DiamonD summary


Having been freed from the one man responsible for prostituting her, Jane is now living a new life with her real family. But in spite of Jane’s father’s status as a well known crime boss with ties to prostitution, Jane is about to find herself caught up in a deception after she is inadvertently kidnapped and rendered unconscious while in the midst of rescuing her sister from a potential kidnapping.


Unsure of what has happened in the last 48 hours, Jane wakes up and learns that her sister has been sold to a gang of sex-traffickers. Jane, facing a death warrant for her intrusion, is instead befriended by the ruthless street ruffian ordered to get rid of her.  And from him, Jane also learns that her sister’s abduction wasn’t accidental but deliberate, and by the order of, and none-other-than, her father due to a personal indifference.


Torn between her loyalty to her sister and her family and her rage for the deception, Jane transforms into DiamonD and hits the streets of L.A. as a prostitute in search of her sister who is feared working for a cartel pimp as a prostitute herself. But instead of finding her sister, Jane instead finds something else:  The truth behind DiamonD.