JANE. summary

After surviving a horrific ordeal as a victim of prostitution and sex-trafficking, Jane is at long last a free girl.  And so far life for Jane has been good.


Living in a fairly modest home in southern California with her sister and her best friend, and holding down a full-time job doesn’t leave Jane with much room to do anything else until she finds herself suddenly plagued by a recurring nightmare entailing the execution of the Parker-Ray men in which she begins to find fault in.  Determined to find answers to her nightmares, Jane makes a critical decision to go and see Viktor Kasa.


But during her visit with Viktor Kasa however, Jane, much to her dismay, learns that the execution of the Parker-Ray men was not only staged but the men were very much still alive thus making her nightmares very much real.


Fearing her life in danger for the deception suddenly becomes the least of Jane’s problems after she ascertains – without a doubt – that Viktor Kasa is her biological father.


But just as Jane finds herself in the midst of a long awaited family reunion, a series of events begin to unfold beginning with Parker who ambushes Viktor’s estate, killing Viktor, kidnapping Jane and hiding her away in a kiddie brothel owned by the Parker-Ray Organization but operated by Jeanest, a callous Madam who forces Jane back into a life of prostitution.


Jane, no longer in control of her life and fearing no end, is then met with a little luck and a little love, prompting her to escape the brothel.  And once again Jane finds herself on the run from Parker.  Only this time Jane isn’t alone because the men she once feared have now become her greatest allies in her personal war against Parker.