crisp and odorless liquid it was then had she remembered why she stopped drinking, stopped drowning her sorrows in a bottle.

“I thought you gave up drinking?” Viktor casually reminded Sissy.

“I did,” Sissy mustered downing the rest of her drink in one gulp.

“So when did you start back up?”

“Just now.”

Viktor Kasa sighed out amidst Sissy’s private grief to relinquish in his for the moment, remembering that dreaded phone call he made to her on the night her daughter was stolen off his ship; how she wailed like a banshee caught in slaughter; how the receiver thudded hard against the floor; and how the silence thereafter from Sissy literally fainting from the dreadful news coerced Viktor to fly back to Canada that very night so that she wouldn’t grieve alone – he remembered. And it pained him that he still continued to remember right up to this very moment.

Viktor knew where Jane was, where she had been living these past six months, but in his heart he refused, simply refused, to divulge Jane’s whereabouts to Sissy considering that Sissy was a creature of spontaneity, and for her to just show up unexpected, uninvited particularly in front of a girl she hadn’t seen in sixteen years.

“You’re holding back from me,” Sissy accused Viktor when she crossed back to him and stood before him. She was no more than two seconds away from slugging Viktor.

“Violence isn’t going to solve this dilemma, Sissy,” Viktor said reading Sissy’s combative demeanor.

“No,” Sissy then toyed pulling her Berretta from her holster and pointing it directly in Viktor’s face. Viktor’s throat juggled.

“Like I said,” Viktor said clearing his throat and gathering his composure. “Violence isn’t going to solve this dilemma with Jane. So why don’t you do us both a favor and put the gun away. Let’s try and resolve this like civil adults – ”

Sissy chagrined. “And how exactly are we to resolve this like civilized adults here when you yourself can’t resolve this dilemma alone. . .You, with all your so-called “illegitimate connections”?”

“Enough!” Viktor snapped. “And get these fucking cuffs off of me! I’m not a fucking animal. And you sure in the hell’s aren’t going to treat me like one!”

“Do you think Jane enjoyed having those exact cuffs cuffed to her when you and your men entrapped her?”

“Did Jonah tell you this?”

“No. A little birdie did.”

“Goddamn it, Sissy!”

“Sucks, doesn’t it, Vik, to be on the receiving end, and to no fault of your own?”

“I’m not going to have this conversation with you or any other, Sissy, until you release me.”

“And if I don’t?” Sissy continued to toy.

“Then you’ll never know Jane’s whereabouts. Think you can live with that, Sissy. . .I mean, not knowing what you could know except your pride got in the way?”

“You son-of-a-bitch!” Sissy spat suddenly, choking back tears of frustration and regret. “Ugh!” Sissy grunted and gritted between her teeth before she cocked back her gun and shoved it back into her holster. She then stomped around Viktor’s chair, shoved his back forward, away from the chair’s back rest, and uncuffed Viktor’s hands. But before Sissy could collect Viktor’s gratitude for letting him go despite the warrant for his arrest, Viktor was fast on his feet, tossing the chair across the room, and grabbing Sissy by her throat. Within a matter of seconds, Viktor Kasa had Sissy Young pinned up by her throat against the wall. And despite all her pleading tears, Viktor remained unmoved to release Sissy from his wrath particularly against the constant accusation that he was at fault. That he was to blame for their daughter having been stolen.

“Vik. . .pl. . .please. . .I mean. . .what. . .what. . .I mean. . .why. . .are you. . .doing this. . .to me?” Sissy pleaded, choking and gasping for air.

“Because you are as much to blame for Janie as I am!”


“Because if it hadn’t been for you smuggling Janie on my ship, none of this shit would be fucking happening!”

And with those very last words; words that were not only damaging to Sissy’s ears, it made her understand that in spite of all she has done, in spite of what she had become, Viktor was right – this was all her fault. And she had never seen it like that. . .until now.

“Oh, God,” Sissy said gasping for air, struggling to breathe. “Oh, God!” she then repeated, staggering toward the credenza to grab the open bottle of Vodka but Viktor had already cornered Sissy’s thirst, holding out a bottle of water to her instead. Sissy, without uttering a word of gratitude toward Viktor’s hospitality, literally ripped into the cap and downed the water.

When the hostility between Viktor and Sissy began to subside, Viktor retreated back to his desk and took his seat. And like the legit and hospitable boss that he wasn’t, he pointed to a nearby chair and gestured for Sissy to have a seat. Sissy nodded, and pulled up the chair as close as she could get it to Viktor’s desk, and sat and waited patiently for him to speak.

“I will be honest, Sissy, but I’m not sure about this girl Jane I’ve been consorting with. . .I mean,” Viktor stammered, slightly undoubted as he reached for another cigar, snipping off the tip with his cigar cutter. “I’m not even sure she could be your Janie.”

“Don’t you mean. . .our?”

“I prefer not to go there,” Viktor surmised. He lit his cigar and puffed to his heart’s content.

“What would possess you to come to that conclusion?” Sissy inquired the second the smoke cleared Viktor’s desk.

“Well for starters. . .This particular one. . .This Jane is actually Jane number six – ”

“‘Number six’?” Viktor nodded, puffing his cigar a second and third time. “I don’t. . .I mean – ”

“It’s confusing, I know.” Viktor assured, not the least bit phased by the allegation himself. “The man in question – ”

“Yes. Mr. Parker.”

“Has a fixation with the alias “Anna Jane”. He had named all the girls he had stolen prior to Janie, ‘Anna Jane’.”

“Why would he do such a thing? I mean, what is his MO in that?”

“Maybe he likes the ring to it. Who the fuck really knows.”

“C’mon, Vik. Just give me something. Please.”

“I am ‘giving’ you something, Sissy. . .Information. Information that I’ve only begun to receive myself. And what I’m telling you is that this ‘Anna Jane Parker’ in question may not be your. . .I mean, our Janie considering there have been many prior to her. For all we know, our Janie could be in someone else’s hands. She may not even be in this country.”

“No, Vik. I disagree. You’re wrong. She’s here. I know she’s here. . .in the U.S.. And she’s close. Very close. I mean. . .I can feel it. Can’t you?”

“At this point, Sissy, it doesn’t matter what or how I feel. What I do know is that Andrew, Robert and Dominic Ray are all one step ahead. They’ve proven that already.”

“It’s not your fault that that mission was botched, Viktor. I mean, you did what you could despite the circumstance. American Agents are no different than those abroad. Agreed?”


“I think what we should do. . .or you should do is concentrate on finding the truth. Perhaps then after we can find a medium, get our daughter back, and bring those fuckers down.”

“I admire your valor, Sissy, but I think it’s going to take a lot more than justice. This is a business, Sissy. A business worth billions. And unfortunately, our daughter is just a needle in its dirty haystack.”

“I wish you weren’t so negative in your tongue, Vik. It would be nice to hear a little positivity,” Sissy casually affronted as she rose to her feet, leaned across Viktor’s desk and picked up the warrant and ripped it in two.

“Think you can wait another sixteen years, Sissy?” Viktor interrogated Sissy as she left her stance and crossed to the double oak doors.

“I think I can wait an eternity,” Sissy said tracing the brass door knob with her fingers. “If that’s what it would take.” she then added turning around to meet Viktor’s gaze that continued to burn a hole through her back. “You will keep in touch, right, Viktor?” Sissy pressed with a hint of doubt clinging to her tone. Viktor sighed out and merely nodded with that same hint of doubt. Sissy smirked and turned back around to leave, and then the question had hit her. And it was a question that she should have posed since the very beginning when she first grabbed wind that Viktor was hot on a fifteen-year-old trail. A question only a lover of girls would understand.

“Tell me something, Vik,” Sissy said turning back around to face Viktor more intimately despite the distance from across the room. “This. . .Jane girl. What did you feel? I mean, when you first saw her. When you first gazed upon her. . .What did you feel? Did you feel eager. . .anxious. . .Did you feel like you wanted to. . .fuck her?

“. . .No.”

“And those other girls. . .those other Jane’s before this Jane. Did you want to fuck those girls?”

“. . .Yes.” Viktor admitted, settling his cigar aside in the black marbled ashtray, his body rousing uncomfortably in his seat. He knew Sissy was going somewhere with her personal interrogation of him, of his openly private life set against the backdrop of a dirtiest temptation that not only brought him -in the past- so much sexual pleasure but also a lifetime of disgust. And now the question was: Where? Where was Sissy going with this interrogation?

Sissy, having read Viktor’s disquietedness, something she knew he would have never confessed to her or to anyone, something he would have easily taken to the grave if it hadn’t been for the issue at hand, kept a straight and controlled face.

“Well then make no mistake, Viktor, this Jane, this Jane number six is. . .your daughter.”

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  1. Blair says:

    What happened with the release of “Jane”? Got a email from Amazon the the book was not being released now?

    Please say it will be released and soon I hope.

    Thank you

    • hushhushed says:

      Blair. . .sorry for the inconvenience but JANE. is now available for purchase. There was a manuscript error that couldn’t be corrected so I took the liberty of cancelling the pre-order. . .But like I stated just now, JANE. is available.

      Devlin De La Chapa

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