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The DiamonD:  EMPIRE, 2019

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crucial update on `DiamonD, The Trilogy Books`

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As of today, September 5th, 2018, DiamonD, DiamonDs and the DiamonD will no longer be available on other eBook Selling Platforms – except for DiamonD, The Trilogy as it will remain available for a limited time – as they will be exclusively Sold via HUSH`s Site (or until I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to put them back up!)

And as of today, September 5th, 2018, DiamonD, DiamonDs and the DiamonD have all been re-named with the following titles:  DiamonD chapter one.  DiamonDs:  chapter two.  And the DiamonD:  chapter three, and will no longer house under DiamonD, The Trilogy but The DiamonD Chapters.


The reason for the title changes have been a long time coming, as well as, one of them past “What if?“ moments (eventually realized) about having taken Jane – who prostituted under the name “Diamond“ in The HUSH Series – beyond HUSH, and thus far, the chapters and saga have proven worthy and are being enjoyed by thousands of Fans and Readers with many claiming:  Can`t Put the Book(s) Down!

Until then, thanks for stopping in and reading!


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a Collage of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Reviews

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It`s 2018. . .and now it`s time to update the bulletin of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from some of those Wonderful & Ghastly reviews HUSH and it`s counterparts tend to receive periodically.  So without further ado. . .Offensive masks on, please!

from HUSH:

on September 24, 2017
Sandra Raine is an excellent writer. The story was written so well that I almost felt as though I was Jane, myself. Raine has a knack for describing the scene with perfect precision. Her narrative was meticulous and easy to follow. I will say that the story is very brutal and detailed as Raine depicts every aspect of the scene perfectly. I would recommend the story but if you are squeamish, this story may not be for you. Looking forward to reading other books by Sandra Raine.
on 12 August 2017
Reads like it’s been written by a dyslexic pervert it’s the worst read EVER unrealistic characters no real storyline
on May 9, 2016
I could have spent my time better occupied…like writing my own novel.
on 25 May 2017
This book is very captivating and I couldn’t put it down. Towards the end gets so emotional. A must read
on 5 December 2016
I have no idea how this book even made it to kindle. Very badly written with alot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I really pushed myself to try and finish reading but couldnt finish the book as it just seemed to ramble on and on. I am aware that this sort of thing happens in the real world but the way it was written turned the story into a lame duck. I feel the author enjoyed writing this for the gruesome and sick detail alone rather than producing a quality read, which in itself is sick and twisted.
on 23 June 2017
A great read another day with no housework being done
on December 3, 2014
Very explicit and descriptive work of fiction. The end seems like a clusterf*ck of everything you least expected. Like the author didn’t fully think out the ending from the beginning. The typo’s didn’t bother me, makes me think a bit harder to put the sentences together. Two stars because I did read it. I just don’t feel like I got anything out of it. Just a slew of rape, torture, and heartbreak.

from The DiamonD:

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on December 27, 2016
Awesome series . Very vivid writing. Characters were very descriptive .. Storyline held my attention so much I lost sleep because I couldn’t put it down
on January 27, 2017
Big Disappointment….. How long is this story going to go on?????? Would have thought once Diamond found her sister everything would have been great for her and it would end her being happy. Shocker….. No End in Sight!!!!

from HUSH:  Missing Pieces

Pamelasue davis
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Alexis Peterson
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on November 15, 2016
Too much sympathy for men who did way too many horrible things. It made for an unbelievable story. That they would go from being vicious rapists to compassionate men. I feel like I wasted my brain /time reading it.
on 31 October 2016
Hush captured me from the outset I covered a tangled emotions from outrage to shock to disgust it was unforgettable
however this is just a good take without any of the impact of the previous instalments . So sadly disappointing.
Just to mention there were spelling mistakes throughout including the wrong spelling if compliment/complement!!

from DiamonD:

on 10 June 2016
I have been completely engrossed with this story line. As soon as starting to read, tearing myself away is impossible
on 30 July 2016
Horrible book. The grammar, sentence layouts and choice of words is appalling. I had to stop reading after the first couple of pages when the writer described in great detail about paedophilia. Despicable. I’d give it no stars if it were an option!
on August 26, 2017
I love this book and the whole series, next to the crank series I have to say this is my new favorite author iv read them all in the past few months just got the newest one Blood can’t wait to start it, I can’t believe all these bad rratings ppl have given I can’t believe that English teacher personally if you are reading a book and know how to read past 7th grade Grammer shouldn’t matter! It only matters how the story makes you feel and all I want to do is find out what’s next, I giv my husband updates after each chapter! Keep it up Sandra Raine can’t wait for the next book

from The DiamonD:  BLOOD

on August 28, 2017
I chose this as 5 starts because I truely enjoyed this book. There was things I liked and disliked of course. But what I liked so far better than what I didn’t like. It was fast paced in reading in my opinion which is good. I loved the drama lol I guess that’s why someone would read a book like this tho right. I love the characters and how Sandra Raine put all if not most of their point of views in here to see all sides of the story it’s great and that’s what I love the most. Tho I can say if you are sinstive to prostitution, gangs, or any type of crime you shouldn’t read this or any of here other books for they are not pretty and not happy go lucky books all tho you can see some happiness if you like at the gray and not the black and white of it. I can’t wait for the books to come and look forward to them
on September 2, 2017
I am so in love with these books! Can’t wait for the next to come out. Seriously never a dull moment. If your just glancing at this book and trying to decide if you want to read it, you definitely do but start from the beginning, they are all amazing. I also love how the author goes back and refreshes your memory of the characters.
Hayley Dew
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on 15 March 2015
i really enjoyed it but thought it would be a longer read. The first one was brilliant even though it was quite cruel but could not stop reading.The only thing i did not like about hushed was that i wanted to read more.
on 19 December 2014
These books are terrible. Terrible plot, appallingly written (I mean, really appalling) – yet somehow weirdly compelling as I found myself parting with actual money for them. No one to blame but myself for that. Hence the one star. I don’t quite know how she did it. Will it buy the next trashy installment? Probably. But only ever on my kindle so no one can see what I’m reading.
on October 3, 2017
very gripping, cant put down book
on March 1, 2017
The words hold deep pain of the human tragedy of human trafficking, but deep hope for eventual freedom for the victims. Highly recommended!
on January 24, 2015
I refused to rate the first book ‘Hush’ as there is no allowance for zero or negative stars..and in my opinion even those would’ve been nice. The spelling and grammatical errors were so HORRENDOUS it was impossible to enjoy the book. Not to mention the author’s need to include every sick act that she could remember, invent or regurgitate in such detail that it seemed forced almost manic.
This second book makes a for an easier read. The author must have gotten spell check and decided to leave the readers to use our imagination instead of drowning us in unnecessary details.
The premise of the story is great. Too bad it wasn’t written by a decent author. ***Save yourself a few hours you won’t get back..imagine the worst that could happen to children in the hands of pedophiles…now you know the story.***

from DiamonDs:

on August 30, 2016
This a a great series. Only thing about it is we get really into the book and it ends on a cliffhanger and I have to wait months for the next part. Ugh!
on August 31, 2016
It pains me to say this but I didn’t care for this book! It was a much to do about nothing! I loved the other books in the series however I felt this one was filler and just another away to make more money!
Now about the story I did not care for the fact that 2 gay for pay guys go from hustlers to ruthless gang members in a blink of an eye just not very believable Or that it appears Jane will become another statistic living the life she tried so hard to get out of!
on January 30, 2017
I have enjoyed all the books so far but the frustrating thing in these books is the editing or lack of editing of the words to and too which are not used in the correct context.
Amazon Customer
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

The Good: Review of DiamonD

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Review: DiamonD by Sandra Raine

June 1, 2017


I have had the pleasure of speaking with this author on several occasions, including and about the novels we’ve both penned. She knows my personal perspective, and again I should note that I loved the first book, and felt it should have been a stand-alone. However, I am pleased to read on about Jane and her evolution.

In DiamonD Jane transforms. She is no longer a young, naïve, innocent teenager caught up in a ring of disaster. While she is STILL part of this cycle of chaos, she is an adult now. Though only 18, her life has created in her a more hardened nature. Jane has evolved into DiamonD–the very girl she tried so hard to run from. An image, a lifestyle, that she rejected when forced into. Yet, in DiamonD we find her realizing she may just have to accept the life she wanted so badly to get away from.

I have to admit, I skipped Jane and went into DiamonD. I do plan to go back and read Jane., however the intro to DiamonD grabbed my attention quicker. I missed an apparent affair between Jane and the antagonist–Justin. Justin who was incredibly callous and abusive to Jane in part I, apparently has become her half-way lover. She is now married to Marco though, and it opens with all of them feuding, mostly over Jane. Bree, her younger sister, is sick of all the attention Jane gets, and is desperately trying to remove herself from the ring of prostitution as well. The heartbreaking result of this awful family’s business, is the young and innocent Bree, now forced into humiliation and sexual abuse. She blames Jane, likely because Jane is the closest thing to a parent she has at this point. Bree decides to run away in a moment of spite, and gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution with another ring, much to the dismay and suspicion of Jane. Jane leaves her pampered home-life (now living with her wealthy real father), and goes on the hunt for the tiny sibling. Along the way Jane is forced to also sell herself, to try to raise money to give to Bree’s abductors to buy her back into her own family.

I had mixed feelings about the first of three books in the new series, because it is difficult to see a stubborn and strong woman accept such a wretched fate. Jane almost seems to enjoy prostituting at some points, and I think that is hard for any fan of the series to really accept. She has a string of “paid” lovers, and we also see her team up with some other players in the game, both pimps and hookers, and live the Hollywood corner lifestyle. It’s an interesting glimpse into what will be most likely, a surprising ending, given the course events that have already taken place.

I do find that the novels become a bit more outrageous with each, and sometimes the dialogue between characters drags a bit. There are still some errors and typos, but I feel the writing itself has come along way. The story is the only thing, I do wish would keep up. Though I think it’s hard to top the first book, and also shock value starts to wear off after 1 or 2 novels.

I am still invested in this series, and also interested in what else this author has to offer!


DiamonD, The Trilogy [official bt short]

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‘the DiamonD’, summary

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As Jane a.k.a. DiamonD finds herself one step closer to being reunited with her sister, Jane’s fear is about to take a turn for the worse after she learns that her sister – who Jane still believes is rumored to be in the hands of the cartel – along with a handful of other girls, has recently been sold to a Las Vegas pimp.


Though not directly in the hands of her new pimp as of yet, Jane’s sister is in lieu of a “drop” scheduled by the cartel as they make their way toward L.A., and it will be up to Jane, and her newly established Organization, ‘the DiamonD’, to intercede.


With just days away from the cartel entering ‘the DiamonD’s’ terrain, Jane and ‘the DiamonD’ devise a plan to arrange a meeting with the Vegas pimp in hopes of persuading him to Trade-Up Jane’s sister for another girl in order to continue on with their original plan against the cartel just might pose as a problem considering a history of bad blood with ‘the DiamonD’s’ head member Memo and the pimp’s taste in girls matching the description of Jane’s sister.


Now with Jane and ‘the DiamonD’ facing the threat of a possible war with the Vegas pimp if an agreement isn’t reached prior to the cartel’s “drop” and the constant drama plaguing Jane’s controversial world will be nothing compared to the shocking decision Jane makes and the consequences that follow after she is at long last reunited with her sister.

‘the DiamonD’, releasing soon!

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Greetings, Fans & Readers of HUSH:

Just a reminder that ‘the DiamonD’ is still available for Pre-order with the scheduled release date of December 25th, 2016, Christmas Day.

If not, and you’d rather wait for its release, well, that is good too!

And just another reminder that you can’t read ‘the DiamonD’ without reading the DiamonD or DiamonDs which are both available for purchase in Kindle & Print, but then again, that’s entirely up to you.

Either way, I do hope you all enjoy the latest & the last installment in The DiamonD Trilogy!


~Devlin De La Chapa

writing as “Sandra Raine”

Print Books from The HUSH Series available

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Paperback books from The HUSH Series are all available here


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Autographed Books from The HUSH Series

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Woohoo\(‘ . ‘)/. . .So I finally made it to this point:

personally AUTOGRAPHED copies/books from The HUSH Series

 will now be available through me beginning August 5th, 2016.

To order your Autographed copy or copies simply follow the paypal “Buy Now” button located on the side grid via HUSH’s official site.

Please allow 24~48 hours for me to Autograph, package & ship your book/books.  I will email once your book/books have been shipped.

Until then, if you have any questions about the Autographed books or of something else, please email me:  AboutHush@outlook.com.


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