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A while back I posted a review response to So, why didn`t I leave HUSH as … which omitted the reviewer responsible/or the reviewer who inspired my post as I was in lieu of awaiting a response from her in which I received a “Thumbs up“ for some time ago. I would contemplate “my bad“ for not posting a.s.a.p. but life does happen and time does get away from you.

So without further ado, here is the addendum to that post highlighted above. Also, the review contains some **major spoiler alerts**.  So if you haven`t read HUSH it may spoil it for you. 



by Devlin De La Chapa


Nicole Aviles‘s review

Feb 18, 2017
it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** A Review by Nicole S. Aviles
“Hush” by Sandra Raine

Yes, as noted on numerous occasions – Ms. De La Chappa/Raine needs an editing team. However, she also needs to stop taking advice from her readers in totality, because as far as the storyline–it was great, and the other 2 parts fall short do to said-advice-taking–and it’s obvious.
I honestly wish she never penned any of the others. This one was a page-gripping, jaw-dropping, bold tale.
Book 1 worked because she went with her gut, she wrote a story of a young woman enslaved to a bizarre vile family, and the shocking yet likely outcome of something like that. It was graphic, real, raw and troubling.
The book begins with a young, naive, “quiet beauty” of sorts, getting entangled with a sister and brother duo, which is where the trouble begins. Her so-called girl-“friend” Tanya, provides the narrator with a glimmer of hope in becoming a popular girl, by befriending and hanging out with her regularly, something she never expected or predicted would happen. The thrill of being friends with the popular crew causes our poor, passive “Jane” into sleeping with Dominic–Tanya’s brother. She begins spending her every waking moment with them, in an upper-crest home, with all three from wealthy parents. Jane has never questioned how her family generates so much, regarding physical reality, nor Tanya’s parents, until everything takes a turn in a very unlikely direction. Jane, whom sleeps with Dominic nearly every day for 2-3 weeks straight, is coerced into a world she never believed possible–or that even really existed in the first place. Dominic and Tanya invite her to a frat party, where all hell breaks loose. Jane is forced to sleep with three different men after being roofied, and it doesn’t stop there. The horrific rape is just the beginning of sordid tale, of a handful of corrupt families who would sell their own children up the river for a few bucks.
Much to Jane’s dismay, being gang-banged and raped isn’t the only horror. After she is brutally raped and photographed in a car, with Tanya the photographer, she is blackmailed by the three of them, who force her into a sex-slave ring. Dominic becomes her main “pimp” and abuses her in every way plausible, until he starts falling in love with Jane.
What we are given hints of throughout the novel, is that Jane isn’t just another “plain Jane.” Jane is actually special. Very special. In the worst way possible. And when the sex slave ring spins out of control, we are shown the master of the ring, much to our horror–her very own father!
The book has punctuation and grammatical issues, as noted, but the story-telling is very good. It’s impressive and ballsy, especially for an independent author to publish. The storie’s ending is probably the most troubling area for most, as it leaves us shipwrecked with no savior. No happy ending, only a fraction of a glimmer of hope. Yet, an ending like this is exactly what makes a book most memorable.

Great read.


Greetings, Nicole:

Hope all is well.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your Ratings and the Review you gave to HUSH under my Goodreads profile “Devlin De La Chapa“.

True, I should not listen to the readers however, I already had a sequel in mind for HUSH but it was nothing definite as I was waiting to see HUSH’s outcome with the readers. And though I respect your opinion, I’ve also come to understand that I, as a writer, am not going to please everybody with what they’d like or what they would have liked. So I do apologize if I am being a bit stubborn.

The whole purpose of taking HUSH and making it into a series is because one: the story had/has so much potential for growth. And secondly, I wanted to take Jane aka DiamonD beyond the norm of just becoming another statistic and leaving her story to die in HUSH, but rather give her new life through a series of “what if`s“ in spite of the approaching outcome that will either leave readers and fans cheering for Jane or tossing their books and Kindles against the wall.

Either way, Nicole, I do hope you will continue to read the series and continue with your Ratings and Reviews – good or bad, I will gladly accept them. But if you choose not to, then that’s understandable.

Take care, Lady …

Devlin De La Chapa
writing as “Sandra Raine“

Mar 25, 2017 11:17AM
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Since her review and my response, Nicole and I have formed a friendship and we do stay in touch with one another periodically, and it is quite obvious that we are fond of each other’s work considering that we are both Best Selling Indie Authors; I`m glad to have met her.
My review of Nicole`s “Addictarium“ 51onm8eviel – which has garnished rave reviews from readers, editors & authors alike – will be posted soon on Amazon and here on HUSH`s Official Site.  If you`re looking for a gut-to-the-punch read, then this book is something to take a look in.  To see more of Nicole D’Settēmi`s work please visit her here: Twitter here: Amazon or here: Instagram.
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  1. Dev,

    Thanx for this. So glad to have “interMET” you. You are a talented & lovely lady. To all your naysayers and mine, F ’em. 🙂 Enthused about our writing companionship!

    Nicole D.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanx for this. So glad to have “interMET” you. You are a talented and lovely lady, and I am enthused about our writing companionship. To all your naysayers (and mine) F ’em. 🙂 Keep the creative flow going. Happy writing!

    Nicole D.

    • Hey Nicole … I need to come up with a nick`name for you … But until then, Thank You, Beautiful. I really did enjoy your book. I`m thinking about re`reading once I complete the one I`m writing. And as bad as this sounds, we need all them “naysayers“; they keep us going;). See you on the net.

      Love Ya,

  3. Jessie Blucker says:

    Do you know when the next book will be released on Amazoni have been dying to read the next one?
    True fan

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