DiamonD Summary:

It begins with a rape.  Then an interference followed by a formal investigation.  And ultimately, revenge.


Or at least that’s what Jane a.k.a. DiamonD had in mind while laid up at the county hospital recuperating from her wounds.  It isn’t until Jane returns back to her life when Memo, Jane’s would be pimp, along with an all too familiar crew, show up one late afternoon in her motel room with an agenda that not only consists of a personal confession to a previous deception, in which Jane easily forgives, but crucial information that pertains to her sister.


While in the throes of conversation with Memo, Jane learns that her sister is now under the control of a Cuban cartel out of Little Havana’s Miami looking to operate its prostitution ring in the west coast beginning with L.A.  Threatened by the idea of a territorial take over among other small time prostitution operations and losing her sister forever in the process to this cartel prompts Memo to propose beating the cartel at their own game by stepping in and taking control of those small time operations with one operation in particular, to which Jane quickly discovers belongs to her father.


Already enraged by her father’s deception with her sister, Jane agrees to Memo’s proposal to taking down her father’s L.A. organization, then after, assume position not as a big time pimp but as a Madam – revenge for her sister.


But before Jane can achieve such a disloyalty that could possibly end up with grave consequences, she must first settle a personal score:  Getting revenge on the one’s responsible for raping her.


DiamonDs Excerpt:

“Look at me, bitch!” Reggie had suddenly bitched down at me, and literally from out of nowhere ‘cause I was no longer lying flat on my stomach; I was now lying flat on my back with my blurred eyes staring up directly at Reggie.  “Look at me!” Reggie then bitched a second time.  Only now he was snapping his fingers and slapping my face.

I ignored Reggie.  And I only ignored him ‘cause a great part of me was feeling dazed and disoriented as if I were just waking up from a long coma.  My mouth felt dry with my tongue sticking to its planes.  I couldn’t utter a word.  I couldn’t hold a thought.  But somehow I did remember Reggie.  Then, like a burst of lightening, everything suddenly came back to me, including my reason for being in Reggie’s company and why I was still lying on the cemented ground, naked from the waist down, my dress ripped down the center of my chest with one of my breasts exposed and the other barely covered by the ripped fabric.  Then, I involuntarily glanced up and saw those faces masked and unmasked staring down at me.  And right as my heart jumped from my chest to my throat, I uttered, “Memo,” and quite fearfully.

“What?!” Reggie blurted suddenly, nowhere near as questionably ‘cause he looked a bit awestruck over the name itself as if it something he didn’t care to remember.  “What’d you say?!” he then demanded, grabbing both my shoulders and giving me a stern shake.  “Did you say. . .Memo?  Is that what you fucking said?!”  By now Reggie looked completely pissed as if the sheer name of ‘Memo’ was doing him more damage than good which led me to believe that he was scared.  “Is that what you fuckin’ said?!” Reggie repeated, shaking my shoulders again only this time more aggressively.  I thought I felt my brain shake.

“Ye. . .Yes.” I then staggered, breathless.

“Holy fuck, Reggie!”  The guy wearing the blue skeletal bandana then mustered with his voice totally taken aback.

“‘Holy fuck’ my ass!” Reggie spat.  “Bitch is talkin’ crazy.”

“Yeah, man.  But you don’t know that for sure,” the guy argued.

“Memo,” I gasped, taking a deep breath.  “He’s. . .he’s my. . .my pimp.” I exaggerated in hopes that Reggie and his thugs would just take their cocks and run.

“Nah, that’s bullshit!” Reggie adamantly retorted.  “Memo ain’t been ‘round for five-fuckin’-years!” he then argued confidently, jumping to his feet.   “You up ‘lil Big,” Reggie winked to the guy wearing the black skeletal bandana.

“Fuck you, you fucking prick!” I then spat up suddenly at Reggie.  And not ‘cause he was urging this ‘lil Big to take his turn with me but because he didn’t believe me.

“Shut the fuck up!” Reggie said kicking me in the stomach.  I yelped as he continued to address ‘lil Big.  “You gonna fuck this bitch or what?”

“Nah, man.  Not if she’s Memo’s ho,” ‘lil Big argued.

“And I’m tellin’ you she’s not!” Reggie yelled stepping up to ‘lil Big who actually looked small in Reggie’s towering presence particularly when he yanked the gun out of Boogie’s hand.  “Now get down on your fuckin’ knees and do the bitch ‘fore I do’s you.  Understand?” Reggie threatened, pressing the gun firmly against ‘lil Big’s left temple.  ‘lil Big finally gave in some odd seconds later with a slight nod and a throttle of his throat.

“Jesus-fuckin’-Christ, Reg,” the thug in the blue skeletal bandana mustered after he saw how serious his boss was with ‘lil Big who adamantly pulled down his jeans and crawled on top of me.  And instead of ‘lil Big thrusting himself roughly inside me like Boogie and Reggie had both done, he instead eased himself in.  ‘lil Big even went as far as turning his face away from mine so I wouldn’t see him raping me.  And for a second there I almost felt sorry for ‘lil Big as I had sensed that this – kidnapping me and raping me – wasn’t something voluntarily but more along the lines of forced.

“Fuck, ‘lil Big, she ain’t no casual fuck, man!  If you ain’t pumping that ass of yours any faster in the next five seconds, I’mf gonna put a cap in it!” and that was enough to convince ‘lil Big to kick up his thrusts.

“I’m gettin’ the fuck up on out of here, Cuz!” Mo said suddenly as he quickly buttoned up his jeans once ‘lil Big had got done raping me.  And just like that, there was a sudden shift in demeanor from the rest of Reggie’s crew whom all looked no more than two seconds away from following Mo.

“What the fuck did you just say, Cuz?  That you’re bailin’ on me?  Is that it, nigga?” Reggie spat.

“Yeah, nigga!  That’s exactly what I’m sayin’!” Mo argued as he stood his ground with Reggie.  “And if you know what’s best, you’d get the fuck up on out of here, too, Cuz!”

“You motherfuckers are trippin’!” Reggie chortled in disbelief.  “Let me get this shit right?  You’ll gonna let this white bitch change your motherfuckin’ minds just ‘cause she said Memo’s her pimp?  And you all believe that shit?  I mean, am I hearin’ this shit right?”

“Look, Cuz, I don’t mind doin’ the bitch but if it’s gonna cost all our motherfuckin’ lives I’d rather walk away and leave the bitch for dead.  Understand?”

“Yeah,” the thug in the blue skeletal bandana agreed with Mo.  “Cut your ties with the bitch and let’s get the fuck up on out of here.”

“Remember, Reg, dead ho’s don’t talk.  Especially ‘round here,” the thug then casually reminded Reggie; Reggie who just stood there staring down at me in thought, and nodding to nothing as his fist curled and uncurled around the butt end of the gun.

And it was clear to me what was going through Reggie’s mind, and that was to either kill me or just let me live, and I could see he was having trouble deciding between the two.  But the second Reggie came out of his trance however, I realized that there was no fucking way I would be walking out of Reggie’s wrath alive ‘cause he quickly raised his hand, pointed the gun directly down at me and pulled the trigger as if to have said there was nothing to think about.