The Good: Review of The DiamonD: BLOOD from Goodreads


I know it`s been awhile since I posted the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a Review.  So with that said the following review comes courtesy of Goodreads.  Though the review is fairly new, there were some key points that I felt needed to be addressed which follow the review.


Aug 28, 2017
James S. Northern rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition

Just finished this long awaited book. The entire series has been incredible and this is a decent continuation of the series. BUT, the plots within plots are starting to get a bit too complicated. DiamonD/Jain doesn’t even show up until half of the book is done! And the idea that a supposed major crime syndicate Boss would just wander off without any protection and end up in Vegas where half of the underworld there already knows her and starts pulling tricks to “get by” is just a little far fetched, IMO. And know it turns out that she has had two kids when none of the other books talk about this at all is just a bit over the top. Anyway, despite the flaws and complications, the series is still very good. Just don’t try jumping into the middle of this series or you will likely be completely lost! I await the release of The DiamonD: Hollywood. Hope it comes out soon. (less)


The delay in bringing Jane aka “DiamonD“ into the story was in part of continuing from where the story left off in HUSH:  Missing Pieces.


Readers need to keep in mind that Jane is naïve – she`s barely nineteen – so there`s still a bit of recklessness residing within her.  So, with that in mind, she still needs to make mistakes in order to understand them.  If I gave Jane a brain to think and breathe like an experienced or semi-experienced adult rather than the young adult or teen that she is, I think that would be a bit, if not, completely “far-fetched“.  In many ways, Jane is maturing but it`s a slow and painful and annoying process so I do apologize; but she is getting there.  Just MO.


When Jane arrives in Vegas she`s completely under the radar as The DiamonD hadn`t exactly made their presence known [in Vegas] as of yet.  The only reason it may appear that other Vegas bosses know of Jane`s existence is because of her brief encounter with another boss she met in The DiamonD who was posing the question of her existence there oratorically.  Jane however does leave Vegas before others are made aware of her.


Jane isn`t exactly a Boss yet, as she still considers herself a Partner.  But she does consider herself a “Pimp“.


From HUSH thru The DiamonD:  BLOOD Jane has been trying to escape/leave the Life as she doesn`t want to have anything to do with it.  She only became a part of it to rescue her sister and hurt her father for the deception.  Other than that, she couldn`t have cared less.  But because she is the daughter of a crime boss her independence is very uncertain, almost – if not – inevitable.  But the question still remains and will pose:  Will Jane ever be free?


Yes, Jane has two kids (or does she?).  Now there`s a fucking twist!  HaHa!  Need to wait on that one.



Thank you, James, for your much appreciated review!



~Devlin De La Chapa

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Important info on The DiamonD: BLOOD


Dear Readers & Fans of HUSH:



So, how do I put this delicately. . .Hmm?




I screwed up!



As many of you know, The DiamonD:  BLOOD is set for release tomorrow 8/25/2017, and unfortunately the manuscript/book that is set to release will be “unPublished” due to a last minute revision error that forced me to miss the time frame allowed for manuscript revisions, content updates and everything else book related.


But not to fret, there is a manuscript – The REVISED One – which is now available to purchase, and a day early!  Just click on book cover image—->the_DiamonD__BLOOD_Cover_for_Kindle


For those who pre`Ordered The DiamonD:  BLOOD, my apologies for the inconvenience.


Other than that, I do hope you enjoy The DiamonD:  BLOOD.  I will be posting additional information regarding the Series/Saga as time progresses so please feel free to check back at your convenience.


Thank You.


~Devlin De La Chapa

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The DiamonD`s: FRANKLIN

The DiamonD:  BLOOD … I feel it coming

The DiamonD BLOOD Ad 5 (2)

from a conversation with DiamonD


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The DiamonD’s: DiamonD … a thought

The DiamonD BLOOD Ad 4 (3)


The DiamonD:  BLOOD

available for pre`order











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The DiamonD`s: DiamonD


The DiamonD BLOOD Ad 3

The DiamonD:  BLOOD …

                                             pre`order for $1.49 or wait






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“Now it`s WAR, bitch!“ … summary, The DiamonD: BLOOD


As another Saga ends, so begins Another …

And this time it isn’t for the pursuit of justice served with a dish of revenge but for war. . .over blood.

Wholly betrayed by the deception of her step-sister Bree and deceived by the recent discovery of her father’s past, Jane – now DiamonD – persuasively walks away from her life in an attempt to start a whole new one; leaving behind her would-be estranged husband and The DiamonD to finish seizing control of her father’s L.A. business.

But things instead start to go awry for DiamonD when she ends up in Las Vegas and involuntarily falls back into a life of prostitution thus bringing about a whole new wave of problems beginning with a pregnancy, a boyish Hustler from her past, and a multi-million dollar contract on her head.

Wishing to not get those of her DiamonD family involved, particularly her husband and their recently born son, DiamonD avoids Hollywood and instead heads to Canada until she discovers she’s been followed thus forcing her with no choice but to head back to Hollywood.

But the second DiamonD arrives the real war with family begins, beginning with a domino effect of reunions and lies and ending with Bree abducting DiamonD’s dark secret, Lola Jayne –  revenge for DiamonD disowning her – that will ultimately leave DiamonD swearing a vow of vengeance and these words resonating in Bree’s ears:  “Now it’s WAR, bitch!”


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$3.99 vs $1.49 … a just question

I received a couple of emails asking Why? I had lowered the price on The DiamonD`s:  BLOOD pre`order from $3.99 to $1.49, and I`m thinking it`s a fair question.  And below is my answer.

So let`s face it. . .I`m an Indie Author.

So until I hire a professional Editor to correct all those grammar and punctuation issues, my prices will continue to remain reasonable, competitive and low with The DiamonD Saga being no exception!

I`m here to tell a story and get readers lost in a whole other world; I`m not here to get rich.

pre`order Book I in The DiamonD Saga – The DiamonD:  BLOOD – today for $1.49


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