Pocket`size Novelettes … now available

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Henry Pimp Romeo 4 x 6 Print pic 1

Yes!  HUSH`s Novelettes have been downsized to the size of Amazon`s first Fire Tablet – Ouch!  But, yeah … the proof is in the pic!


Tommy NoveletteNovelettes Available at the moment … $6 ea.

Shane Novelette

~ curse of a Pretty`Boy

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Novelette AD 2

Novelette available at HUSH`s eBook Stores



. . .a bit of Shane`tagonism

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The DiamonD AD 2

re`edited version of The DiamonD: Chapter Three available on or before 2.15.19




SHANE: Pretty Boy Hustler – official book trailer

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HUSH Novelette Volume 6 … available at HUSH`s eBook Store – .98¢

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Available now in HUSH Novelettes:


SHANE:  Pretty Boy Hustler – .98¢

Shane Pretty Boy Hustler BC