HUSH Summary:

“It was a plan; and I never saw it coming.”  ~Jane


High school pretty Anna Jane Parker seems to have it all: Money, designer clothes, new car, rich friends, freedom – everything a teen could ask for.  But just beneath that image a dark and disturbing secret lies.


Just two months into her Freshman year, Jane is befriended by an unlikely girl, and the two quickly become the best of friends.  But one night during a sleep over, Jane suddenly finds herself pressured into having sex with her best friend’s brother Dominic, who just so happens to be the hottest guy at school.


Determined to keep Dominic in her life, Jane does everything Dominic asks of her.  So when Dominic demands that she “work” for him and his cousins as a prostitute, Jane, in a state of shock, quickly rejects the idea sending Dominic in a rage which inevitably forces Jane to give in after her family’s lives’ are threatened.


Feeling trapped, and nowhere to run, and no one to turn too, Jane ultimately finds the strength and courage to break free from her so-called “pimps” after an opportunity to escape presents itself.  But while in the midst of that escape, Jane is caught, only this time to be thrust back into prostitution by the one person she thought she could forever trust:  Her father.


HUSH Excerpt:

The night seemed endless as Dominic babysat the torment of my pain and humiliation as both Justin and Josh continued to rape me repeatedly; not even the sound of my insufferable screams were enough to discourage them, particularly Dominic who coerced the brutal act which I took as a form of punishment. . .or so I believed ‘cause in no time he rose to his feet, slid off his jacket and removed his belt from around his jeans.

Right then and there, the horror shifted from inside my body and straight into my bloodshot eyes, particularly when Dominic strolled around the bed forcing Justin and Josh to step aside.  Then my entire body began to panic when I heard the sound of leather sweeping through the air.  And despite the excruciating pain already inflicted on my body by the rape, I found the strength to jump up from the bed.  And just as I was in the throes of seeking refuge, and what I presumed to be the bathroom to avoid Dominic beating me with his belt, both Justin and Josh dove over the bed and together they drug me back to the bed with me kicking and screaming despite my being bounded in tape.

“Where in the fuck do you think you were goin’, huh?” Justin then spat, and quite amusingly as he and Josh held me down on the bed by my arms and legs to allow Dominic to whip me.

The sweltering sting from the swaps inflicted over my stomach, my legs, my thighs and occasionally my breasts were so intense, and with some areas being extremely sensitive to any kind of harm, my entire body literally felt like it was on fire.  It seemed like for the longest time I couldn’t see the end of Dominic’s whipping until I felt I was on the absolute verge of passing out.  And Dominic seeming to possess a keen perception of the unconsciousness stopped whipping me.  Tossing the belt aside, he then ordered Justin and Josh to turn me over.

Back on my stomach, and ’cause I feared another round of anal raping, I started to squirm and scream and fight for my dignity which only seemed to frustrate Dominic ’cause he ended up rendering me still with a hard blow to the back of my head thus forcing my face into the bed where I struggled to breathe.  Then I stopped struggling when I felt the lessening of the duct tape around both my wrists.  Dominic and Justin both flipped me back onto my backside, this time with Justin pulling me toward the headboard by my armpits.  He then straddled himself over my chest and tied both my wrists around the shaved bed posts – not with duct tape but with black cable ties.  Settling himself over my stomach, and with a pair of scissors in hand, he then cut my tee and bra from my body leaving me spread eagled and completely naked; uncapable of fighting, or even running.  And while I considered my opposition to be the worst of my problems, it was what Justin did next that caused me to almost pee on myself:  He leaned across both my legs and pried my vagina apart.  His fingers then grasped the dangling cotton string and literally yanked the tampon right out of me.  Sudden tears stormed my eyes ‘cause it made me realize that things were about to get worse.

Justin stepped out from the bathroom lighting two cigarettes and passing one off to Dominic who had been staring down at me with this seemingly utmost disgusted look; I could feel the bile rising in my throat.  But having nowhere to spew left me with no other choice but to force it back down my throat.

There was a quick knock at the door, and I flinched while Dominic and Justin exchanged contemplating looks with Dominic leaning over the bed and peeling the duct tape gently off my mouth.

“If one scream escapes your mouth, Diamond, I swear you’ll see no end to tonight!”

The door opened a few seconds later with Josh escorting two men into the motel room.  Dominic quickly crossed to them.  Once Dominic and the men come to an agreement beneath a sea of muffled words I could not grasp ‘cause of the excruciating pain I was in, Dominic then held out his hand and money was then exchanged.

Dominic counted the stack twice and cautiously before showing some sign of satisfaction.  He then gestured both men in my direction.  The men, both equal in age as well as stocky and white raced and obviously having a thing for young girls then walked toward the bed smiling beneath calloused expressions.  It was disturbing and disgusting and heartbreaking.

Dominic and Justin walked out of the motel room leaving me open and vulnerable to the men now gazing down at me.  I couldn’t help but to turn away the second their hands touched down on my body, grabbing my breasts and fondling my vagina while their tongues licked and kissed around my mouth; their tongues forcing me to kiss them the way lovers kissed until they both pulled away, still smiling only this time, unzipping their trousers.

I didn’t know how many men had fucked me throughout the night, and I didn’t care to know.  I just laid there, sprawled and naked as one after another fondled me then crawled on top of me to do their business.  For all I cared they could have taken a shit on me and I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash considering I had stopped fighting for my dignity after the seventh or eighth man.  And unfortunately for me, and particularly this scenario, there was no alcohol or drugs to mask the humiliation of having men pound away on me through my very eyes.  And I wasn’t quite sure if taking a severe beating from Dominic, or being raped by the cousins was more welcoming than getting fucked by a bunch of nameless, spineless, filthy pervs?

I closed my eyes for only a split second but I must’ve passed out instead ’cause I didn’t hear the door to the motel room open.  I mean, when I opened my eyes, and much to my dismay, Dominic was already standing over me, looking down at me somewhat vindicated, still yet, looking less-than-satisfied.

“You cost me fifteen grand tonight,” he then complained picking up the scissors from off the nightstand littered with cigarettes, cigarette butts, empty beer bottles and condemn wrappers.  He sat down beside me and cut the ties from around both my wrists, releasing me from the chains of hell.

“And I’ll be lucky if I made half of it back tonight.” he then continued to rant.  I immediately turned my body toward Dominic ‘cause God forbid I should give him my back.  I then curled myself into a fetal position to comfort my battered and broken body.  I figured the nightmare was finally over but I had been wrong before.  So I took a deep breath and held.

Dominic finally stood to his feet and tossed the scissors onto the nightstand and sighed out, and I wasn’t sure why?  Could it be he felt remorse for what he’d done to me?  Or was it a symptom of stress ‘cause I had cost him fifteen grand?  I shivered and cowered further within myself while thinking of home, of my family, of Bree and my father who I was missing terribly in this moment.  My heart broke.  My spirit completely destroyed.  I hate God. . .I mean, I hate him so much.  I sniffled.  I was feeling cold.  The bitter chill of deaths sex swaying around the motel room kissed and scorched at my nakedness.

The door opened again, and in strolled Tanya carrying her purse, a pink duffle bag and an expression that literally screamed regret which puzzled me for a moment until Dominic grumbled.

“It took you fucking long enough!”

“I don’t like being back here.”  Tanya retorted in the same manner only she sounded exasperated and pained.

“I don’t give a shit how you feel!  Take Jane to the bathroom and get her cleaned up!”  Tanya pursed her lips and eyed Dominic ardently as he stormed past her and headed outside.  Tanya flipped him off.  And she must’ve forgotten where she was for the moment ’cause when her gaze finally settled on me her expression unnerved like if I was going to snitch her out to Dominic.  But I was too dazed to even consider it.  Tanya choked back her anger and headed to the bathroom.  She then returned a minute later with a bath towel.  She placed it around my body and eased me to my feet.

Almost quickly I felt the remnants of dried blood and semen between my thighs while fresh blood trickled down.  As for the rest of my body it was still in a state of shock:  I mean, I could barely move, let alone walk.  And so I ended up stammering to the bathroom instead, occasionally holding onto Tanya’s arm for balance.  It wasn’t until we reached the bathroom had my eyes began to search in vain for the toilette.  Once I spotted it, I rushed over to it and threw up.

“Jesus, Jane,” Tanya murmured after my second bout of throwing up.  Her voice almost sounded pained by my circumstance.  And I wasn’t sure if she felt disgust, or pity either?  My stomach tensed again, and again I threw up.

“Oh, come off it!”  Justin bitched right after he walked in uninvited.  “It wasn’t that bad.”  I shot Justin an icy stare beneath my blood shot eyes.  And what came out of my mouth next not only unnerved Tanya, it pissed Justin off something awful.

“Fuck you!”  I yelled.  Justin’s eyes widened.  From one second to the next, and with Tanya literally being shoved over the sink, Justin then backhanded me.  And the hit was so hard that blood from my lip splattered against the wall.  I stumbled backward, my back hitting the shower door.

“Justin!”  Tanya then began to scream the second she saw Justin’s fists flying in my direction.  I quickly threw up both arms to avoid getting hit in the face.  But I think it was the sudden reflexes of my defenses that enraged Justin ‘cause all he was able to target were my forearms.

Tanya dashed out of the bathroom door screaming, “Dominic!  Dominic, goddamn it!  Get in here. . .NOW!”  And not only did the sound of her frightened screams caused my skin to slink, it made me come to understand that I had made a terrible, terrible mistake shooting my mouth off at Justin.

“I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!”  I shouted suddenly and regrettably, but my apologies only seem to have fallen deaf on Justin’s ears ‘cause all he heard, and what he glimpsed, was his rage toward my disrespecting him, and in front of Tanya who I believed feared him as much as I had.

One of my arms finally gave way to Justin’s fists which caught me in the left cheek.  I then fell onto the floor just as Dominic came charging in, shoving Justin from me.


“Get the fuck out of my way, Cuz!”

“You need to calm the fuck down, Cuz!”

“And you need to teach that fucking bitch some fucking manners!”

“C’mon, guys, please,” Tanya pleaded, her voice loud, edgy.  “This isn’t the time.”

An intense silence then settled in between Dominic and Justin with Dominic possessing the firmest grasp over the situation.  And as much as it peeved Justin to admit that obvious fact that Dominic was in control, he did the next best thing:  he choked back his pride, nodded and walked out of the bathroom.

Dominic turned his attention to me – a spark of exasperation toward my behavior glazed his irises as I continued to remain on the floor cowering, sobbing; pained by the never ending abuse.

“You keep this shit up, Jane, and the next time you’re not going to be so fucking lucky!”

“I. . .I. . .I’m sorry – ”

Dominic abruptly leaned over me.  I screamed as he yanked me up to my feet by my hair, shoving me hard against the wall.

“Did I ask for your fucking apology?”  Dominic seethed.  I sobbed and shivered and shook my head.  “So what makes you think you’re apology means shit now, Jane, huh?”  Dominic then slapped me twice with my head bumping against the wall.  He flung open the shower door, turned on the water, grabbed my arm and shoved me beneath it.

“You have ten minutes!”  Dominic snapped at Tanya, slamming the shower door then slamming the bathroom door behind him.