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Henry Pimp Romeo 4 x 6 Print pic 1

Yes!  HUSH`s Novelettes have been downsized to the size of Amazon`s first Fire Tablet – Ouch!  But, yeah … the proof is in the pic!


Tommy NoveletteNovelettes Available at the moment … $6 ea.

Shane Novelette

EMPIRE Sampler FREE for 4th

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The DiamonD EMPIRE available for FREE today, click on cover to get your copy



So, what`s new with DiamonD …

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she has a new EnemyScarletta AD 1.png

               … forthcoming, 2020




about The DiamonD Chronicles

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Recently I noticed that I haven`t posted anything on The DiamonD Chronicles just a lead header at HUSH`s sister site, The DiamonD Saga.  So to spare suspicion on what the Chronicles are about the conclusion is pretty much self-explanatory – you don`t have to be a goddamn genius to figure that out! – but I understand it`s good to gain some insight about it.e DiamonD Chronicles II

The DiamonD Chronicles is a Miniseries of Novellas composed of rivalry-ism, hidden agendas, family secrets; greed, betrayal, revenge; power, money, sex; issues that will threaten the operation of The DiamonD and its Empire on a day-to-day basis; issues that will often end with a damaging result or a surprising twist; endings that will not disappoint but rather leave the reader wanting more.

I can`t say for sure how many Novellas will originate from the Chronicles as I haven`t thought that far as of yet.  What I am thinking of however, is branching into another Series in the next couple of years.  I do have some idea but it`s still a little hazy.

beyond HUSH to The World of DiamonD

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*click HERE to be taken to site*

HUSH has a new site – a sister site – specifically dedicated

to everything that`s beyond HUSH & The DiamonD 

such as:

summaries, spoilers, family history, additional characters, etc. etc.

things that won`t be found at HUSH`s main site.

(site is still under construction as I have much shit to post & disclose!)


HUSH has moved to Kobo

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follow link … https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/hush-96 



EMPIRE book sampler now available ~ $2.49

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EMPIRE sampler … sometime today 3/25

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Just FYI that The DiamonD:  EMPIRE Sampler will be available sometime today, 3/25/19.

So, you can either check back later, sometime today, perhaps tomorrow or whenever the mood suits you.


~ lineage of a Monster

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Novelette AD 4

Novelette available at HUSH`s eBook Store


The DiamonD: EMPIRE ~ sneaking a peek

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The DiamonD AD 5

sampler underway