HUSHED Summary:

Having finally found the courage to run away with her sister from the perils of her sick and twisted father and family, Jane is thrust back into prostitution when she is confronted by a so-called “John” who tricks her into meeting Mr. K, a self-made Czechoslovakian crime Boss who not only claims Jane is his stolen property but also claims that the family she works for is not her real family.

Both shaken and euphoric by the sudden news, Jane makes a brazen attempt to request her freedom from Mr. K and from her so-called “Family” but she’s instead met with a daring proposition:  Her freedom in exchange for the exact coordinates to a private Auction of young girls being held by her so-called father.  But in order for Jane to comply, she must first escape Abel’s Hell, a makeshift prison of sex slave girls hidden underground, after she is sent there for running away.

But just as Jane believes things could not get any worse for her, Jane’s sister is unexpectedly sent down to Abel’s Hell thus fueling Jane’s fire to escape with one sole purpose in mind:  To kill her so-called father, Andrew Parker.


HUSHED Excerpt: 

December 10th, 2011 – 

I heard sobbing like a scared child type of a sobbing and not your average sad sobbing like if you just got spanked for spilling milk or behaving badly.  This particular sobbing woke me quite early in the morning, or at least I thought it was morning since I couldn’t see outside a window.  I tugged the bed sheet over my head and tugged it close to my body, trying to shield myself from that eerie cry which began to sound oddly familiar to me ’cause I had swore I had heard that frightened cry before but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where that is until Abel spoke.

“Open your legs!”  He grunted at the girl.  The girl then made a whimpering sound, the exact sound I had made the first time Abel probed my vagina.  Abel must’ve delved deep into the poor girl’s snatch ’cause all of sudden she cried out in pain, and soon she started crying again, and it became uncontrollable to a point that they ended up slapping her face a few times to try and keep her quiet.

“Shut the fuck up, little girl!”  Cain belched like the drunken pimp that he was.  “You hear me!?”  His voice then echoed bouncing off the walls around the Dungeon.

“Please?”  The girl suddenly begged in between her sobs, “let me go home to my mommy.”  And that’s when that voice hit me like a freight train ’cause that voice sounded so close to home.

I tossed the bed sheet from my body and jumped out of my bed and hurled myself against my cage door, my eyes staggering to the cage directly across from mine, my heart literally quavering in a state of panic.

“Bree!?”  I screamed with my heart now clinging to the bowels of my throat.  “BREANNA!?”  I screamed out a second time only this time with my heart clinging toward the desperation of hope that my assumption could be wrong. . .but I was dead wrong.

I must’ve startled both Abel and Cain ’cause my distraction all of a sudden became their distraction which forced them to put down their guard on Bree who quickly jumped up from the bed and dashed toward the direction of my cage, crying out, “Jane!  Jane!”

My eyes suddenly lit up in horror upon seeing Bree’s naked body rushing toward me.  And that fear stamped in confusion and transfixed across her angelic baby face made me understand that she didn’t understand what was happening to her.

“Bree!  Bree!”  I, too, cried out in unison to Bree’s only my cries were along the lines of terror;  something Bree had yet to come to fully understand ’cause she was still a child.

Bree collapsed into my arms in a state of absolute elation between the cage bars separating us.  And for a moment I had forgotten this place, forgotten about my troubles, forgotten about my oppressors as I had disappeared, floating on 7th Heaven toward a paradise I had long forgotten.

But just like that, Bree was quickly snatched up from my arms and carried away, despite all her kicking and screaming, back into her cage, her tiny body tossed back onto the bed with Abel hunched over her.  Cain yanked open my cage door and yanked me out of my cage by my arms and dragged me toward the opposite end of the Dungeon where both the bathroom and Discipline rooms resided.  I, too, left the Dungeon kicking and screaming, mouthing out bad words that surely made Cain angrier by the second ’cause he, too, began screaming and cursing back at me.  Cain kicked open the door to the Discipline room and tossed me across the cemented floor like a slab of meat.  He then slammed the door shut behind me and locked it – locking me in and locking me out of Bree’s life.

By the time Cain returned to the Discipline room my fists were black and blue and bloodied from all the pounding I had done on the door.  And by the time Cain also returned, I had exhausted all my strength ’cause when he ordered for me to get up from the floor, I couldn’t.  And still Cain took no mercy on me ’cause he still went ahead and whipped me anyway.  So by the time I was returned back to my cage, I could barely move, barely hold a thought, much less, focus since everything around me became one big blur.

It wasn’t until I staggered a glance into Bree’s cage had I discovered she was gone.  And just for a moment had I began to think that maybe Bree wasn’t there in that cage, and what I heard earlier was the inner of my little girl lost voice crying and pleading to go home, and the girl I had embraced earlier was actually me.

I sat on the edge of my bed, tugging my tattered blood stained sheet closer to my body.  I was starting to feel extremely cold, and I could smell remnants of rainwater swaying around in the air.  I could also hear Anna’s voice talking to me, pleading to me about something but I honestly could not understand what she was saying.  And instead of trying to decipher her words, I instead ignored them and her.

It occurred to me briefly that dinner had already been served prior to my returning back to my cage ’cause the lights went out for the night, and I was glad to be left alone.  Just as my eyes began to surrender to my constant darkness, the double steel doors unexpectedly opened coercing me and some of the other girls to peek up over our pillows.  Cain walked in, and he was tugging a petite shadow beside him.  The shadow was sobbing.  And when that sobbing grew louder and much, much closer it was then had I come to terms that my hallucination of Bree was very much real.

I quickly jumped out of bed, my feet literally fumbling toward the front of my cage, my body collapsing hard against the bars.

“B-r-e-e!”  I called out frantically to her.  I mean, I needed to know that she was okay. . .that she hadn’t been harmed. . .that way. . .the way all of us had been harmed.  But even I knew that that was inevitable particularly in this place built around fornication.

“QUIET!”  Cain barked, hitting his police club against my cage.  I flinched and jumped back, yet that didn’t deter me from calling out to her a second time.

“Bree, please!”

“You better shut the fuck up!?”  Cain then threatened me, shoving Bree into her cage.  Locking the cage door behind Bree, he then crooned, “Night, night, little girl.”

After Cain had walked out of the Dungeon for the rest of the night, for the rest of the night I just stood there staring at Bree hopelessly and helplessly, perilous to come to her defenses and protect her from this vile place and from those child-rapists.  It took me half the night to come to the conclusion that geniuses weren’t born because it didn’t take a genius to figure out what they had done to Bree:  It was there, visible in the darkness, a shattered soul staring blankly into nothing but the harrowing future before her.  Exactly the same way I had stared into mine the night Dominic betrayed me into a life of prostitution.

All that was missing now on Bree’s stolen virginity was her headstone.