HUSHED summary

Having finally found the courage to run away with her sister from the perils of her sick and twisted father and family, Jane is thrust back into prostitution when she is confronted by a so-called “John” who tricks her into meeting Mr. K, a self-made Czechoslovakian crime Boss who not only claims Jane is his stolen property but also claims that the family she works for is not her real family.

Both shaken and euphoric by the sudden news, Jane makes a brazen attempt to request her freedom from Mr. K and from her so-called “Family” but she’s instead met with a daring proposition:  Her freedom in exchange for the exact coordinates to a private Auction of young girls being held by her so-called father.  But in order for Jane to comply, she must first escape Abel’s Hell, a makeshift prison of sex slave girls hidden underground, after she is sent there for running away.

But just as Jane believes things could not get any worse for her, Jane’s sister is unexpectedly sent down to Abel’s Hell thus fueling Jane’s fire to escape with one sole purpose in mind:  To kill her so-called father, Andrew Parker.