The DiamonD: VEGAS Revisited … new book

The DiamonD_ VEGAS, Revisited PNG II.pngDear Fans and Readers:

Just an FYI on how I tend to oversee certain things, particularly in the books I write such as additional scenes and dialogue between characters that I either lost just as quick as I had thought them up and failed to write them down or are still roaming limbo in the cerebrals of my mind waiting to break into the spotlight of a page – whatever the case, shit was overlooked, and I`m not sure if I should even apologize?

(see paragraph below)

So the “apology“ (Dr. Evil finger quotes) comes in the form of The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited which is now going to be a companion book to The DiamonD:  VEGAS.  While [to me] it is a waste of time it will not be a waste of time to you or to the reader considering that I`m jumping into The DiamonD:  EMPIRE full body with scenes that would possibly lose you and the reader to thinking things like, “Huh“ and “I don`t remember reading that!“ or “What the hell?“ and “You completely lost me, Dev, and I hate you!“ Okay, maybe I`m exaggerating with that last statement, but hey, I`m feeling humorous.

And speaking of humor, did you know that humor is key in any relationship just like a toilet is to your ass?  Okay, wrong subject.  Anyway, back to this Revisited thing.

As we learned at the end of VEGAS 3 months had gone by which means 3 months of bullshit drama had also surmounted; drama that I originally wanted to incorporate into the book but decided not to add since I felt the ending of VEGAS was on a roll and had a flow and I was primarily focused on DiamonD and Shane`​s marriage – which had suffered throughout the book – and what its outcome was going to be.  But, and seriously, and I`m sure you, along with some readers, had wondered about the following questions since they were brought to light in VEGAS:                                             

What became of Shane and Blair?

What became of DiamonD and Angelo?

What became of Dominic and Torrence?

Did Elijah`s criminal affiliation with his brothers Shane and Devin go any further?

How was Reno Renteria nabbed?

What prompted Tanya and Skai to marry?

Did DiamonD turn over control of Vincenc`s organization to Justin?

Did Justin get engage to Lana?

Did Alec end up falling for Tamara after he and Josh had complained about her to Shane?

Did Mari`Ana end up working for The DiamonD or leaving?

Lots of unanswered questions, I know, which is why I felt they needed to be in a book all its own as to not weigh the EMPIRE down since the book is already going to be extensive as the Black Bible Empire is about to come alive with DiamonD smack-dead in the middle of it.  Oops!  Did I just drop a hint?

Did I also drop a hint on Shane betraying DiamonD and DiamonD and Anthony, or – and again, Dr. Evil finger quotes – “Uncle Tony“ becoming the best of buds thus pushing DiamonD into the biggest sex-trafficking/pimp/auction scandal that could either make or break The DiamonD in whole?

Ooh, now I`m really feeling warm & fuzzy, and this is where I`ll stop.





P.S.  Never mind the book cover.  I was feeling playful.  Release date for The DiamonD:  VEGAS Revisited. . .uh. . .um. . .soon!  I`ll keep you posted.  Either that, or I`ll just shock the shit out of readers and just post it.  We`ll see.


The Cartel looking into The DiamonD


Just recently I received an email from a cable network TV/Movie Production company requesting my full pitch of The DiamonD, and what makes this announcement special is that I didn`t pitch it to them; they came looking for me. . .and I am Genuinely Honored and will continue to remain honored even it nothing transpires.  All I can say is “Thank You“ and keep my fingers crossed and hope that one day – in the not so distant future – The DiamonD will get its break!



the Pros & a Con of Selling My Own eBooks

I’m taking this brief time-out not to talk about my books – which is funny since I really don`t talk about my books all that much to begin with (hence, my posts) – but just a little something to say “Thank You” to the Buyers who took the plunge, from Amazon and other online ebook retailers, into my site to purchase your ebook(s) despite the hesitancy and the skepticism you may have felt since many (Indie) Authors rarely, or if not, sell their own ebooks direct from their site.

So, again … 

First the Pros:

I won`t sugar coat it and say it has been a real success but it`s been a success never-the-less; meaning, I`ve managed to sustain repeat Buyers, garnish new Buyers, receive great feedback with very little – miniscule, actually – to zero technical issues with it either being an issue of downloading/locating a book or app reader related, and recently, a refund request as the Buyer was under the impression that they had bought a physical copy of the book and not the ebook itself, so other than that, it`s been crickets in that department.

So far I`ve been content with the decision I made to sell from my site as it allows me total control over my books:  if I make changes, I don`t have to wait days for those changes to take effect or if I decide to offer FREE ebooks, I don`t have to compete with time frames so the flexibility is there; AND I don`t have to worry about my books getting banned or blocked because I failed to adhere to rules and guidelines or because it offends – my books are what they are, and if someone doesn`t like them well then tough shit!  Don`t buy!  It`s that simple!

Now the Con:

Because the transition of purchasing ebooks direct from my site is still fairly new (since 1/2018) it`s just a matter of time before everyone catches on.  Things take time with a multiple of convincing, but of course!

Thanks for reading & for your open-mind.

~Devlin De La Chapa

crucial update on `DiamonD, The Trilogy Books`


As of today, September 5th, 2018, DiamonD, DiamonDs and the DiamonD will no longer be available on other eBook Selling Platforms – except for DiamonD, The Trilogy as it will remain available for a limited time – as they will be exclusively Sold via HUSH`s Site (or until I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to put them back up!)

And as of today, September 5th, 2018, DiamonD, DiamonDs and the DiamonD have all been re-named with the following titles:  DiamonD chapter one.  DiamonDs:  chapter two.  And the DiamonD:  chapter three, and will no longer house under DiamonD, The Trilogy but The DiamonD Chapters.


The reason for the title changes have been a long time coming, as well as, one of them past “What if?“ moments (eventually realized) about having taken Jane – who prostituted under the name “Diamond“ in The HUSH Series – beyond HUSH, and thus far, the chapters and saga have proven worthy and are being enjoyed by thousands of Fans and Readers with many claiming:  Can`t Put the Book(s) Down!

Until then, thanks for stopping in and reading!


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