“Now it`s WAR, bitch!“ … summary, The DiamonD: BLOOD


As another Saga ends, so begins Another …

And this time it isn’t for the pursuit of justice served with a dish of revenge but for war. . .over blood.

Wholly betrayed by the deception of her step-sister Bree and deceived by the recent discovery of her father’s past, Jane – now DiamonD – persuasively walks away from her life in an attempt to start a whole new one; leaving behind her would-be estranged husband and The DiamonD to finish seizing control of her father’s L.A. business.

But things instead start to go awry for DiamonD when she ends up in Las Vegas and involuntarily falls back into a life of prostitution thus bringing about a whole new wave of problems beginning with a pregnancy, a boyish Hustler from her past, and a multi-million dollar contract on her head.

Wishing to not get those of her DiamonD family involved, particularly her husband and their recently born son, DiamonD avoids Hollywood and instead heads to Canada until she discovers she’s been followed thus forcing her with no choice but to head back to Hollywood.

But the second DiamonD arrives the real war with family begins, beginning with a domino effect of reunions and lies and ending with Bree abducting DiamonD’s dark secret, Lola Jayne –  revenge for DiamonD disowning her – that will ultimately leave DiamonD swearing a vow of vengeance and these words resonating in Bree’s ears:  “Now it’s WAR, bitch!”


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