prologue into The DiamonD: EMPIRE

The Lola Jayne – minutes before – Prologue     

      SHANE DIAMOND stood at the edge of the desk staring down at DiamonD’s signature smeared across the divorce papers with a Glock in one hand and DiamonD’s ring in the other because his pride had just lost him the one thing that mattered most in his life. . .and Shane wanted his pride to pay.

     Shane put six slugs through the high back desk chair before he dropped his Glock, picked up the divorce papers and ripped them in two. . .then he abandoned his stance, bolted out the office’s double doors and rushed down the corridor with his anxiety gripping him from the inside; hoping and praying that it wasn’t too late for DiamonD to forgive him.

     “DiamonD?” Shane’s heart then gave a stern jolt thus knocking the wind out of him the second he spotted DiamonD there in the company of Dominic.  DiamonD quickly spun around a half second later; Shane could see that she was just as elated to see him as he was to see her thus giving him hope.

     But it was when DiamonD had stepped forward and a man he had never seen before stepped out from behind Dominic that forced Shane to catch his breath and halt dead in his tracks.  He then balked forward a second later after the man’s bullet caught him in his gut thus dropping him to the floor. 

     “DiamonD?” Shane then mustered right before his body went into shock and he began gasping for air. 

     Though DiamonD was fast at his side, fretting anxiously and cursing at Dominic as she was under the impression Dominic had shot him, an unnerving chill then ran up and down Shane’s spine, particularly when he saw the frantic state DiamonD was in after she realized who had shot him.

     And Shane was trying desperately hard to hold on for dear life for DiamonD who he felt whose life was in far greater danger than his, but there was a certain darkness slowly closing in on him thus prompting him to struggle and try to stay with DiamonD even as the man – who DiamonD had recognized as Anthony – leaned over both their immobilized bodies, slipping Shane a callous wink and the following words to DiamonD:

     “When this is all over, you’re gonna come to me,” Anthony cautioned DiamonD collectively.

     “You’re crazy…you’re fucking crazy!”  I’ll never come to you. . .ever!  So you might as well return to that blasphemous hell from which you came from!” DiamonD instead argued behind her shaken voice. 

     “Oh, you will come to me,” Anthony retorted matter-of-factly.  “Brace yourself, sweetheart,” he then said stroking DiamonD’s hair lovingly, “your war is about to begin.”  And with those very last words, Shane watched in perilous as Anthony slipped his gun into DiamonD’s hand, stood up and walked out of his tunnel of darkness right as that last spec of light had closed in on him.

~ The DiamonD:  EMPIRE, 2019



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