GREED, is it really?

Honestly … I am NOT a Fan of Social Media just like people are not a Fan of writing books, poetry, book reports, essays, even a thesis  – something that requires a ridiculous amount of brain cells when one would rather put on their best “duck face” and take a “Selfie” with a click of a button instead.

Okay.  I’ve fallen off topic here.  Sorry about that.

But back to this whole Social Media bullshit.

So, I’ve re-established my Twitter account, opened up an Instagram account and GoodReads finally got off their bums and gave me my “Goodreads Author” account.  YouTube, no problem.

As for FaceBook. . .I avoid it like the plague even though I do have an account since 2010/2011 (which has since been deactivated).  And I only got the damned thing just in case I became Famous.  Pft!  Wishful thinking!

As far as other Social Media Platforms are concerned, I will alert here once they’ve been established.

Now, why did I decide to go Social Media?  Well, why not?  Okay.  Now I’m just being a smartass.  But seriously, it’s like that Greed quote in my “SEVEN – sins that aren’t so deadly”:

ENVY – How in the hell am I suppose to envy what others don’t have?

GLUTTONY – If I bit more than I could chew, I wouldn’t have any teeth

GREED – Everyone else has everything else, so why can’t I?

LUST – Just because I have a pussy doesn’t mean I have to satisfy it every second I have a sexual thought.

PRIDE – Who needs it in these times.  Beg for money.  Drink out of a used cup.  Pick up a penny.  Squat piss on a tree.

SLOTH – Isn’t everyone at six in the morning?

WRATH – If I spend all day plotting an economical revolution then I wouldn’t have time writing shit that doesn’t sell such as this shit!


So I guess that answers the question!


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