un`Veiling HUSHED the latest book cover

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un`Veiling HUSH`s latest book cover

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The DiamonD: EMPIRE … release date news

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EMPIRE … no longer available on Amazon

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The DiamonD:  EMPIRE eBook Sampler is no longer Available for Purchase on Amazon.  To Purchase the Sampler, click HERE.


The DiamonD:  EMPIRE [ book 10 ] will be Available in its Entirety on 11.19.19.



a Wednesday Teaser

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read EMPIRE for a buck

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The DiamonD:  EMPIRE – Kindle eBook Sampler is currently available for a limited time for just a $1.00!

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Pocket`size Novelettes … now available

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Henry Pimp Romeo 4 x 6 Print pic 1

Yes!  HUSH`s Novelettes have been downsized to the size of Amazon`s first Fire Tablet – Ouch!  But, yeah … the proof is in the pic!


Tommy NoveletteNovelettes Available at the moment … $6 ea.

Shane Novelette

The DiamonD: Chapter Three in 20 seconds [or less]

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The DiamonD_ Chapter Three Ad 1


DiamonDs: Chapter Two in 10 seconds [or less]

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EMPIRE Sampler FREE for 4th

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The DiamonD EMPIRE available for FREE today, click on cover to get your copy