change to HUSH: Interlude underway


Since HUSH:  Interlude is en lieu of a name change, book cover make~over, and MS/format revision, HUSH:  Interlude will no longer be available as an e~book.

This sudden decision came, and was in part of, the book’s MS interior as I personally found it to be confusing, as well as disruptive, as I – without conscience – had incorporated “Missing Excerpts” in between HUSH:  Interlude’s story thus throwing the story for a massive head~spin so I was not quite happy with that; and I’m sure many readers are feeling the same or felt the same after they had read the book.

Though I saw or seen no problem with the HUSH:  Interlude’s book cover, I just felt another would be more appropriate.

As for the name:  “HUSH:  Interlude” … well, it’s just to common of a Title.  So I felt that in order to “stand~out” from other book titles, a new title had to be in order.

So in closing, an update on HUSH:  Interlude will follow this post shortly.  And as of Friday, March 10th, 2017, HUSH:  Interlude will no longer be available as an e~book but as a print/paperback for those wishing to collect or add to The HUSH Series‘s Collection.


Thank you for stopping by and reading,

~Devlin De La Chapa

writing as “Sandra Raine”

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