5 Spoilers that will leave Fans bitter about JANE. ~ Guaranteed.



  1. is NOT a graphically disturbing novel.
  2. gravitates more toward Jane’s freedom from prostitution rather than her being forced to prostitute.
  3. does find love and her real family.
  4. has a happy ending.
  5. is sure to disappoint Fans rather than to leave Fans contented.



As an author I’ve learned that it’s very hard to find a happy medium with Fans when having been part of something that is difficult to let go, or accept that this is the end. I know the feeling because after I read the Twilight saga – I myself, felt empty inside because I didn’t want it to end.  The same will apply with this saga. I’m sure the reviews and the refunds will speak for themselves.


However, Jane’s story will continue. And as I recently told another Fan: ‘Jane is not going to come out smelling like roses. In the end, you’ll probably end up despising her.’


So stay tuned as the second trilogy of the HUSH saga will only get better from here.



~ Devlin De La Chapa



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