So, why didn`t I leave HUSH as …

giphyAbout a week or so I responded to a review on HUSH expressing mild concern about the direction it had taken – meaning, why didn`t I just stop at HUSH?  Why I instead went forward with a series instead of leaving HUSH as a stand alone novel?

Though I found the conversation thought provoking and worthy of its own place here on HUSH`s official site, I am without liberty to publish the conversation as the Reviewer has yet to return my interest to post.  So instead of posting the review I will instead post my reply (with omissions and rewording, of course!).

So … why didn`t I leave HUSH as a stand alone novel?

Well, the whole purpose of taking HUSH and making it into a Series is because one:  the story had/has so much potential for growth. And secondly, I wanted to take Jane aka DiamonD beyond the norm of just becoming another statistic and leaving her story to die in such a story as HUSH, but rather give her new life through a series of “what if`s“ in spite of the approaching outcome of the series that will either leave readers and fans cheering for Jane or tossing their books and Kindles against the wall.

As a writer, I`ve come to understand that I am NOT going to please everybody with what they`d like or what they would have liked for HUSH`s outcome to have remained as.  And for that, I do apologize for my stubbornness. 

And speaking of “outcomes“. . .I already had a sequel in mind (prior to an emailed opinion) for HUSH but it was nothing definite as I was waiting to see HUSH`s outcome with the readers before pursuing anything.

So in closing, while HUSH and it`s counterparts – HUSHED & JANE. – are partially based on true accounts but enhanced with some “embellishments“, the others – DiamonD & it`s counterparts – well. . .it`s just my imagination running wild! And I can`t help that; I`m a Writer!

Thanks for reading …


~Devlin De La Chapa


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    You can post my review Devlin. Don’t know if you saw my message.

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