How to best describe The DiamonD Saga…

So how would I best describe The DiamonD Saga?


Hmm. . .cartoon_thinking_woman_clipart?


I`d say it`s almost like watching a soap opera only it`s not on TV but instead read through words; everybody who`s anybody in the series is going to have a hand in it which will make for one unique and interesting saga.


Here are some so-so facts: 


The entire HUSH series isn`t about drug cartels and gang wars as it deals strictly with the sex trade from prostitution to trafficking to slavery.


As with any [fictional] story dealing with crime organizations, The DiamonD Saga is no exception as it too struggles with/for control and power at the same time dealing with “in house“ drama and bullshit – something “soaps“ are made of.  Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara were my faves, btw!


For those of you just tuning into The HUSH Series and its Sagas for the first time, and for those of you who are Vets to the series, the entire DiamonD Saga will be told through both the Author and Jane`s narrative voice to give the story more depth and insight to all the characters involved.  So prepare your cerebrals; it`s about to get bounced around a bit.


The majority of the Saga will be centralized around Jane as it was in The HUSH Series and DiamonD, The Trilogy – so, wipe sweat off brow!


If you thought The HUSH Series was already culturally diverse enough, prepare yourself as more cultures will be featured with some bounding to clash.



Well, that`s it for now.  I thank you for stopping by and reading!



~Devlin De La Chapa

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