HUSH to remain “as is”

Dear Readers & Fans of HUSH:

After careful consideration, I have decided NOT to revise HUSH as I’ve decided to leave HUSH right where it’s at.  So to all those who might or may have anticipated a HUSH revision, I do apologize immensely.


The decision to not revise HUSH was not only from within me but was also decided with the help of a very unlikely source, who by all accounts, actually opened my eyes which allowed me to understand that while HUSH deals with a 14~15 year old teenage girl, giving her an adult (narrative) voice would not make her story believable even though HUSH is purely fictional.  So, with that stipulated and said, HUSH will remain “as is” – Grammatical and Punctuation errors, and all that makes readers of novel perfection cringe!


But rest assured, that as HUSH’s MC Jane matures, her (narrative) voice will mature as well, in the novels that follow.


Thank you for your patience and understanding and continued support in The HUSH Series.  I am truly and eternally grateful.




Devlin De La Chapa


10:15 A.M.




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