The Bad: Review from Amazon

I find it amusing when I get mistaken for a “​perve“​.

If you`re going to take the time to insult me, can you at least take the time to spell “perv“ right?


[the DON`T of review writing]:

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

like others have written…….not sure this could be believable. May very much be written by some perve.

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Deciphering Amazon Review #328 … Pft! Please!


So for the sake of argument. . .I would have easily categorized this particular review under “the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Reviews“ but unfortunately this is not a review on HUSH itself but rather a review on its grammar.  So before I RIP – not Rest In Peace –  into this review please allow me to stress on the following:

First things first, AND let`s be realistic here:  If I hired a professional Editor to Edit HUSH and its entire series, then I would be forced to sell HUSH at publisher prices; meaning, HUSH would no longer be sold at $0.99 but upwards, and in between the vicinity of, $7.99 or more because, and let`s face it, the cost of editing, which can be rather pricey, has to be passed onto someone, and unfortunately it will be passed onto the buyer or the reader.  So forgive me if I`d rather not go there as I would rather worry about telling a story than bothering with the proper of grammar etiquette.

Secondly, and I can`t stress this enough, but I`m an Indie Author.  And yes, Indie Authors do hire Editors and I could very easily do that, but only and if, the Editor has a jaw-dropping resume that consists of famous Authors who have made it to a Top #25 Best Selling platform based on the grammar itself and not necessarily the story.  And if that`s the case, then point me to that Editor!

So now that I`ve ranted about that, now let`s move on to the review.

Which, and IMO, is not a valid review because it wasn`t based on HUSH at all.  Here is the review:




 Desperate need of an editor… 
By Dom on May 08, 2017 

This book was recommended by Amazon for reasons I can’t figure out. As an English teacher, I read a lot of bad writing and HUSH was right in line with very bad, freshman writing. I am guessing the book was self-published- which is fine- but Devlin de la Champ (aka Sandra Raine) really should have sprung for an editor to fix her simple grammatical issues including the misuse of homophones (to, two, too), run-on sentences, and the use of “’cause” for the word “because.”

I admit that at times I can be a bit of a literary snob, but I was interested in the subject matter that HUSH offered. I assumed it wouldn’t be canonical work. That being said, this book is a poor representation of the American education system. I finished reading the book only because it is my personal rule not to quit a book once started.    


Okay.  So now that you`ve read this so-called “HUSH Review“, let me begin.

Amazon Non-review

  1. A person who takes the time to pick a certain page out of a book (see above photo; red remarks, the reviewer; black remarks, mine), make notes and upload it to a site is pretty damn scary if you ask me! And it also proves that this person has nothing else better to do with his/her time.  After seeing this, I fear those death threat letters heading to my P.O. Box.  Maybe I should look into hiring bodyguards before I become famous!


  1. If HUSH was “Recommended by Amazon“, then the honor is all mine! So thank you, Amazon!


  1. So this particular reviewer is an “English Teacher“.   Now there`s another scary thought considering that America is facing a crisis of education with the teachers being at the center of this critical debate.  So here`s my question:  Shouldn`t this reviewer be occupied with what`s going on with education and not necessarily with concerns over proper grammar in books such as HUSH?  Much to ponder there, you think?  And if my writing is on a “freshman“ level then this particular teacher must`ve been one of  my English teachers which means I could have been a great and proper writer if he/she was actually doing some teaching instead of lulling over books that have nothing to do with education!


  1. Obviously this “English Teacher“ hasn`t heard their students talk as teens tend to use words like “`cause“ quite a bit: `Cause I couldn`t`, `Cause I had to`,`Cause there wasn`t enough room in the car`, `just `cause`. . .yadda, yadda, yadda.


  1. This person isn`t a bit of a “Literary Snob“ especially if they`ve taken the time to upload pictures of pages off books and make notes in red ink that literally jump off the pages and give you nose bleeds.  So IMO, this person is a Literally Snob.  Congratulations.


  1. So “canonical work“. Well, if this reviewer would have taken the time from visually editing my book and did some research they would have found much of the book to be “canonical“.


  1. If HUSH is a “poor representation of the American education system“ shouldn`t he/she hold some of the blame? See Defense #3.


  1. So reading a book to the end is this person`s personal rule, huh? I seriously doubt that as I looked into this reviewer`s profile and found that HUSH is the only book this person has ever reviewed (since 2014) which leads me to believe that this reviewer`s interest was piqued by the nature of HUSH or they bought it based on a curiosity factor.  Because if this reviewer was really interested in the subject matter, then other books of this nature would have also been reviewed and posted.  So it is my strong belief that in spite of the grammar errors riffed throughout and the complaint, the reviewer actually liked my book, and so therefore another 5 Star Review goes to HUSH!


Until next time …

~Devlin De La Chapa



Superimposing on Amazon Review #68

As many of you know, every now and then I do pop into Amazon to see where my books are currently standing in Rank & Reviews as I like to grasp a more in depth insight of what Readers/Reviewers thought about the book they just read.

For this instance, I read the recent review posted on JANE..  And though the Reviewer did give it a wonderful Star Rating, the Reviewer went on to express some key issues that had them scratching their head.

So to not go into too much detail, I did leave a Comment but it was merely to superimpose what will be included in HUSH:  Interlude.

And even though I did stress what is to be included in HUSH:  Interlude through a previous post, I might have failed to include some of those issues with the Reviewers Review.

Below is the Review with my Comment to follow:

on February 2, 2017
Who cares about the random spelling and grammar issues. It just adds to the raw feeling of the series. Speaking of which, I feel like it wasn’t meant to be a series so the ending doesn’t match up. Dominic, Justin and Josh went far and beyond “being tough” on Jane out of their sense of duty to the organization. The first book made that abundantly clear, so it makes the ending tough to swallow. IF they raped and beat her the first night they went to the frat party to “break her in” then MAYBE I can see her forgiving them because they are just products of their environment following orders from above. However the countless abuse inflicted on her at their hands when NO ONE was ordering them to, makes it tough for me. I can’t help but wonder if making this story a series was an afterthought, as the author could have made it far more palatable if those 3 were just a little bit less savage to Jane! Turning her out and slapping her around is difficult enough to imagine forgiveness for, but given the level of trauma they themselves endured as kids I could’ve bought it. However those 3 were soulless bastards, that enjoyed torturing Jane without having to, and that doesn’t simply just change! Still love the series, love the happy ending, Jane deserves it. Im still just conflicted a bit though and wish there was more humanity to them in book 1 OR somehow it was at least explained away better in the last book. Also why didn’t Dominic kill Mr. Parker when he had the chance? Why only shoot him in the hand? That drove me a bit nuts too…ok rant over…I highly recommend the series although I have spoiled the crap out of it with this review!
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Thank You for your wonderful review!
And just a heads up … all that you’ve expressed
will be detailed in HUSH: Interlude (a novella companion to the HUSH & DiamonD Series)
which will explain much that wasn’t included in the books.

~Devlin De La Chapa
writing as “Sandra Raine”

the Pre-Order of JANE. cancelled. . .and Why?


Dear Readers and Fans of the HUSH saga:


On September 17th, 2015 I took the liberty of canceling the pre-order of JANE. on Amazon due to a manuscript error. It turned out that I had accidentally uploaded the drafted version of JANE. and not the final edited version. By the time I caught this critical error, I was to late in correcting the matter so therefore I had no choice but to cancel the pre-order for JANE.. So those of you in lieu of retaining your pre-order copy of JANE. on it’s scheduled release date will be notified otherwise.


But stress not, JANE. will be available on or before the anticipated release date of September 20th, 2015. The only downside is that you will have to search JANE. via Amazon’s search bar if you decide on purchasing your copy through Amazon. JANE. will be available on other Indie publishing platforms in time as well as in print.


I do apologize for the inconvenience. And I do thank you for understanding.


On a lighter note, I hope many of you will enjoy the conclusion of the HUSH saga; but as one saga ends so begins another!




Devlin De La Chapa



Deciphering Amazon Review #210


Every now and then I pay Amazon a visit to check on Reviews HUSH and HUSHED have received over a period of time. And I do this because it allows me to see how the books are rating; what areas the books need improvement in, and lastly, how the public feels about the books. Now I will admit that it is quite rare for me to respond to a Review or Reviews the books have garnished as I view the Reviews more as a public opinion rather than anything else. . .that is until this one crossed my eyes.

Over the weekend I paid Amazon another visit and came across the following Review which is Review #210:

“0 of 1 people found the following review helpful

1Exploitation and Trash

ByOwlwingon August 8, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

First of all, this “piece of work” was downloaded by my 14-year-old daughter’s kindle over a year ago and it was purchased on my account more than once, which I understand isn’t to be done. I believe the book is Young Adult (and it shouldn’t be, if that’s the case). I attempted to access it again, but perhaps I deleted it and had to purchase it again. I don’t know. The ‘novel’ is little more than an apparently successful attempt on the part of the author to exploit a tragic and horribly sad reality in our world. The book is little more than a disguised attempt at titillating pornographic writing and nothing more. To say otherwise is disingenuous, dishonest and I would say, an outright lie. So many writers could write trash like this and guise it as helpful and representative, when the real intent is to get gullible individuals to purchase it. There are different ways to present material like this that may very well be helpful, but the graphic nature of the work is indicative of it’s true intent, again, exploitation, attention-seeking and whatever level of sales. Frankly, there is no need for the author to be so graphic in the telling of the story. Furthermore, as I recall, toward the end the lead character says something to the effect “that at least I got a BMW out of it”, which is a very telling quote because it further represents that the writer is exploiting a tragic situation (as if getting a BMW has any value next to the hell the character experiences). I’m not one for banning books, but this is hardly a book, it is simply garbage presented as something it is not. I am amazed that doesn’t police such writings given the destructive nature of this ‘text’. As impossible as it may seem, would it not have been possible for the main character to go to the authorities given such horrific treatment, as opposed to remaining in the situation, especially when she finds that there is intent to have her younger sister be a part of the exploitation in the future? Perhaps too much to ask, but I think that would have disrupted the intent of the writer, which is clearly to draw unsuspecting and impressionable individuals into the situation to increase sales. Not only would I urge anyone contemplating the idea of purchasing this trash to forego such a purchase I hope that a screening process of some sort could be implemented by to keep pornography off it’s list of choices.”

Okay, now that the Review has been read, ingested, and in my case, detested, I found I was compelled to respond to the Review with my own Review (and I do hope that this Reviewer will read this) simply because everything about it is. . .ahem. . .”TRASH”, False, and it clearly misrepresents what the book is all about.

When HUSH first came about (two years ago, to be exact) I made it a point to include an Author’s note which clearly emphasized on what HUSH was about. Today, that Author’s note no longer exists as it has been replaced with the following and in Amazon’s description box:

“**WARNING**17+ Readers Only**This book is beyond disturbing, and contains disturbing scenes and a disturbing outcome.**”

Does anyone not read before buying? It is clearly obvious that the Reviewer did not adhere to my Warning or she/he wouldn’t have gone out of their way to write such a callous Review, much less, buy the book. Now the only reason the Reviewer stated having to purchase HUSH was because she/he may have deleted it accidentally after it was discovered on their 14-year-old daughter’s tablet. Did the daughter not read the Warning label, as well? Does this family not read Warning labels? And I don’t ever recall indicating HUSH to be a Young Adult novel on Amazon? Nor have I ever indicated HUSH to be a “Pornographic” novel on Amazon, either. Where the Reviewer is obtaining their sources is far beyond me.

Now the allegation about Jane supposedly getting a car for prostituting with the Reviewer’s following quote: “that at least I got a BMW out of it” is entirely false. Again, it is clearly obvious that the Reviewer did not read the book but merely skimmed through the book because if she/he did read the book they would have came across the following:

     “My father, along with my mother, took it upon themselves to buy me a brand new BMW for Christmas.

     When they presented my gift to me Christmas morning I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to thank my unlucky stars, or cry? Instead, I turned an ungrateful heel and walked out of the living room. It wasn’t until later that morning when my father summoned me into his study. And when he began to interrogate my behavior toward the gift I honestly didn’t know what he wanted me to say, and so I apologized.

     “Your mother and I went to great lengths to get you this new car,” my father surmised in great disappointment. “I mean, the least you could have done is looked appreciative. . .for your mother.”

     I remembered glowering at my father for trying to pin his disappointment on me. I wanted so bad to rip out his fucking tongue and gauge his eyes with my fingernails ’cause I had saw the gift as an insult, a spiteful slap to my face, and not necessarily a gift from the heart. I plotted to put a bat to it once everyone went to bed but the idea got tossed out the window when my father tossed Josh the keys and told him to take it back to the showroom. I was glad that my father decided otherwise ’cause the car would only pose as a constant reminder to all the men I was forced to fuck just to have it.”

Further into the Review the Reviewer has made reference about the graphic nature of HUSH and I quote the Reviewer: ” Frankly, there is no need for the author to be so graphic in the telling of the story”.  While I agree with the Reviewer I believe I was clear on why for the graphic nature of HUSH in a previous post: Why HUSH is Graphically Disturbing. Again, it is obvious that the Reviewer did not read up on this at the website. Maybe she/he would have grasped a better understanding for HUSH instead of making it out to be: “The ‘novel’ is little more than an apparently successful attempt on the part of the author to exploit a tragic and horribly sad reality in our world. The book is little more than a disguised attempt at titillating pornographic writing and nothing more. To say otherwise is disingenuous, dishonest and I would say, an outright lie.” Is HUSH really an “outright lie”? I’m sure if the Reviewer would have taken the time to research the issue here in the U.S. prior to writing their Review I’m sure she/he would have felt otherwise and restrained themselves for slandering HUSH.

Now as far as “Sales” is concerned in which the Reviewer also emphasizes on: “attention-seeking and whatever level of sales” and “clearly to draw unsuspecting and impressionable individuals into the situation to increase sales” is far from me getting rich. If that were the case, HUSH, HUSHED and JANE. would all read flawless as most traditional books read in part of a good Editor in which I do not have; HUSH, HUSHED and JANE. would cost more than .99 cents if I did have a good Editor; I barely make enough sales to cover my electric bill; and unfortunately I still have a day job.

Now, I also understand that the Reviewer has expressed two issues with Amazon: One, to take a better interest in their “screening” process; and two, I honestly did not know Amazon promoted Pornography as “a list of choices”? I mean, who in their right mind would go searching for Pornography on Amazon? I mean, I’ve heard of searching it over the Internet, but Amazon? Thanks to the Reviewer, now I, along with many others, know.

Last, but not least, and again I quote the Reviewer: “I am amazed that doesn’t police such writings given the destructive nature of this ‘text’.” If Amazon ever got to the point of “policing” such “garbage” (now referring to HUSH) then they would need to police ALL books pertaining to Teen Prostitution and Child Sex Trafficking, and unfortunately there are hundreds across Amazon’s platform as well as others. I mean seriously, just don’t single out my book when others are clearly addressing the same issue but in different scenarios whether in Fiction or Non. All is fair in Love and War, right?

In closing, and in my honest opinion, I believe the Reviewer/Parent got extremely upset over their daughter’s indiscretion and decided to take the route she/he had taken with the writing of their Review. Mind you, the Reader and the Reviewer, I’m not upset, just disappointed that one, I cannot delete the Review; and two, I felt that HUSH was misrepresented by the Review, and I felt it was my job to defend it.


Thank you for reading.