HUSH summary


“It was a plan; and I never saw it coming.”  ~Jane



High school pretty Anna Jane Parker seems to have it all: Money, designer clothes, new car, rich friends, freedom – everything a teen could ask for.  But just beneath that image a dark and disturbing secret lies.


Just two months into her Freshman year, Jane is befriended by an unlikely girl, and the two quickly become the best of friends.  But one night during a sleep over, Jane suddenly finds herself pressured into having sex with her best friend’s brother Dominic, who just so happens to be the hottest guy at school.


Determined to keep Dominic in her life, Jane does everything Dominic asks of her.  So when Dominic demands that she “work” for him and his cousins as a prostitute, Jane, in a state of shock, quickly rejects the idea sending Dominic in a rage which inevitably forces Jane to give in after her family’s lives’ are threatened.


Feeling trapped, and nowhere to run, and no one to turn too, Jane ultimately finds the strength and courage to break free from her so-called “pimps” after an opportunity to escape presents itself.  But while in the midst of that escape, Jane is caught, only this time to be thrust back into prostitution by the one person she thought she could forever trust:  Her father.