the Pre-Order of JANE. cancelled. . .and Why?


Dear Readers and Fans of the HUSH saga:


On September 17th, 2015 I took the liberty of canceling the pre-order of JANE. on Amazon due to a manuscript error. It turned out that I had accidentally uploaded the drafted version of JANE. and not the final edited version. By the time I caught this critical error, I was to late in correcting the matter so therefore I had no choice but to cancel the pre-order for JANE.. So those of you in lieu of retaining your pre-order copy of JANE. on it’s scheduled release date will be notified otherwise.


But stress not, JANE. will be available on or before the anticipated release date of September 20th, 2015. The only downside is that you will have to search JANE. via Amazon’s search bar if you decide on purchasing your copy through Amazon. JANE. will be available on other Indie publishing platforms in time as well as in print.


I do apologize for the inconvenience. And I do thank you for understanding.


On a lighter note, I hope many of you will enjoy the conclusion of the HUSH saga; but as one saga ends so begins another!




Devlin De La Chapa



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  1. Sharon says:

    There is two versions available on Amazon and I have purchased the Jane released on the 17th, can this be replaced with the final version?
    Many thank

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