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Again, this is for those who are skeptical about purchasing DiamonD:  Chapter One in it`s entirety or any of the books in the Series.  And the good thing about that is that if you don`t like the Sample then you can get a refund for a $1.29!  (Now if that doesn`t tickle you pink then I don`t know what the fuck does?!)

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DiamonD Chapter One bc Excerpt ~

     Janie Young-Kasa was dead. 

     And “DiamonD” was born.

     I held the picture of Tina Knight up to my face, noticing that there was a startling resemblance.  Suddenly I didn’t feel as worried as I had been when Memo first handed me the ID.  Honestly, I felt ready to hit the Tracks running.

     It was almost ten, and I was feeling quite restless.  And being cooped up in a motel room on the eve of a weekend made me feel choked and conflicted ‘cause I felt I should be out there on the Tracks, searching for Bree, making some money so that we could both get the fuck out of here!

     I sat on the bed and reached for the pack of cigarettes sitting on the nightstand next to the empty bottle of whiskey.  I lit a cigarette and dragged on it for a minute while the silence around the room whirred in my ears.  From a distance, just outside the motel room, I could hear laughing, the slamming of a car door, a baby crying and cars speeding past the motel – I had to get out.  I had to see what was out there.

     Since I had already dolled-up my face to match the likes of one Tina Knight, all that was left for me to do now was get dressed. 

     I pulled the bags out from the closet and slipped into the red mini skirt and the black laced halter top.  And since I didn’t feel like I was quite ready to step out in the heels I had bought, I instead slipped back into my black ballet flats.  My whole goal was to look “casual sexy” and not just “sexy”

     After I was done dressing, I sat back down on the bed and finished smoking my cigarette, at the same time, wishing I was swigging from a bottle to ease my nerves that were literally trying to claw their way out from my beneath my skin.

     I put out the cigarette in the ashtray and picked up the empty bottle of whiskey and tossed it into the trash beside the nightstand.  I then reached for the top drawer of the nightstand and took out the gun and sat there for a minute; curling and uncurling my fingers around the butt end to get a feel for its trust in case I needed to use it.  And once I felt satisfied, I got up from the bed, grabbed my purse, shoved the gun inside and walked out the door.

     As soon as my cold feet hit the sidewalk on Sunset Boulevard, my nerves began to settle ‘cause there wasn’t much activity this side of Sunset since I was further east of Hollywood.  As a matter of fact, the street looked rather peaceful for being ten-thirty in the evening.  I clutched my purse closer to my body the second I began to head west, toward the brighter lights of the city.  And since I was unfamiliar with anything north and south of Sunset Boulevard, I kept to what I was most comfortable with.

     I passed a couple of bars and grills, beer houses and some clubs for the seven blocks I walked before I decided to turn back around and head back to the motel.  I had crossed the street to avoid the same people I passed glancing at me twice.  I guess I was trying to make anyone who saw me forget me.  But, and of course, it was inevitable. 

     I had passed a couple of guys as they were drinking in the courtyard to one of the beer houses.  One of the guys had looked my way and smiled.  And to not be rude, I smiled back.  And there must’ve been some sentimental meaning to my polite gesture ‘cause he quickly left the courtyard and began walking my way as I was crossing the street back to the motel.  I slowed my pace when he mumbled something in my direction.  I quickly glanced over my shoulder ‘cause I was unsure if he was addressing me or not.

     “Are you talking to me?” I said coolly to the guy as he continued to approach me.

     “Yeah,” the guy said with a smile. 

     “Um. . .what was your question?” I had lost my train of thought.

     “I said:  You dyed your hair?  And that’s why I didn’t recognize you the first time you passed by,” he chuckled nervously.

     “Oh,” I chuckled myself.  “Yeah.  Trying out a new color, I guess.”

     “It suits you.  You got a name?”

     “How did you know it was me and not some other girl?”

     The guy fingered my purse.  “The purse,” he said.

     “Oh.  Um. . .it’s Ti. . .I mean, DiamonD,” I stammered, yet feeling unsure about having introduced myself as that;  “DiamonD”.  But then again, I had to start somewhere.




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Just FYI . . . The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited is now available as a “Sampler“ on Amazon for .99¢ (a Discount Code is issued at the end of the sampler for the difference if you decide to buy the book in it`s entirety). 

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HUSH is still available on Amazon for FREE.

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HUSH book cover updated HUSH updated book cover 



The DiamonD: VEGAS, Revisited … now available

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The DiamonD: VEGAS Revisited … official book trailer

While we`re waiting … Enjoy this Book Trailer.  Oh, and yeah, I`m in it!

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The DiamonD: VEGAS Revisited – Christmas Day 2018


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10 Books, 2 Companions, plus Novelettes = What order do I fucking read these in?


Hey, got your attention! … HeHe

So, lately I`ve been receiving an abundance of emails inquiring about the HUSH books/series and what order they should be read in since it is – and I admit guilt – a rather confusing list as it falls in different subcategories.

So below is the Official List of all the books in The HUSH Series thus far and the order they should be read in.  If something should change, I will post about it.


The HUSH Series

HUSH ~ Book 1

HUSHED ~ Book 2

JANE. ~ Book 3

HUSH, The Series (contains books 1 ~ 3)


The DiamonD Chapters

DiamonD:  Chapter 1 ~ Book 4

DiamonDs:  Chapter 2 ~ Book 5

The DiamonD:  Chapter 3 ~ Book 6

DiamonD, The Chapters (contains books 4 ~ 6)


HUSH:  Missing Pieces (companion book)


The DiamonD Episodes

The DiamonD:  BLOOD ~ Book 7

The DIamonD:  HOLLYWOOD ~ Book 8

The DiamonD:  VEGAS ~ Book 9

The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited (companion book)

The DiamonD:  EMPIRE ~ Book 10

DiamonD, The Episodes (contains books 7 ~ 10)


Additional Books

HUSH:  Revised a revised edition of HUSH containing original ending and 20+K words that were omitted to create The HUSH Series.


HUSH Novelettes are story shorts based on key characters in The HUSH Series, and how they came to be.


The DiamonD Chronicles is a new series following the future of DiamonD; forthcoming, 2019.


The DiamonD: VEGAS Revisited … new book

The DiamonD_ VEGAS, Revisited PNG II.pngDear Fans and Readers:

Just an FYI on how I tend to oversee certain things, particularly in the books I write such as additional scenes and dialogue between characters that I either lost just as quick as I had thought them up and failed to write them down or are still roaming limbo in the cerebrals of my mind waiting to break into the spotlight of a page – whatever the case, shit was overlooked, and I`m not sure if I should even apologize?

(see paragraph below)

So the “apology“ (Dr. Evil finger quotes) comes in the form of The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited which is now going to be a companion book to The DiamonD:  VEGAS.  While [to me] it is a waste of time it will not be a waste of time to you or to the reader considering that I`m jumping into The DiamonD:  EMPIRE full body with scenes that would possibly lose you and the reader to thinking things like, “Huh“ and “I don`t remember reading that!“ or “What the hell?“ and “You completely lost me, Dev, and I hate you!“ Okay, maybe I`m exaggerating with that last statement, but hey, I`m feeling humorous.

And speaking of humor, did you know that humor is key in any relationship just like a toilet is to your ass?  Okay, wrong subject.  Anyway, back to this Revisited thing.

As we learned at the end of VEGAS 3 months had gone by which means 3 months of bullshit drama had also surmounted; drama that I originally wanted to incorporate into the book but decided not to add since I felt the ending of VEGAS was on a roll and had a flow and I was primarily focused on DiamonD and Shane`​s marriage – which had suffered throughout the book – and what its outcome was going to be.  But, and seriously, and I`m sure you, along with some readers, had wondered about the following questions since they were brought to light in VEGAS:                                             

What became of Shane and Blair?

What became of DiamonD and Angelo?

What became of Dominic and Torrence?

Did Elijah`s criminal affiliation with his brothers Shane and Devin go any further?

How was Reno Renteria nabbed?

What prompted Tanya and Skai to marry?

Did DiamonD turn over control of Vincenc`s organization to Justin?

Did Justin get engage to Lana?

Did Alec end up falling for Tamara after he and Josh had complained about her to Shane?

Did Mari`Ana end up working for The DiamonD or leaving?

Lots of unanswered questions, I know, which is why I felt they needed to be in a book all its own as to not weigh the EMPIRE down since the book is already going to be extensive as the Black Bible Empire is about to come alive with DiamonD smack-dead in the middle of it.  Oops!  Did I just drop a hint?

Did I also drop a hint on Shane betraying DiamonD and DiamonD and Anthony, or – and again, Dr. Evil finger quotes – “Uncle Tony“ becoming the best of buds thus pushing DiamonD into the biggest sex-trafficking/pimp/auction scandal that could either make or break The DiamonD in whole?

Ooh, now I`m really feeling warm & fuzzy, and this is where I`ll stop.





P.S.  Never mind the book cover.  I was feeling playful.  Release date for The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited. . .uh. . .um. . .soon!  I`ll keep you posted.  Either that, or I`ll just shock the shit out of readers and just post it.  We`ll see.