4 Followers on Instagram? God, I`m so Pathetic!

Dear Readers & Fans of HUSH:

Since I`m such a Social Media “recluse“ [something I`m trying desperately hard to break away from] I`ve decided to venture into video on Instagram – and not of myself, God no! – but of all things associated with HUSH and it`s entire series. And I really don`t know how that`s going to work considering there`s only so much bullshit one Indie author can talk about when it comes to their work!  But anyhow, I`m open now – `cause, and yes, before I was so closed off to the idea of self-promoting/advertising as I felt I didn`t have the strength or time `cause by the time I was finished writing a book I felt like I had just given birth to something long and lengthy and strenuous such as this post with the last portion of this post being one continuous run-on!<—————Yikes!  Nazi-grammar`ists are sure to have a field day over this one!!

So, yeah, and what was I previously raving about? … Hmm … Yes!  Video`s about The HUSH Series on Instagram.

And, oh please, don`t despair (if you do decide to take a peek as I already started the process) about the lack of “Followers“ … I`m used to it.  You checking out the vids are enough – I can`t ask for more.  So with that said, I THANK YOU in advance for taking a little interest:).

Until next post …


~Devlin De La Chapa 

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