“I can`t get my eBook to open.  Help?“

Depending on the device you use to read your eBooks, you might have to download an additional App [aside from The Kindle App] to open the eBook.  The App I normally use is “eReader“ – it`s actual name – to open the eBooks I`ve purchased through other sites only because my Kindle [App] won`t do it for whatever the reason being.  If you still can`t get your eBook(s) to open, please feel free to contact me at:  AboutHush@outlook.com.


When is the release date for The DiamonD:  EMPIRE – Part II?

Early 2020.


What are “Samplers“ in The DiamonD Chapters & The DiamonD Episodes?

Samplers are/is just a “Sample“ of the First 50 Pages of both The DiamonD Chapters & The DiamonD Episodes eBooks I have offered through Amazon for recreational enthusiasts of the genre and/or potential buyers who are in-between the idea of purchasing the eBooks in their entirety.


Where can I purchase the Samplers?

Samplers are currently being redirected to this site and will be available soon.  (prices vary 99¢ – $1.49)


What happened to HUSH Novelettes?

New Volumes will be available late 2019 early 2020.


Why did you rename DiamonD, The Trilogy and The DiamonD Saga to The DiamonD Chapters and The DiamonD Episodes?

To complicate you. . .No, just kidding.  I just felt that they needed new names and new book covers.  And since the books no longer focus on DiamonD/Jane`s past, I just felt it was fitting, particularly with her character and her story constantly evolving.


“I loved the books in The Hush series.  Will you ever go back to writing books like that?“  This is an actual question from an actual Fan.

My response:  “Not exactly sure if I would go back considering the graphic scenes or the overall nature of the books as it made many readers seeing red or just downright angry.  I will say that some of HUSH`s nature have been or are being incorporated into HUSH`s Novelettes with some in The DiamonD:  EMPIRE.  But now that I`ve given it some thought, I just may!“


Is The Diamond Chronicles the future of DiamonD that you`ve mentioned?  And is it a book series?

Yes, and no.  Yes, it`s the future of DiamonD; and no, it is not a book series but rather a mini-series – think in the likes of soap opera:  lots of drama, sex, betrayal and that occasional twist or two!


Is SCARLETTA also included in the future of DiamonD?



The DiamonD Rivalries. . .is that a new DiamonD book series?

Yes, forthcoming, 2021



It`s a book series tie-in to The DiamonD, and DiamonD’s new rivalry; forthcoming, 2020.


And The DiamonD Rivalries?

The Rivalries will pick-up where The DiamonD Episodes have left off – with a few years passing – and will feature new enemies including a ruthless female Pimpboss named SCARLETTA and plenty of drama and some surprise twists.  And keep in mind that the children in The DiamonD are growing up [ so hint ].


When can we expect the first book in The DiamonD Chronicles?

On hold.