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  Looking to own some of your favorite books in The HUSH Series in print?  Well, look no further!

Now you can *Purchase all books in The HUSH Series here.  Book(s) purchased are Autographed or can be Autographed to your liking.  (Shit!  I mean, you`re paying for it, right?)  And good news:  Free Shipping!



*Occasionally – when I`m in the mood or when I`m not feeling bitchy- I`ll slip an extra book in the original order just to be … oh, I don`t know … fucking nice?  Or maybe because I`m a starving writer and I need all the help I can possibly-fucking-get?!  My credit cards don`t exactly pay for themselves, you know, and if they did, I`d be in Santorini, Greece.  So can you PLEASE be a good Fan and help get me there?  And I promise you that one day when I`m rich & famous I`ll get you there.  Thank you.