10 Books, 2 Companions, plus Novelettes = What order do I fucking read these in?

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Hey, got your attention! … HeHe

So, lately I`ve been receiving an abundance of emails inquiring about the HUSH books/series and what order they should be read in since it is – and I admit guilt – a rather confusing list as it falls in different subcategories.

So below is the Official List of all the books in The HUSH Series thus far and the order they should be read in.  If something should change, I will post about it.


The HUSH Series

HUSH ~ Book 1

HUSHED ~ Book 2

JANE. ~ Book 3

HUSH, The Series (contains books 1 ~ 3)


The DiamonD Chapters

DiamonD:  Chapter 1 ~ Book 4

DiamonDs:  Chapter 2 ~ Book 5

The DiamonD:  Chapter 3 ~ Book 6

DiamonD, The Chapters (contains books 4 ~ 6)


HUSH:  Missing Pieces (companion book)


The DiamonD Episodes

The DiamonD:  BLOOD ~ Book 7

The DIamonD:  HOLLYWOOD ~ Book 8

The DiamonD:  VEGAS ~ Book 9

The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited (companion book)

The DiamonD:  EMPIRE ~ Book 10

DiamonD, The Episodes (contains books 7 ~ 10)


Additional Books

HUSH:  Revised a revised edition of HUSH containing original ending and 20+K words that were omitted to create The HUSH Series.


HUSH Novelettes are story shorts based on key characters in The HUSH Series, and how they came to be.


The DiamonD Chronicles is a new series following the future of DiamonD; forthcoming, 2019.


the Pros & a Con of Selling My Own eBooks

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I’m taking this brief time-out not to talk about my books – which is funny since I really don`t talk about my books all that much to begin with (hence, my posts) – but just a little something to say “Thank You” to the Buyers who took the plunge, from Amazon and other online ebook retailers, into my site to purchase your ebook(s) despite the hesitancy and the skepticism you may have felt since many (Indie) Authors rarely, or if not, sell their own ebooks direct from their site.

So, again … 

First the Pros:

I won`t sugar coat it and say it has been a real success but it`s been a success never-the-less; meaning, I`ve managed to sustain repeat Buyers, garnish new Buyers, receive great feedback with very little – miniscule, actually – to zero technical issues with it either being an issue of downloading/locating a book or app reader related, and recently, a refund request as the Buyer was under the impression that they had bought a physical copy of the book and not the ebook itself, so other than that, it`s been crickets in that department.

So far I`ve been content with the decision I made to sell from my site as it allows me total control over my books:  if I make changes, I don`t have to wait days for those changes to take effect or if I decide to offer FREE ebooks, I don`t have to compete with time frames so the flexibility is there; AND I don`t have to worry about my books getting banned or blocked because I failed to adhere to rules and guidelines or because it offends – my books are what they are, and if someone doesn`t like them well then tough shit!  Don`t buy!  It`s that simple!

Now the Con:

Because the transition of purchasing ebooks direct from my site is still fairly new (since 1/2018) it`s just a matter of time before everyone catches on.  Things take time with a multiple of convincing, but of course!

Thanks for reading & for your open-mind.

~Devlin De La Chapa

So, what’s the difference between buying straight from the Author instead of Amazon?

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Answer:  There is no difference except for one is an Independent Seller and the other is Commercial.

Please read as a FREEBIE follows.

It has been brought to my attention – based on the emails/chat inquiries received – that enthusiasts of HUSH/DiamonD are not HAPPY about the decision I`ve made not to continue publishing via Amazon and other self-publishing platforms.  Example:  HUSH:  Revised, HUSH Novelettes, The DiamonD: BLOOD (to which I pulled last month), and the recent, The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD.

But in my honest opinion, I don`t think it’s the ebook(s) themselves – not being sold commercially online, that is – that have anything to do with the enthusiasts discontents but rather their Skepticism to buying something (i.e., eBooks) from somewhere other than Amazon/Smashwords/Kobo/Google Play/eBay and then being disappointed.

So instead of making this a long and drawn out post/thread about how I can`t stress enough my apologies for the decision – which was a personal choice, btw – I instead decided to let the skepticism speak for itself (unless you are one of those refund-happy-people, then sorry, I can`t help you as all sales are Final). 

Download ANNA:  girl, GONE for *FREE, give it a full read or a browse; if you like what you see then your skepticism has been satisfied.  If you don`t like what you see…Well, there`s always the PDF version.


*apply Discount Code:  “PROMO418“ at Checkout, then download eBook to your device.



breaking from DiamonD: VEGAS to view such a disappointment

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As a huge fan of Roseanne, I was gravely disappointed.  I was expecting the re-boot to have shed some light on what has happened over the years, not start off as if the show was in its 2nd or 3rd season.  I mean, there were some issues that I felt were addressed to soon when it should have been a gradual progress thus leaving the audience – a.k.a me – wishing to see more instead of debating whether I should tune in next week or the week after that.


I felt the brother’s David & Mark’s absence not a great move considering that they made Roseanne entertaining and thought provoking.


I didn’t like that the creator(s) made Dan & Roseanne look like a couple of pill-popping-geriatric-co-dependents.  And c’mon!  They`re not that fucking old!


Now Becky wanting to be a surrogate mother. . .seriously?  And what was with Sarah Chalke`s character wanting to eat Becky’s placenta?  Is that really what the audience wants to hear?  And another thing, what happened to her pregnancy with Mark?  Also, how did Mark supposedly die?  God, I hope the creator(s) put a spin on that one. . .Say like an Eddie & The Cruisers type of twist.  But that is probably wishful thinking!


So, what became of Jackie`s baby boy Andy?  And where did Jerry Garcia Conner end up other than on some boat?  I`m sure there will be some answers.


Now onto Darlene and her two kids. . .What`s with the amazon looking daughter and non-gender disclosed son?  That just got under my skin.  I mean, I can understand a bit of slapstick comedy but seriously, putting a 9 year-old boy in a skirt (or was it a kilt?) or in wardrobe that no 9 year-old realistic kid would be caught dead in?  There has to be some boundaries. And I understand that as parents we want to encourage our kids to freely express themselves but how far should that freedom of expression go?  I honestly don’t know about the LGBT community, but I’m sure they even have boundaries for their kids and their adoptive kids – to me it was just a slap in the face.


Now as far as Darlene is concerned. . .I do like her.  But damn!  She needs to get out of all that darkness and be a little upbeat especially as a parent.  But unfortunately, Darlene as a parent just doesn’t suit her or Becky.  I thought Jackie being a parent was obnoxious but Darlene and Becky both take the cake.  But back to Darlene. . .her son is named “Mark“ so I will assume that she did end up with Mark (Becky`s Mark; read bottom asterisk).  Also, there was reference made about Darlene`s “partner“ with Darlene denying that she is gay.  Now there`s a bit of drama.  I could very well hear Gary Marshall`s famous words:  At last!  Drama! which is, btw, taken from the movie Soapdish with Robert Downey Jr.


As for DJ, he should have gotten a little more exposure, remained single and dated.  He`s another that just doesn’t fit the “parent“ criteria.  I mean, the last I saw of DJ he was quite dark in his sense of humor and he had a sort of bad boy image going on which I [personally] thought suited him well.


So, what happened to The Lanford Lunch Box? *(or was that also fictitious?)

What happened to Roseanne & Jackie`s quirky mother, Bev?

What happened to Fred. . .Jackie`s ex-hubby and Andy`s father? *(or was that fictitious, too?)


*Honestly, I still get confused over Roseanne’s last episode, and for those who had never seen the last episode. . .spoiler alert:  The Conner’s never won the lottery.  Becky was actually dating David and not Mark.  Darlene was actually dating Mark and not David – fucking confusing, I know!  Jackie turned out to be a lesbian.  Bev was actually a heterosexual feminist.  Dan never had the affair with his mother`s nurse he instead ended up dying from a heart attack.  Leon & his husband weren`t actually a couple as they had just met in Roseanne`s “real life“.  And Nancy, I forgot if she was real or not?  And lastly, Roseanne did write a book about her family.


All in all, I just felt like the back-to-back episodes were all over the place – kind of like the way one of my unhappy readers said about HUSHED – and I can only hope that they find some order before the show faces getting canned.


In closing, I did enjoy the new sitcom Splitting Up Together and Black-ish`s Easter episode.  At least they made up for the disappointment.





Author`s note:  This review was just my opinion in about a few million, so I don`t expect for anyone to agree or like.  And just like my Reviewers, I am entitled to my opinion, right?  Fucking right. I am!


HUSH`s online eBook Stores coming soon to site!

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Yes!  It was inevitable that HUSH have its own online eBook Store.  And it only took [nearly] 5 years!

HUSH`s eBook Stores will consist of three (out of a future forecast of five) to purchase your ebooks from:  HUSH, The DiamonD and The DiamonD Saga.  Any and all ebook purchases will be up to 35% off the original cover purchase price sold on other platforms

eBook stores will occasionally include discounts in the upwards of 50 – 75% on the purchase of select books; an occasional “freebie“; exclusivity to new and future HUSH releases prior to being sold on other platforms. . .just to name a few.  Have a Great NEW YEAR, and we/HUSH look forward to your business!

The HUSH Series getting BC make-overs

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New Book Covers to 

The      HUSH      Series

are in queue of updating.

It was inevitable with the changing times.  Hope they are well received! 

HUSH updated bc pic 1 of 1             HUSHED updated bc pic 1 of 1             JANE updated bc pic 1 of 1

and don`t forget …

HUSH:  Revised

available soon!

HUSH- Revised (1)



How to best describe The DiamonD Saga…

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So how would I best describe The DiamonD Saga?


Hmm. . .cartoon_thinking_woman_clipart?


I`d say it`s almost like watching a soap opera only it`s not on TV but instead read through words; everybody who`s anybody in the series is going to have a hand in it which will make for one unique and interesting saga.


Here are some so-so facts: 


The entire HUSH series isn`t about drug cartels and gang wars as it deals strictly with the sex trade from prostitution to trafficking to slavery.


As with any [fictional] story dealing with crime organizations, The DiamonD Saga is no exception as it too struggles with/for control and power at the same time dealing with “in house“ drama and bullshit – something “soaps“ are made of.  Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara were my faves, btw!


For those of you just tuning into The HUSH Series and its Sagas for the first time, and for those of you who are Vets to the series, the entire DiamonD Saga will be told through both the Author and Jane`s narrative voice to give the story more depth and insight to all the characters involved.  So prepare your cerebrals; it`s about to get bounced around a bit.


The majority of the Saga will be centralized around Jane as it was in The HUSH Series and DiamonD, The Trilogy – so, wipe sweat off brow!


If you thought The HUSH Series was already culturally diverse enough, prepare yourself as more cultures will be featured with some bounding to clash.



Well, that`s it for now.  I thank you for stopping by and reading!



~Devlin De La Chapa

The Good: Review of The DiamonD: BLOOD from Goodreads

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I know it`s been awhile since I posted the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a Review.  So with that said the following review comes courtesy of Goodreads.  Though the review is fairly new, there were some key points that I felt needed to be addressed which follow the review.


Aug 28, 2017
James S. Northern rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition

Just finished this long awaited book. The entire series has been incredible and this is a decent continuation of the series. BUT, the plots within plots are starting to get a bit too complicated. DiamonD/Jain doesn’t even show up until half of the book is done! And the idea that a supposed major crime syndicate Boss would just wander off without any protection and end up in Vegas where half of the underworld there already knows her and starts pulling tricks to “get by” is just a little far fetched, IMO. And know it turns out that she has had two kids when none of the other books talk about this at all is just a bit over the top. Anyway, despite the flaws and complications, the series is still very good. Just don’t try jumping into the middle of this series or you will likely be completely lost! I await the release of The DiamonD: Hollywood. Hope it comes out soon. (less)


The delay in bringing Jane aka “DiamonD“ into the story was in part of continuing from where the story left off in HUSH:  Missing Pieces.


Readers need to keep in mind that Jane is naïve – she`s barely nineteen – so there`s still a bit of recklessness residing within her.  So, with that in mind, she still needs to make mistakes in order to understand them.  If I gave Jane a brain to think and breathe like an experienced or semi-experienced adult rather than the young adult or teen that she is, I think that would be a bit, if not, completely “far-fetched“.  In many ways, Jane is maturing but it`s a slow and painful and annoying process so I do apologize; but she is getting there.  Just MO.


When Jane arrives in Vegas she`s completely under the radar as The DiamonD hadn`t exactly made their presence known [in Vegas] as of yet.  The only reason it may appear that other Vegas bosses know of Jane`s existence is because of her brief encounter with another boss she met in The DiamonD who was posing the question of her existence there oratorically.  Jane however does leave Vegas before others are made aware of her.


Jane isn`t exactly a Boss yet, as she still considers herself a Partner.  But she does consider herself a “Pimp“.


From HUSH thru The DiamonD:  BLOOD Jane has been trying to escape/leave the Life as she doesn`t want to have anything to do with it.  She only became a part of it to rescue her sister and hurt her father for the deception.  Other than that, she couldn`t have cared less.  But because she is the daughter of a crime boss her independence is very uncertain, almost – if not – inevitable.  But the question still remains and will pose:  Will Jane ever be free?


Yes, Jane has two kids (or does she?).  Now there`s a fucking twist!  HaHa!  Need to wait on that one.



Thank you, James, for your much appreciated review!



~Devlin De La Chapa

The Good: Review of DiamonD

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Review: DiamonD by Sandra Raine

June 1, 2017


I have had the pleasure of speaking with this author on several occasions, including and about the novels we’ve both penned. She knows my personal perspective, and again I should note that I loved the first book, and felt it should have been a stand-alone. However, I am pleased to read on about Jane and her evolution.

In DiamonD Jane transforms. She is no longer a young, naïve, innocent teenager caught up in a ring of disaster. While she is STILL part of this cycle of chaos, she is an adult now. Though only 18, her life has created in her a more hardened nature. Jane has evolved into DiamonD–the very girl she tried so hard to run from. An image, a lifestyle, that she rejected when forced into. Yet, in DiamonD we find her realizing she may just have to accept the life she wanted so badly to get away from.

I have to admit, I skipped Jane and went into DiamonD. I do plan to go back and read Jane., however the intro to DiamonD grabbed my attention quicker. I missed an apparent affair between Jane and the antagonist–Justin. Justin who was incredibly callous and abusive to Jane in part I, apparently has become her half-way lover. She is now married to Marco though, and it opens with all of them feuding, mostly over Jane. Bree, her younger sister, is sick of all the attention Jane gets, and is desperately trying to remove herself from the ring of prostitution as well. The heartbreaking result of this awful family’s business, is the young and innocent Bree, now forced into humiliation and sexual abuse. She blames Jane, likely because Jane is the closest thing to a parent she has at this point. Bree decides to run away in a moment of spite, and gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution with another ring, much to the dismay and suspicion of Jane. Jane leaves her pampered home-life (now living with her wealthy real father), and goes on the hunt for the tiny sibling. Along the way Jane is forced to also sell herself, to try to raise money to give to Bree’s abductors to buy her back into her own family.

I had mixed feelings about the first of three books in the new series, because it is difficult to see a stubborn and strong woman accept such a wretched fate. Jane almost seems to enjoy prostituting at some points, and I think that is hard for any fan of the series to really accept. She has a string of “paid” lovers, and we also see her team up with some other players in the game, both pimps and hookers, and live the Hollywood corner lifestyle. It’s an interesting glimpse into what will be most likely, a surprising ending, given the course events that have already taken place.

I do find that the novels become a bit more outrageous with each, and sometimes the dialogue between characters drags a bit. There are still some errors and typos, but I feel the writing itself has come along way. The story is the only thing, I do wish would keep up. Though I think it’s hard to top the first book, and also shock value starts to wear off after 1 or 2 novels.

I am still invested in this series, and also interested in what else this author has to offer!


HUSH between Nicole D’Settēmi & Devlin De La Chapa

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A while back I posted a review response to So, why didn`t I leave HUSH as … which omitted the reviewer responsible/or the reviewer who inspired my post as I was in lieu of awaiting a response from her in which I received a “Thumbs up“ for some time ago. I would contemplate “my bad“ for not posting a.s.a.p. but life does happen and time does get away from you.

So without further ado, here is the addendum to that post highlighted above. Also, the review contains some **major spoiler alerts**.  So if you haven`t read HUSH it may spoil it for you. 



by Devlin De La Chapa


Nicole Aviles‘s review

Feb 18, 2017
it was amazing
Read from January 11 to April 15, 2017 , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** A Review by Nicole S. Aviles
“Hush” by Sandra Raine

Yes, as noted on numerous occasions – Ms. De La Chappa/Raine needs an editing team. However, she also needs to stop taking advice from her readers in totality, because as far as the storyline–it was great, and the other 2 parts fall short do to said-advice-taking–and it’s obvious.
I honestly wish she never penned any of the others. This one was a page-gripping, jaw-dropping, bold tale.
Book 1 worked because she went with her gut, she wrote a story of a young woman enslaved to a bizarre vile family, and the shocking yet likely outcome of something like that. It was graphic, real, raw and troubling.
The book begins with a young, naive, “quiet beauty” of sorts, getting entangled with a sister and brother duo, which is where the trouble begins. Her so-called girl-“friend” Tanya, provides the narrator with a glimmer of hope in becoming a popular girl, by befriending and hanging out with her regularly, something she never expected or predicted would happen. The thrill of being friends with the popular crew causes our poor, passive “Jane” into sleeping with Dominic–Tanya’s brother. She begins spending her every waking moment with them, in an upper-crest home, with all three from wealthy parents. Jane has never questioned how her family generates so much, regarding physical reality, nor Tanya’s parents, until everything takes a turn in a very unlikely direction. Jane, whom sleeps with Dominic nearly every day for 2-3 weeks straight, is coerced into a world she never believed possible–or that even really existed in the first place. Dominic and Tanya invite her to a frat party, where all hell breaks loose. Jane is forced to sleep with three different men after being roofied, and it doesn’t stop there. The horrific rape is just the beginning of sordid tale, of a handful of corrupt families who would sell their own children up the river for a few bucks.
Much to Jane’s dismay, being gang-banged and raped isn’t the only horror. After she is brutally raped and photographed in a car, with Tanya the photographer, she is blackmailed by the three of them, who force her into a sex-slave ring. Dominic becomes her main “pimp” and abuses her in every way plausible, until he starts falling in love with Jane.
What we are given hints of throughout the novel, is that Jane isn’t just another “plain Jane.” Jane is actually special. Very special. In the worst way possible. And when the sex slave ring spins out of control, we are shown the master of the ring, much to our horror–her very own father!
The book has punctuation and grammatical issues, as noted, but the story-telling is very good. It’s impressive and ballsy, especially for an independent author to publish. The storie’s ending is probably the most troubling area for most, as it leaves us shipwrecked with no savior. No happy ending, only a fraction of a glimmer of hope. Yet, an ending like this is exactly what makes a book most memorable.

Great read.


Greetings, Nicole:

Hope all is well.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your Ratings and the Review you gave to HUSH under my Goodreads profile “Devlin De La Chapa“.

True, I should not listen to the readers however, I already had a sequel in mind for HUSH but it was nothing definite as I was waiting to see HUSH’s outcome with the readers. And though I respect your opinion, I’ve also come to understand that I, as a writer, am not going to please everybody with what they’d like or what they would have liked. So I do apologize if I am being a bit stubborn.

The whole purpose of taking HUSH and making it into a series is because one: the story had/has so much potential for growth. And secondly, I wanted to take Jane aka DiamonD beyond the norm of just becoming another statistic and leaving her story to die in HUSH, but rather give her new life through a series of “what if`s“ in spite of the approaching outcome that will either leave readers and fans cheering for Jane or tossing their books and Kindles against the wall.

Either way, Nicole, I do hope you will continue to read the series and continue with your Ratings and Reviews – good or bad, I will gladly accept them. But if you choose not to, then that’s understandable.

Take care, Lady …

Devlin De La Chapa
writing as “Sandra Raine“

Mar 25, 2017 11:17AM
view | delete

Since her review and my response, Nicole and I have formed a friendship and we do stay in touch with one another periodically, and it is quite obvious that we are fond of each other’s work considering that we are both Best Selling Indie Authors; I`m glad to have met her.
My review of Nicole`s “Addictarium“ 51onm8eviel – which has garnished rave reviews from readers, editors & authors alike – will be posted soon on Amazon and here on HUSH`s Official Site.  If you`re looking for a gut-to-the-punch read, then this book is something to take a look in.  To see more of Nicole D’Settēmi`s work please visit her here: Twitter here: Amazon or here: Instagram.