the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Reviews

So as an [indie] Author I decided to start something new – which will probably be something old to other authors but I don`t care as it`s new to me – is post the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of occasional reviews given to HUSH and its counterparts to the site.

Though it may be a ballsy move and hurt my credibility, but realistically – and let`s be frank – not everyone is going to like my novels no matter how great or motivational the reviews are, and to be honest, I`m completely okay with that.  And from what I read thus far [of reviews received] some are enough to make any Author want to curl up in a fetal position and weep, or better yet, dig a very deep grave and toss their novels in it.  I know I felt that way after receiving my first 1 Star rating and its nasty reviews:

on September 1, 2014
This book is disgusting. If finding at least 3 to 5 typo and grammar errors on each page were not enough, the content was vile. YUCK
Oh, and this review here is one of my all-time faves – a contender for HUSH`s All Time Hall of Shame Reviews:
on 22 January 2016
Eventually you do have to grow some very thick skin especially if you are to survive in the lit world.


The biggest issue that many Readers have with my novels isn`t necessarily the story but the grammar, the spelling, the punctuation, the misuse of words as if words are actually going to get offended!  Pft!  I`m an Indie Author, for bitching out loud! Meaning, I stand alone; no one represents me.  And if I don`t care to dot the “I`s“ or cross those “T`s“ then that`s my prerogative, damn it!  No offense, Bobby Brown.

But seriously, and all bullshit aside, I just don`t have the time to stress over the etiquette of proper English grammar.  I have a life outside of HUSH.  And as long as there are Readers or Enthusiast of the subject matter who can overlook the grammatical errors and see the story for what it truly is, then that`s good enough for me! 

I`m Happy … 🙂

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