HUSH Interlude ~ a novella



A HUSH Series Novella

          Valentine’s Day, 2017



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6 Responses to HUSH Interlude ~ a novella

  1. spidey27 says:

    OMG!! i just finish The DiamonD…i have so many questions like where is bree?? the wait until i can find out what happened is going to kill left with a sad feeling that im done with my book and anxious/excited to read how their story unfolds…once again you have failed to disappoint loved the book ♥ cant wait until i can read the next one thank you for the amazing books

    • thehushsaga says:

      Thank you, spidey, for the review. And all I will say about Bree is that she ISN’T what she appears to be. Though still very much a young teen, she has secrets that is sure to leave Jane and many readers baffled with the exclamation of “Wtf. . .”. But nothing would be interesting without a whole lot of deception & drama!

      Thank you, spidey, for also being a Fan;).


  2. Lena says:

    so the HUSH Interlude ~ a novella will be released on feb14 2017 ??? and the other book the DiamonD: BLOOD will be released later in the summer of 2017 ?? when will the hush interlude be available to preorder ??

    • thehushsaga says:

      Greetings, Lena … and sorry to say that HUSH Interlude will not be available for Pre-order as it is too close to deadline. I will be posting announcements about the novellas up and coming scheduled release as time nears.

      Hope this helps. and THANK YOU for being a continued Fan/Reader!


      • spidey27 says:

        no worrys i will still definitley purchase sure as speak for me and all your readers/fans ..your truly amazing and this is the reason i ❤ and will continue reading your books..i love that you dont cower at the frowns and negativity from the people who would rather the whole world lie and pretend like the very subjects uve wrote about dont proud to say its authors like you and few others that made me love what i once hated..reading…so no thank you ❤📚 🤘

      • thehushsaga says:

        Wow! and Thank You for the wonderful comment;) It means a lot, and it is greatly appreciated! And, you’re welcome.

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