excerpt ~ DOMINIC: Monster



         “That’s it, little brother, pump that bitch, pump her real hard.” AJ coached as I continued to pump my pecker into Torry; losing myself within the grunts and groans and deepened thrusts until I felt this sudden urge to pee only I knew that it wasn’t pissin’ that I wanted to do as it was something else, like hearing my big brother’s talking about coming, about shooting their wad all up some chick’s cunt had I remembered what it was I was supposed to be doing right about now.  And AJ must’ve sensed the intensity of my thrusts and heard my breaths becoming heated and labored ‘cause he quickly swept one arm under my belly and yanked me off Torry; Torry who quickly scrambled to her bare ass, raising her legs to her chest and shaking uncontrollably while my pecker shot cum all over Torry and the van.

     “Got to know when to pull out, little brother. Don’t want these bitches gettin’ knocked up, do you?  I mean, it’s one thing to fuck the stock, it’s another to get ‘em knocked up. . .a big No – No. . .you remember that, little brother.  Now,” AJ said letting me go with a smile of satisfaction, “ready to try it again?” he said motioning to the friend through a smirk.  The girl was still clearly knocked out, so she wasn’t going to fuss.  I looked at AJ seriously and nodded simply because I was hooked.



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