The Good: Review of DiamonD

Review: DiamonD by Sandra Raine

June 1, 2017


I have had the pleasure of speaking with this author on several occasions, including and about the novels we’ve both penned. She knows my personal perspective, and again I should note that I loved the first book, and felt it should have been a stand-alone. However, I am pleased to read on about Jane and her evolution.

In DiamonD Jane transforms. She is no longer a young, naïve, innocent teenager caught up in a ring of disaster. While she is STILL part of this cycle of chaos, she is an adult now. Though only 18, her life has created in her a more hardened nature. Jane has evolved into DiamonD–the very girl she tried so hard to run from. An image, a lifestyle, that she rejected when forced into. Yet, in DiamonD we find her realizing she may just have to accept the life she wanted so badly to get away from.

I have to admit, I skipped Jane and went into DiamonD. I do plan to go back and read Jane., however the intro to DiamonD grabbed my attention quicker. I missed an apparent affair between Jane and the antagonist–Justin. Justin who was incredibly callous and abusive to Jane in part I, apparently has become her half-way lover. She is now married to Marco though, and it opens with all of them feuding, mostly over Jane. Bree, her younger sister, is sick of all the attention Jane gets, and is desperately trying to remove herself from the ring of prostitution as well. The heartbreaking result of this awful family’s business, is the young and innocent Bree, now forced into humiliation and sexual abuse. She blames Jane, likely because Jane is the closest thing to a parent she has at this point. Bree decides to run away in a moment of spite, and gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution with another ring, much to the dismay and suspicion of Jane. Jane leaves her pampered home-life (now living with her wealthy real father), and goes on the hunt for the tiny sibling. Along the way Jane is forced to also sell herself, to try to raise money to give to Bree’s abductors to buy her back into her own family.

I had mixed feelings about the first of three books in the new series, because it is difficult to see a stubborn and strong woman accept such a wretched fate. Jane almost seems to enjoy prostituting at some points, and I think that is hard for any fan of the series to really accept. She has a string of “paid” lovers, and we also see her team up with some other players in the game, both pimps and hookers, and live the Hollywood corner lifestyle. It’s an interesting glimpse into what will be most likely, a surprising ending, given the course events that have already taken place.

I do find that the novels become a bit more outrageous with each, and sometimes the dialogue between characters drags a bit. There are still some errors and typos, but I feel the writing itself has come along way. The story is the only thing, I do wish would keep up. Though I think it’s hard to top the first book, and also shock value starts to wear off after 1 or 2 novels.

I am still invested in this series, and also interested in what else this author has to offer!


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