scene from the Empire – “death of a DiamonD“

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Prologue –

The Salton Sea, CA


     The first thing that flashed before SHANE SAMUEL DIAMOND’S eyes other than the shock of DiamonD’s presumable death was his life in the form of pain, anguish, depression; sheer psychosis accompanied by drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, slashed wrists, shrinks and suicide, and he couldn’t take it. . .not living without her.  But there was so much blood that for a minute there he couldn’t distinguish whose blood was whose only that he knew that they had both been shot.  He had felt her bullet go through him then escape him and that was when DiamonD’s breathing became short and labored while the beating of her heart – so dangerously close to his – was just seconds away from flatlining.The DiamonD EMPIRE

     “Please,” Shane then pleaded to the God responsible for shaping both he and DiamonD’s paths as he rocked DiamonD in his arms beneath a state of desperation.  “Please,” he then agonized, slapping DiamonD around her face and cheeks trying to get her to wake up.  “Please, baby, please, wake up.  Wake up!  Wake up, DiamonD!”

     “Brother,” JAE-JOON stressed, kneeling to one knee and squeezing Shane’s arm gently.  “Please, brother.” He then shook his head as if to say ‘let her go’.

     “No!” Shane argued with angered tears clouding his eyes.  “NO!” he then cried out, shifting his anguish back onto DiamonD who continued to remain unresponsive in his arms.  “Baby, please wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up, DiamonD!  Now!  Now!” he yelled.

     “Shane, man, please,” ANGELO SYNTINO also stressed, as he, too, knelt to one knee and squeezed Shane’s arm only it wasn’t as gentle, it was stern and in agreement with Jae who continued to press Shane into accepting the fact that DiamonD was gone.

     “I can’t, Angelo,” Shane sobbed pulling DiamonD possessively to him, at the same time, staring at Angelo as if he were crazy for even suggesting such a callous thing when DiamonD was the one who had forged all their lives up to this critical moment, and to just let her go like that. . .with God felt like an insult.  And despite how Angelo and Jae felt, Shane vowed to continue on fighting for DiamonD even if it would take fighting for her all the way to his grave.

     “It’s okay, baby, it’s. . .okay,” Shane said sniffling back tears and kissing DiamonD on her forehead as he continued to rock her listless body in his arms.  “We’re gonna get through this once you wake up,” he then assured as he nodded into nothing and sniffed back more tears.  “You’ll see,” he whispered tirelessly, “you’ll see. . .” Shane’s voice then trailed off into the thinnest of air.

     “Shane, c’mon, you can’t – ” Angelo started to say but then stopped as his own voice had abruptly trailed off once he realized that there would be no amount of words to sway and sympathize and encourage Shane to understand the situation at hand; a situation Angelo felt – if Shane weren’t careful – would be the death of him.  And instead of continuing to stress over Shane, Angelo instead shook his head and sighed out in a heady state of frustration.  He then shifted his gaze from Shane to Jae to grasp his thoughts on the matter but Jae just lowered his gaze and continued to comfort Shane’s arm.

     Angelo slowly rose to his stance just as the whir of sand and salt had breezed past him – like tumbleweeds rolling across long stretches of highways and onto the barren lands that created them – and cast his gaze across a broken sea of abandoned buildings and dust coated roads and the fossil of the fishes that once thrived in the Salton in search of the caravan of pimped SUV’s, five-figure suits, and customize Glocks just like the one he was holding now but found nothing except for the prides that first brought he and Shane here after they both had come to the conclusion that their prides had to be dealt with for personal reasons and the intent of finishing what DiamonD had started with Sonny before it had trickled down to him, trickled down to Shane then to both him and Shane.  And never for once did Angelo think that pulling the trigger would end the life of the woman they all loved.

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. . .a bit of Blunt`Sex`Trauma

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The DiamonD AD 3

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DiamonDs: Chapter Two available as a Sampler on Amazon

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DiamonDs Chapter Two Excerpt

I was nervous heading back to the Tracks ‘cause it had been awhile since I’d been out there.  I also noticed that I was a little paranoid too ‘cause every few steps I gave forward I would find myself looking a few steps back.  And it wasn’t like I was new to these Tracks.  I guess it was just the idea of what had happened that unnerved me – that, and Detective Rawlins.

My gut pinched as I crossed Schrader Boulevard, Cherokee Ave, and Las Palmas Ave and back, wondering if I was being stalked by Reggie considering that I made my presence known by the various hos I had passed in which I sensed had ties to Reggie just by the weight of their awestruck faces as I casually strolled passed them, like if they had just seen a ghost, or better yet, dollar signs.  I’m sure that an APB – All Pimps Bulletin – had already been put out way before Reggie failed to shoot my ass.

I decided to take a breather and have me a cigarette near that infamous smoke shop I had beat Lana down in front of.  I figured after we got to Reggie and did away with him, I would then make Lana my own personal bitch as payback for the shit and grief she caused me.

I spotted a couple of young looking girls loitering around the Geisha House.  I could see that they were trying to blend in with the people entering and exiting the restaurant but it was clearly impossible especially the way they were dressed; you could tell they were “working”.  And I don’t think they were local either ‘cause if they were then they’d know that that particular corner was off limits.

I ignored the two girls and continued smoking my cigarette; occasionally looking at my watch; occasionally taking in the commotion unfolding all around me; and the one thing I didn’t do was make eye contact with any men, as well as, the passing cars as I was on the lookout for Shane who would be pulling up to me in a late model dark blue Chevy Blazer that he and Alec, along with Cesar, hotwired from an unsecured parking lot in Little Armenia earlier in the day.

It was just after ten when I decided to toss the cigarette and stop looking for Shane and instead continue on walking but the idea had escaped me when two unmarked police vehicles skidded to a halt in front of World Best Souvenirs with three officers quickly exiting those vehicles, drawing badges and guns and cornering those same two girls who were loitering down by the Geisha House along with one man.

Then, and within seconds, a scuffle suddenly broke out between two of the officers and the man who had made it known – earlier – that he wasn’t about to go down that easy, not without a fight.

I ignored the scuffle and decided to continue moving on.  But just as I was in the throes of uprooting my heels from the pavement to head west toward McCadden, my gaze accidentally faltered back to the scuffle and onto a black Dodge Charger skidding to an abrupt halt in front of the fight.  And just when I thought the worst was about to come to the man slugging it out with the cops, my stomach instantly dropped  and my heart accelerated thus knocking the wind out of me, particularly when Detective Rawlins rushed out of the Charger and quickly pulled his badge from beneath his shirt.

It must’ve been the weight of my gaze that had bore down on him just enough for him to steal a split second glance in my direction.  And it was right then and there when everything around me suddenly went silent:  meaning, the cheer of people; the idle of distinct conversations; the hustle of elements; the flow of traffic; the sound of freedom – I became deaf to it all.

Honestly, I didn’t know why I didn’t just turn a cheek and go about my business when it became clear to me that Rawlins had no clue to who was staring at him.  I mean, it actually took him about a good thirty seconds to finally recognize that that person staring at him was me – Tina Knight.  And it was in those seconds following when I realized just how much-fucking-heat I was in.

“Oh, fuck!” I then mustered just before we both started to run:  Me from him, and him to me.

My heart was racing a thousand miles per second.  And my adrenaline was so through the-fucking-sky that my legs and feet felt like they were literally running on air despite me having to forcefully shove myself through the crowds of people.

Instead of running further west of Hollywood Boulevard I instead rounded the corner of Cherokee Ave and headed south hoping that the diversion would throw Rawlins off.

It wasn’t until a good block down the semi-darkened street however, had I heard Rawlins shout:  “Tina, stop!  Goddamn it, I said stop!  Tina!”

By this point I was swallowing gobs of air trying to keep the oxygen hydrated within my lungs while my fear clung heavy – like weight – in the pit of my stomach ‘cause I could literally see my future, my plan, my Bree slowly pulling from me each leap and bound I gave to keep myself from being caught. . .And then, the unthinkable – or shall I say – the unforeseen of our plan suddenly dashed out of a business alley and screeched to a halt right in front of me; abruptly cutting me off that I lost control of my steps ‘cause instead of coming to a complete standstill I instead body slammed straight into the fender weld of Reggie’s BMW with both Reggie and ‘lil Big scrambling off the sedan; Reggie had a Glock in hand.

“There you are, bitch!” Reggie spat in sheer disgust, picking up his Glock and pointing it directly at me.


a sneak peek into The DiamonD: VEGAS

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Six Days before Sun. Jan. 10th

1:30 p.m. ~ Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas 


     5K is what she had left behind.

     And the man saw something genuinely wrong with that.

     Because – and according to him – a “working” girl doesn’t leave big money behind unless she is hiding something.

     And that is what prompted the man to investigate, and he had been investigating for several months now, and so far he had come up empty handed until now as four men in their late 20’s dressed in snug hugging jeans, t-shirts, v-necks and slim fitting blazers – men, who without a doubt, have done their fair share of muscling – walked into the hotel suite of their Boss who was sitting on one of the two oversized loveseats; Remi Martin in hand, his gaze glued to the stack still sitting untouched on top of the table where she had left it.

     “Boss,” The head guard spoke.

     “Yes?” The Boss nodded, wetting his lips; thinking how Remi was losing its touch.

     “Brace yourself,” the guard admonished.

     “Mmm-hmm,” the Boss agreed motioning for the guard to take a seat.  The guard nodded and took to the edge of the sofa, to his Boss’s left. 

     “Her name is. . .Janie,” the guard staggered, stealing an anxious glance at the other three guards before settling a large manila envelope down onto the table in front of him.

     “I’m listening,” the Boss reminded as he settled his empty glass of Remi onto the table and picked up the envelope.  He peered inside for a moment.  Satisfied, he put the envelope back down, crossed a leg over the other and waited.  The guard nodded and straightened out his blazer:  it was basic black and tailored to his athletic build.  Nothing compared to his Boss’s three piece open blue coloured virgin wool suit.  The guard cleared his throat.

     “Janie Ray Ka – ”

     “Hold up!” the Boss tossed up a quick hand thus forcing his head guard to still his tongue and listen, particularly as he chuckled in slight disbelief.  “Do not tell me her last name just so happens to be Kasa, because if you do, Angelo. . .” and the Boss’s threat trailed off with a shake of his head.

     “It’s Kasa, Boss,” the head guard Angelo confirmed despite the minimal threat as he had had his fair share of threats – some more extreme than others.  Angelo’s Boss grunted.  “Janie Ray Kasa-Diamond.”

     “Goddamn it, Angelo!” The Boss then bellowed as his body shifted to the edge of his seat in a fit of rage.  “Roman-fucking-Ryan-Diamond, Angelo?!” Angelo took a deep breath and nodded, keeping to his composure while the other three guards shifted uncomfortably in theirs.  “Are you saying she married that fucking preacher?!” Angelo shook his head.

     “No, Boss.  Roman Diamond is her father-in-law; she married Roman’s youngest son, Shane.”

     “Well if that didn’t just break the Camel’s-fucking-back, Angelo!  I mean,” the Boss agonized, “of all the fucking cunts in the world!” he then raved as his words scaled the four walls of the entire suite coercing the back of Angelo’s tiny neck hairs to stand on end.  “So the bitch at the club was telling the truth about a Shane being married to a DiamonD when all along I thought she was just talking about her heartbreak out of her ass because she just wanted to talk!  And I just so happened to be the fucking idiot who listened!”

     “There’s something else you should know,” Angelo said suddenly, ignoring his Boss’s irate demeanor and clearing his throat uneasily.

     “Jesus-fucking-Christ, Angelo,” the Boss then mustered as both his hands grasped onto both armrests to the loveseat.  Angelo could see that not only was his Boss no more than two seconds away from ripping into the leather fabric he was also two seconds away from ripping into his throat as it was obvious that his Boss didn’t care to hear anything more.  But the way Angelo saw it, his Boss needed to hear it.  “DiamonD is The DiamonD’s Boss.”

     Though Angelo was expecting for his Boss to slip into a blinding rage over the shocking news; news that even had shocked Angelo when he had found out – his Boss instead did the next best thing and kept to his silence.  And when his Boss finally spoke, Angelo found that he wasn’t pleased to hear it.

     “I want it to be known, Angelo that this isn’t exactly the news I wanted to hear.  I just wanted to know who the girl was and move on.  But knowing now who she is and where she comes from and what she commands unfortunately has put things into a conflicting perspective.  Agreed?” Angelo stiffened a nod.  “So with that stated, girl or not, it’s time to rid The DiamonD from Vegas,” the Boss concluded without further thought coercing Angelo to glance up at the other guards warily.

     “Mickey, Jo-Jo. . .Ralphie, give us some room, huh,” Angelo said, motioning toward the doors.

     “Sure, Ang,” Mickey obliged, motioning Jo-Jo and Ralphie to follow him.

     Once the suite cleared, Angelo shifted his attention back to his Boss.  “The DiamonD is well connected – ”

     “That doesn’t mean a thing,” the Boss argued mildly.

     “It means a thing when you stand to lose everything,” Angelo argued in return.

     “Exactly whose side are you on?”

     “I don’t mean to upset you, Uncle Sonny – ”

     “Then don’t, nephew!”

     “They. . .this DiamonD. . .has the majority of Hollywood under its command and in time, they will have all of Hollywood and it’s surroundings.  Aside from that, they’re affiliated with Carmelo’s Royals; The Church-Lucado’s; the Monteagudo Cartel – who just took over another cartel, by the way – The K’Organizace – ”

     “That’s only because they’re related,” Sonny attempted to argue but Angelo ignored him and continued.

     “They’re moving into San Diego and they just got into bed with the L.A. Koreans. . .I mean, this is some serious shit, uncle.”

     “It’s not “some serious shit”, nephew, it’s luck. . .Pure, and simple,” Sonny quoted.

     “It’s not luck, uncle; I can assure you,” Angelo shielded.  “It’s beyond that.  It’s strategy.”

     “Well regardless of how you see it, Angelo, I’m not about to back down.  Las Vegas is my town.  And I’ll be damned if I don’t defend it!”

     “Not with what we have you won’t.”

     “You need to have faith, nephew,” Sonny said tapping Angelo optimistically on his knee.  Angelo said nothing.  He just choked back his frustration and resorted to listening to his uncle instead since his uncle never listened to him or to reason.  As far as Angelo was concerned, he thought it a great stupidity on his part for even thinking he could curb his uncle’s way of thinking; make him understand what was at stake.  But regardless of how Angelo felt – like standing firm on his belief about losing this territorial war with The DiamonD – he loved his uncle and respected him and so he kept to his silence.

     “So,” Sonny continued, “I’m to assume that they all became one big-fucking-happy-family then?”

     “It appears so,” Angelo retorted.

     “Well then, nephew, I think it’s about time to break that ‘big-fucking-happy-family’ apart then, what do you say, hmm?”

     “If that’s the way you want it, uncle.”

     “Hmm,” Sonny said tossing both hands aside and settling back into his seat.  “Get Renteria on the private line.” Angelo nodded and picked up the burner cell from off the square glass table.  He flipped open the receiver and dialed.

     Yeah, Renteria answered on the second ring.

     “Sonny’s on the line for you,” Angelo said turning the cell over to Sonny.



     “How soon can you get to Hollywood?”

     As soon as you give the order.

     “Angelo will courier over the order.  Expect him within the hour.”

     I’ll start packing.

     “Mmm-hmm,” Sonny said handing Angelo back the cell.  Angelo flipped the receiver shut and settled it back down onto the table.  Sonny poured himself another shot of Remi.  “I hate to sacrifice her,” Sonny said almost regrettably after he had sipped his drink.  “It’s almost a shame; she’s a beautiful girl.”

     “But?” Angelo pressed picking up the manila envelope from off the table. 

     “But. . .,” Sonny sighed, swishing his drink around in the glass.  “It’s high time Shane Diamond pay for his deception and DiamonD for hers.”

     “And what of Viktor and Roman, hmm?  Are you sure they won’t interfere, much less, retaliate?”

     “They’re weak.  They value family above all else.  And that will be their downfall.  They won’t need my personal war for that.”

The DiamonD VEGAS pic 2

     “So, the Boss has flipped, huh?” Mickey stated presumptuously as he, Angelo, Jo-Jo and Ralphie headed toward the silver Navigator waiting curbside in front of the Flamingo.  Angelo said nothing.  “Damn!” Mickey retorted heatedly as he stole a glance over his shoulder at Jo-Jo and Ralphie who were following behind he and Angelo.

     “Think Sonny can bluff The DiamonD into folding their hands despite our bankroll being nothin’ more than a bunch of grinders?” Jo-Jo said anxiously.

     “Been playin’ much cards, have we now, Jo-Jo?’ Angelo winked at Jo-Jo as he opened the Navigator’s front passenger door.  Mickey and Ralphie chuckled.

     “Nope.  Just tryin’ to slip a bit of Vegas poetry in there, Angie,” Jo-Jo sustained with a slip of a jab.  Angelo shook his head and slid onto the passenger’s seat and closed the door.

     “The Syntino Famiglia isn’t weak,” Angelo stated belatedly as he passed the large envelope to Ralphie from over his shoulder.  “It’s just we haven’t had a territorial war in a few years so we’re just a little rough around the edges,” Angelo reminded as Mickey pulled the SUV from curbside.

     “Is Sonny aware of that?” Ralphie asked as he sifted through The DiamonD photos with one particular photo catching his eye thus stirring his erection a bit.  The photo he held was of DiamonD taken in a club a few nights back.  She was wearing a skin tight party dress and sky high stilettos and she was gazing up at a table; Ralphie assuming that she was in search of someone.  “She is quite the knock-out,” Ralphie mustered beneath a lengthy sigh as he slipped the photo of DiamonD back into the envelope.  He figured that if he didn’t, he was liable to jack-off all over it.

     “I’m sure he is and that she is,” Angelo said as he gazed out the passenger’s front window; nodding to a couple of pretty girls in sexy garbs – one of them blew him a kiss.

     “Maybe you should get her number?  See what else she blows!?” Jo-Jo joked from behind Angelo’s seat coercing Mickey and Ralphie to laugh.

     “Yeah.  Right, hmm?” Angelo retorted the least bit amused as he wasn’t interested in what the girl could blow only hoping that his uncle’s greed – accompanied by his obsessive pride – wouldn’t blow up in their faces.  “Fuck!” Angelo then mustered as he already felt like they were all just that – fucked.

     “Don’t stress about it, Ang,” Mickey supported after he had heard Angelo’s distressed sigh.  “I’m sure that somewhere beneath that example is a plan of its own,” he then advised leaving Angelo to ponder on those words for a moment.

     “I’m sure there is,” Angelo concluded as he turned away and stared back out the passenger’s window.  The clouds were starting to darken; there was a big storm coming.                


poet`cerpt ~ HUSH in The Dark – volume 1

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abstract Filth in versesHUSH_ In The Dark volume 1


o                  pen

mouth agape

jaw detached

throat raped

forbidden is the hole

and ridden

is the semen

in a porcelain flush bowl

long before

I felt that bass in your cock






my tongue guts you

from shaft

to slit

you sputter

and spit

your bruise`y head throbs

and writhes

`neath that bludgeoned tourniquet

I feel your rush

the hustle and flow

I can no longer feel your bass









for my biblical knees

have spun a 90 degrees

where the other awaits

with dessert on his plate

sugar daddy jizz

spoils of bitches

I`s got the itches

but it`s in my glitch     powder shifts

this is the biz

show biz

ho biz

lights, camera, action ~

suck `n blow bitch!


eyes gawk as I cunt squat

upon your golden tower

and drown you

in a golden shower

lubricants in my sunny

jacket yellows

become a political miss

the piss waters sing and

ring around your cock`ring

you want to slip

your ding`a`ling

into my vaginal bling

but I feel not a thing

only the gush and hush

of what makes your dick blush


I want to feel my anal bang

so stop talkin` all that bedroom trash

and get to jackin` on my ass

like porn queen cheap

bung that hole, make it weep

against your cock `n balls

oh, baby, thrust me deep

I want to hear

my gospel walls sing

and my hostile shit scream

right as your slammin` cum

down my chute

and what pollutes

is oh so

perfumed stench pretty

excerpt ~ ANNA: girl, GONE

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     “What is that?” my mom demanded as she trailed me through the double doors of the bakery.

     I spun around in my stance and snapped “What?!” before reaching for one of the aprons hanging on the rack.

     “Eso?!” my mom fumed, poking a hard finger against the left side of my neck.

     Shit! I gasped as I stepped to the sink which was just off to the right, next to the row of hanging aprons, and stared at the dark red hickey in shock.  I turned back around to explain myself to my mom but that unexpected slap to my face had said what she wanted to say:  She was pissed.

     Then my dad walked into the bakery, and all I have to say about my dad was that he was no pushover as he was as tall as Dent and slightly rounded around the gut.  My mom’s 5’5 thick boned framed was no match to my dad’s strength.  And when my dad had visibly seen what the commotion was all about between me and my mom, he, too, went into a rage.

     But instead of slapping me, he instead grabbed my arm, yanked me into the employees’ lounge, shoved me down onto the sofa and beat me with his belt.  Though it was only a few welts, it sure felt like they were hundreds by the way he left my legs and backside burning.  I mean, I don’t ever recall my dad ever hitting me like that but then again, I never gave him reason to until now; now that I had a boyfriend.

     “Mirame, Anna?” my dad then demanded for me to look at him.  I choked back some of my tears and looked up at my dad fearfully.  I could see my dad’s eyes and they were black as night which meant to me that he could snap at any moment if I didn’t agree to his demands.  “If you don’t stop seeing that mocoso – ” – snotnose in Spanish slang – “I’ll disown you.  And I’ll even take it a step further:  I’ll have the entire familia disown you.  Do you understand me?” And what could I say to that?  I had just turned fifteen.  I had no choice. 

     Dent wanted to kiss the welts and make them go away.  He had gotten so angry with my dad that he talked about killing him.  Though I should have defended my dad ‘cause he was my blood, I didn’t.  I just let Dent say whatever he wanted to say only because I wanted to be with him, and forever.

     Within a matter of a few days, Dent had become my world and I became his but it came with a price:  Dent was twenty-two, and he wanted grown-up things from me like seeing me whenever he wanted and sex.  And it was something I had been thinking about since that day at the park when he had me feel on his hard on, and when he asked if I ever sucked on a guy’s cock – I realized I was ready to do both.

a sneak peek into The DiamonD: HOLLYWOOD

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     I’ve never killed anyone – not singlehandedly, and Reggie unfortunately, didn’t count.

     I have however, wounded a few people only because they had it coming. . .but to kill without the threat of feeling any remorse?

     I never thought it could have been possible up until now with Bree standing not more than a few feet from me with not much ground separating us, yet just enough to do some serious damage, particularly with the knife I had been holding teasing my conscience.  But to be honest, I was fucking scared out of my mind because in that moment, in my heated confrontation with Bree, I wasn’t aware what my own strength could possibly bring but based on the rage gutting me from the inside I knew it wasn’t going to be good. . .I hated Bree.  I hated everything she stood for.  I hated the grief she had caused me and my family.  I hated that her own greed had consumed her to the point of betraying me and my family, and now I wanted her dead, twelve feet under and without the possibility of her ever making it to Heaven.

     But in order to achieve that, I would have to set aside all emotions and take form into something only Bree and I could understand but judging by the weight of her repulsed gaze situated solely on me and not those around her, I realized there was nothing I could do or say to make her feel any form of regret or make her beg for any kind of forgiveness; it was as if she was void of every human emotion except for hate.

     “I’m sorry, Bree,” I said with every sentimentality I had left within me for her as it was all I was capable of giving since I couldn’t give the past back to her.  And just for a moment did I feel weak and submissive as I dared to sink to the level, to the mentality of a fourteen-year-old girl who clearly had me dangling from her pride like the puppet she obviously had intended for me to be all along, and only if it meant I was to have Lola Jayne back in my life; I was willing to do anything.

     “You should be, Jane,” Bree retorted mechanically.  “And you should also be ashamed of yourself because as of this moment DiamonDs are NOT a girl`s best friend but their own worst enemy.”

     “I don’t understand,” I said staring at Bree semi-incomprehensibly.  Bree smirked and snapped her fingers at one of Montoya’s guards standing closest to the main door.  He quickly stood at attention.

     “Bring her in,” Bree then ordered the guard who nodded and quickly opened the door.  And to my appalling surprise, Slim walked into the room with Lola Jayne right by her side.

     “Oh, my. . .oh, my God!  Slim?!” I couldn’t help but to gasp as I stared at both my daughter and Slim with convincing surprise.  Slim then slipped me a wink while Lola Jayne just stood there staring at me partially scared, partially confused because even she knew she had recognized blood – Lola Jayne knew I was her mother.  But before I could bend to a seemingly wounded knee and take Lola safely into my arms, Slim quickly leaned into Lola’s ear and pointed in the direction of Shane.

     “Go,” Slim then urged Lola, giving her petite body a stern shove toward Shane.  And like the good and obedient girl Lola obviously was, she nodded and sprinted passed me, toward the direction of Shane who quickly swept Lola up into his arms and swiftly whisked her out of the room through the door located opposite the direction of the room where two of Montoya’s guards were also guarding; something Bree did not foresee which prompted her on the defensive, particularly with the guards who made no attempt to stop Shane.

     “What the fuck?!” Bree bellowed as her eyes lit up in horror because she had not anticipated for Lola Jayne to have been taken from her like that.  Bree, in a state of contemplating rage, attempted to confront me but it was Slim who had quickly grabbed Bree’s arm and held her back.  “What the fuck are you doing?!” Bree demanded, shifting her rage to Slim.  “We had a fucking agreement, you backstabbing little bitch!” Bree then spat accusingly at Slim.  And when Bree saw that Slim had no intention on answering her, shen then shifted that same rage onto Montoya’s guards, yelling, “Why the fuck are you guys just standing there for?!  Go and get her, goddamn it!  Now!”

     “You’re wrong, Bree,” I countered as I slowly stepped to her thus forcing her to balk at my sudden intrusion.  Bree then stole an unnerving glance from the guards before settling that same unnerving look onto me.

     “Wh – what?!” Bree then staggered in a state of daze and confusion while that fear of defeat began to overshadow her confidentiality as she realized she had just been betrayed, and not by Slim or Montoya but by the coercion of The DiamonD; Montoya’s guards had proven that very fact because neither one of them made an attempt to protect Bree from me. . .they just cocked back their guns, leaving Bree completely vulnerable.

     “DiamonDs,” I replied towering over Bree’s fear, “are a girl’s best friend.”

     “You. . .fucking bitch!” Bree cursed with every sentiment of disgust her words could fathom right before she hocked up some spit and spat it at me.  “You-goddamn-fucking-backstabbing – b – bi – bitch – ” and instead of Bree’s words flowing easily and relentlessly off her tongue they had instead staggered jaggedly, particularly when she had touched the left side of her torso.  Bree pulled back her hand a second later and noticed that it was fully covered in blood and she began to panic.

     “J – Jane?” Bree then slurred suddenly as she stared at me in utter shock just as I took a dreaded step back and listened to the pin drop silence unfolding all around me.  I mean there were no gasps of shock and awe or even a shred of sympathy when the knife had shanked Bree back-to-back beneath her armpit; nothing short or shy of your basic gang related stabbing.  But it was when Bree had caught wind of the unsympathetic gestures had it occurred to her that she may indeed die alone and that began to scare her.

     “J – J – JANE?!” Bree then repeated a second time only now she sounded agonized and desperate as if she were trying to hold onto what little life yet to escape her as both her hands reached out to me but I had refused to help her.  Eventually Bree did fall forward.  And instead of letting her fall to the floor I instead caught her.  My knees then buckled and together Bree and I dropped to the floor with her blood literally spilling out of her.

     “Wh – why?” she then sobbed as those despairing words gurgled out of her bloodied mouth.  I didn’t have an answer.  “Wh – why, J – Jane?” she then had the audacity to ask again; she was starting to feel cold, and again I don’t answer.  Instead I just held her there in my arms, steadily rocking her body and running my fingers through her shiny blond hair which was starting to dull with every crucial second that passed her.  Bree’s breathing was beginning to shorten into labored breaths because the end was nearing. . .and still yet, I had no answer for her. 

     “Shh. . .Shh. . .Shh,” I shushed.  “Just keep breathing as long as you can, Bree,” I coached as I gazed down into her eyes, watching that bright spirit of life slowly distinguish into its infinite darkness.  “Shh. . .Shh. . .Shh,” I repeated sweeping an impassive glance on the faces of those standing before me; faces looking just as impassive, yet I could feel the energy of their emotions burning through my flesh.  And they couldn’t help those feelings really as it only proved that they were human.  Me, on the other hand. . .“It’ll be over soon,” I then consoled a moment later and without the slightest bit of empathy simply because I didn’t have it in me. . .not for her.

     Bree gave her last breath and I stopped rocking her body to stare down at her.  And just for a moment did I feel like I was back in Vegas, back in that desert with Jenna’s lifeless body in my arms right before she slumped onto the hot sand, dead.  And this was the exact way Bree had slumped onto the floor but in her own pool of blood.  And instead of trying to make sense of Bree’s death the way I had tried to do with Jenna, I instead accepted it only because there was no sense when it came to death.  It just happened the way many things happened and for reasons unexplained.  I had come to the conclusion that when a person is born it is up to them to do with it however they pleased just as long as they understood the consequences, both good and bad.  And this was the consequence Bree had chosen.  And this was the consequence I had chosen.  Now that we both made our beds, it was only fair to die in them. . .or so I had believed as I wasn’t the one with the knife in her hand.   


excerpt ~ HUSH: Revised

countdown to



     “Dominic!” I screamed as the window to his door was busted in by one of the Officers with two Officers opening the door and reaching in and literally yanking Dominic out of his seat.  The remainder of the Bentley’s windows had, too, been busted in with my father, Bob Ray and Doug also being yanked from their seats while I sat there in mine with both hands glued to the sides of my head as I screamed and cowered beneath the shatter of glass, the distorted voices and the police choppers.

     Eventually one of the officers reached in and tugged me out of my seat.HUSH- Revised (1)

     As I fumbled on my heels beneath frightened tears and several Officers’ looks of concern, I couldn’t help but to scramble my vision in search of Dominic which was frantic and desperate ‘cause I had realized that without him I wouldn’t be able to function, much less, focus.

     It took but a few slow ticking seconds to realize Dominic had been closer to me than I thought ‘cause all along he had been slumped over the hood of the Bentley with two Officers holding him down while one Officer searched his body, I assumed, for weapons.  The Officer eventually finds Dominic’s gun and quickly hands it over to one of the Officers standing by.  And when no more weapons are found, both Officers yank Dominic back up to his feet and that’s when I tried to make a dash for him but the Officer who had me semi-detained had yanked me back.

     “Dominic!” I screamed.  “Dominic!?” I then repeated with this great amount of fear clinging to the bowels of my vocal chords.

     “Let’s get her in the car!” I then heard another Officer say to the Officer detaining me.  He nods and begins to tug me back toward an awaiting cruiser, away from Dominic.

     “DOMINIC!” I then bellowed from the very top of my lungs for the third and final time hoping he’d glance my way.  And Dominic must’ve heard me from beneath all the chaos still unfolding all around him ‘cause he glanced my way with a heady amount of mis-perception sprawled across his face; I don’t think him being caught had settled yet.

     “Jane!” Dominic then called out to me once he was able to recognize me.  “JANE!” he then attempted to writhe free from the Officers restraining him especially when he saw how scared shitless I had looked which caused him greater concern for me than of himself.

     “Goddamn it!  JANE!?” Dominic then wailed from the top of his lungs when he saw the way I was being handled by the Officer simply because I was being difficult as I was still trying to get to him.  Then, and within a matter of a second, Dominic went into a blinding rage thus forcing several Officers to back up the Officers trying to wrestle him down to the ground which included the Officer detaining me ‘cause he quickly let go of me and ran toward the scuffle to help take Dominic down; Dominic – who by my account – had unleashed all holy hell on those who tried to take control of him as I took his sudden rebelliousness as a sign for me to run. . .and I did.

     And by the time the police noticed I had fled, I was already heading south, into one of the other adjacent neighborhoods.  I could hear the police chopper and the roar of sirens approaching at a far off distance.  But because I had known the neighborhood pretty well I was able to use the houses, the trees, the shrubs to conceal myself long enough to make it to the Ray’s house only to find that when I do, it, too, was being raided on.

     Helena and Tanya were both being escorted out of the house in handcuffs by ununiformed men and a couple of women by the time I had stopped running and came to an abrupt standstill in the middle of the street.  And because I was so focused on Dominic, on running, I had completely forgotten about my mother and Bree who were probably being escorted out of the house the exact same way at this exact same moment.

     Suddenly my whole entire world came crashing down on top of me as I began to fret.  And the more I fretted, the more my anxiety started to take hold with my breathing intensifying and my heart just seconds away from exploding as mine and Bree’s future began to fade from me.  In a nutshell, I was fucked, particularly when three police cruisers skidded to an abrupt standstill just a few feet from where I stood with three Officers storming out of their cars with their weapons drawn to me.

     “Hands up!” an Officer – the same Officer who tried to detain me earlier – then ordered me.  “Hands up!  NOW!” he shouted as I flinched, dropped my stilettos to the ground and raised both of my hands out to my sides.  “Hands on you head!” the Officer then demanded.  I nodded and placed both of my trembling hands behind my head.  “Now step toward me with your back to me,” the Officer then coached.  Again, I nodded and stepped backwards with my back to the Officer.  And the second I felt those handcuffs being strapped around both my wrists I knew then it was all over.



excerpt ~ DOMINIC: Monster

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         “That’s it, little brother, pump that bitch, pump her real hard.” AJ coached as I continued to pump my pecker into Torry; losing myself within the grunts and groans and deepened thrusts until I felt this sudden urge to pee only I knew that it wasn’t pissin’ that I wanted to do as it was something else, like hearing my big brother’s talking about coming, about shooting their wad all up some chick’s cunt had I remembered what it was I was supposed to be doing right about now.  And AJ must’ve sensed the intensity of my thrusts and heard my breaths becoming heated and labored ‘cause he quickly swept one arm under my belly and yanked me off Torry; Torry who quickly scrambled to her bare ass, raising her legs to her chest and shaking uncontrollably while my pecker shot cum all over Torry and the van.

     “Got to know when to pull out, little brother. Don’t want these bitches gettin’ knocked up, do you?  I mean, it’s one thing to fuck the stock, it’s another to get ‘em knocked up. . .a big No – No. . .you remember that, little brother.  Now,” AJ said letting me go with a smile of satisfaction, “ready to try it again?” he said motioning to the friend through a smirk.  The girl was still clearly knocked out, so she wasn’t going to fuss.  I looked at AJ seriously and nodded simply because I was hooked.