The DiamonD Dream Cast

DiamonDJUST like actors who dream about receiving an Oscar for their performances in a movie, Authors – both Indie and non – also dream about receiving a movie and/or TV series deal for their novels.  And while many, if not most, are waiting patiently for their big break; that one anticipated phone call and/or email from some movie big wig or some highly decorated network wishing to offer a deal, Authors eventually will find themselves faced with that one critical question (whether posed or not):  So, who do you have in mind to play so and so?


As a writer – and I’m not sure if I can speak for others – when I write a story or begin to write a story I usually have some idea of who I feel would play the character to their fullest potential, and so I will incorporate a bit of their essence within the character to give the story vision as it comes along.


So without further ado – with Book 8 in the making, 7 Books and 1 Companion Book already completed in The HUSH Series – here are my [personal] choice of actors.  (All celebrities chosen are “Key“; the others, I am still undecided.  But if you have an idea, email me for fun; would love to hear who you think is best suited to play them.  Who knows, you may even win a prize!)


 Kristen Stewart – JANE/DiamonD

 Robert Pattinson – DOMINIC RAY

Now before anyone Gasps! or says things like “Holy Shit!“ or “OMFG!“ or “You Got To Be Freaking Kidding Me!“ … These two celebs were my first choice from the inception of HUSH.  Why you might ask?  Because one, they were all the craze at the time.  And two, I wanted them to play opposite roles from one another – a break from all that gushy post- Twi-romance stuff.  A sort of brutal division between a Dom/Sub relationship, you could say.  Overall, I think (and still today) Robert would make for an excellent Pimp with Kristen his excellent Victim – like The Rape of Twilight, sort-of-speak.  Scary, I know.

Before I continue on, I must say that I did have two other celebs in mind who I also felt would (and still) make for an excellent Jane/DiamonD:

Alicia Vikander – JANE/DiamonD  Alicia Vikander - Jane DiamonD 2

Kelsey Chow – JANE/DiamonD         Kelsey Chow at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere in Los Angeles

Chris Hemsworth - Justin McIntyre Chris Hemsworth – JUSTIN McINTYRE

Liam Hemsworth - Josh McIntyre 1 Liam Hemsworth – JOSH McINTYRE

Brothers, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, were also my first choice for The Cousins – Justin and Josh – since the inception of HUSH.  I figured the two would make great aggressive players in the roles of both muscle and pimps.

Megan Fox Megan Fox – TANYA RAY

I also considered Megan Fox to play the role of JENNA but I wasn`t in the mood to kill her off so quickly.

Nathan Kress - Douglas Parker Nathan Kress – DOUGLAS “DOUG“ PARKER

Hence:  I did mention in the first book (HUSH) that he was a “dead-ringer“ so it was only expected.

Ramona Marquez - Bree Breanna Parker Ramona Marquez – BREANNA “BREE“ PARKER

I liked her in The King`s Speech.

 Ryan Phillippe – HENRY CHURCH

As far back as I could remember, probably pre Little Boy Blue have I always been a fan of Ryan so it was only natural that I include him somewhere within my gaudy list of Pimp characters as well as Jane`s first love.

Wentworth Miller - Andrew Anthony Parker Wentworth Miller – ANDREW/ANTHONY PARKER

Admired him in Prison Break, adored him in Resident Evil.  Loved the chemistry between he and Mila in the movie.  

 Marton Csokas – VIKTOR KASA

Loved his ruthlessness in The Equalizer as Teddy.  Definitely “Boss“ material, hands down!

 Richard Armitage – BOB RAY

Julia Voth - Sissy Young Julia Voth – SISSY YOUNG

 Francisco Lachowski – SHANE DIAMOND

The first time I saw Francisco Lachowski was three years ago on YouTube`s sexiest models.  When I began writing about the character of Shane Diamond he was the very first person that came to mind to portray him.


Sean was a no brainer for the character of Devin.  I was excited when I heard he was appearing in Taylor Swift`s Blank Space music video.

 Lucky Blue Smith – ELIJAH DIAMOND

Geoff Stults - Roman Ryan Diamond Geoff Stults – ROMAN RYAN DIAMOND

 Gregg Sulkin – ALEC PEDRAZA

Dylan Sprayberry - Jonah Kasa Dylan Sprayberry – JONAH KASA

Madison Pettis - Anna Madison Pettis – ANNA LOPEZ-KASA

I am still undecided; she is my second choice.

 Brenton Thwaites – DEVON MARX

Carlos Mendez - Cristian Memo Carlo(s) Mendez – CRISTIAN/MEMO

Theo Rossi - Carlos 2 Theo Rossi – CARLOS

Loved his performances in Sons of Anarchy and Lowriders!

Sharlene Toule - Sofia Sharlene Toule – SOPHIA

Genesis Rodriguez - Loren Genesis Rodriguez – LOREN

Charlie Hunnam - Vincenc VIN Taylor Charlie Hunnam – VINCENC “VIN“ TAYLOR

Aaron Taylor Johnson - Edvard Kucera Aaron Taylor Johnson – EDVARD KUCERA

Los Angeles Premiere Of "Can't Stop Won't Stop" - Arrivals Cassie Ventura – NEVAEH “LANA“ JACKSON

Romeo Miller - Reggie Romeo Miller – REGGIE

Jack Falahee - Det Frank Rollins Jack Falahee – DET. FRANK ROLLINS

Jencarlos Canela - Carmelo Cortez Jencarlos Canela – CARMELO CORTEZ

Ruby Rose - Ruby Ruby Rose – RUBY

As with the character of Shane Diamond, Ruby Rose was my very first choice to play Carmelo`s “partner-in-crime“ Ruby.

Cole Sprouse = Tommy O 2 Cole Sprouse – TOMMY “O“ OCHOA

Ansel Elgort - Lennon Ansel Elgort – LENNON

Leo Howard - K. Vaughn Leo Howard – KEVIN “K. VAUGHN“ VAUGHN

Mackenzie Foy - Amby Amber Lynn Mackenzie Foy – AMBER “AMBY“ LYNN

Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals Genevieve Hannilius – SLIM

Krystal Jung - Tyan Krystal Jung – TYAN “TY“

Bailee Madison - Violet Bailee Madison – VIOLET “VI“

Lanny Joon - Kai Lanny Joon – KAI (The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD)

Kim Jong - in - Jimmy Tran pic 2 Kim Jong-in – JIMMY TRAN (The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD)

 Kang Ha Neul – SKAI SOHN (The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD)

Because I was such a Fan of the epic pilot of Moon Lovers:  Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I figured who better than to play the character of Skai who was one of Scarlet`s major players.

 Taron Egerton – NIKOLAS “NIK“ NIKOLIN (The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD)

A much likable actor, I`d say.  Loved his character portrayals in both The Kingsman saga and Legend.

 Ricky Russert – DENT “DeMORA“ MORALES (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE)

Loved his character in I, Tonya.


Took a while to find the character of Kandy – Shane`s love interest – who I found in Baby Driver.  Loved her fire as well as her innocent “don`t hurt me“ vibe.

 Andy Davoli – SONNY SYNTINO (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

The Knockaround Guy(s) has grown up.  Nice!

 Hayden Christensen – ANGELO SYNTINO (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

Since as far back as I can remember (post-Ryan Phillippe), I`ve always been such a huge fan of Hayden Christensen – not to mention his relationship with Rachel Bilson, the two have since broken up btw *tears* – I had used his very essence for my character of Roland Roswell Gunther in my seven book adult vampire series VAMPHORIA; I just felt/feel he`d make for an interesting, yet dangerously gorgeous vampire.

 Spencer Lofranco – MICHAEL “MICKEY“ MANCINI (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

  Henry Cavill – RENO RENTERIA (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

 Alexandra Daddario – OLIVIA BLAIR (The DIamonD:  VEGAS)

 Vanessa Kirby – TAMARA DIAMOND (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

Cara Delevingne - Torrence Diamond Cara Delevingne – TORRENCE DIAMOND (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)


 Kim Kardashian – MARI`ANA “MARE“ BLACK (The DiamonD:  VEGAS)

 Alicia Vikander – SANDRA SYNTINO (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

Dean pic 5 Dean – JAE-JOON DIAMOND (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

Mickey Rourke - Luciano ``Junior`` Lucado Mickey Rourke – LUCIANO “JUNIOR“ LUCADO (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

Christoph Watlz - Christoph Lucado Christoph Waltz – CHRISTOPH LUCADO (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

Marko Zaror - Saint Paul Marko Zaror – SAINT PAUL (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

Scarletta pic 4 Sno Tha Product – SCARLETTA (The DiamonD:  EMPIRE & upcoming series)

The first time I saw Sno was in Queen of The South and I thought, “There`s Scarletta!“ And yup, there she was.

*The Others Undecided:
CeCe Parker
Helena Ray
Kelly Church
Sara Parker-Ray
Able Sr.
Able Jr.
Franklin Young
Donna Diamond
Paulina Ochoa
Suzette Lopez
Kitana “Kit“
Monet Monteagudo
Miguel Montoya