DiamonDs, the summary


It begins with a rape.  Then an interference followed by a formal investigation.  And ultimately, revenge.


Or at least that’s what Jane, a.k.a. DiamonD, had in mind while laid up at the county hospital recuperating from her wounds.  It isn’t until Jane returns back to her life when Memo, Jane’s would be pimp, along with an all too familiar crew, show up one late afternoon in her motel room with an agenda that not only consists of a personal confession to a previous deception, in which Jane easily forgives, but crucial information that pertains to her sister.


While in the throes of conversation with Memo, Jane learns that her sister is now under the control of a Cuban cartel out of Little Havana’s Miami looking to operate its prostitution ring in the west coast beginning with L.A.  Threatened by the idea of a territorial take over among other small time prostitution operations and losing her sister forever in the process to this cartel prompts Memo to propose beating the cartel at their own game by stepping in and taking control of those small time operations with one operation in particular, to which Jane quickly discovers belongs to her father.


Already enraged by her father’s deception with her sister, Jane agrees to Memo’s proposal to taking down her father’s L.A. organization, then after, assume position not as a big time pimp but as a Madam – revenge for her sister.


But before Jane can achieve such a disloyalty that could possibly end up with grave consequences, she must first settle a personal score:  Getting revenge on the one’s responsible for raping her.


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