The DiamonD Saga making a Pitch into Hollywood-TV-Land

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Yes. . .it is official that I finally got off my pretty ass – and I quote Julia Roberts` character Erin Brockovich:  “Since I have one ass instead of two“– and made the Pitch into Hollywood-TV-Land with my entire HUSH Series but generally focusing on The DiamonD Saga, and so far it`s been a journey “Synopsis-wise“.


All-in-all, I think it was the stress of fitting 10 books and 1 companion book into the required, or more-less, suggested 3 pages that was quite the challenge but I did it AND that’s with The Pitch, Teaser & additional info included.


So now that I`m done with that, it`s on to finishing the 5th volume in HUSH Novelettes and starting the 6th and working toward the ending of The DiamonD:  VEGAS.


If you`d like to view my Hollywood Pitch click THIS.  And because a Synopsis – be it in lit, TV & film – require an ending disclosure to whatever is being pitched, I have omitted to avoid spoilers.  Sorry!  But to get a further sneak peek, you can view The DiamonD Saga [ TV Bible Pitch ] HERE to get a general visual if it were to become a TV Series but my better guess would be Cable due to the graphic nature, sex, and tabooed theme scenes as well as the language and everything else in between.

In closing, I will wish myself LUCK , and if you`d like to send some my way, that would be much appreciated!

HUSH: what is it really about?

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As to not bore the Readers and the Fans with a lengthy summary on what HUSH is all about I decided to compile the following in as little words as possible.



First off, The HUSH Series or The HUSH Saga – in which I haven’t quite decided on as of yet – is a cross between Breaking Bad, Empire & The Sopranos, and entails the following ~


















and Hate.


Secondly, HUSH is a Ten Book Series depicted in Two Trilogies and One Quadrilogy. (Yes, the word “Quadrilogy” actually exists!)


And lastly, HUSH follows the story of Anna “Jane” Parker, a naive and privileged suburban teen who spends the beginning of her teenaged years as “Diamond”, a sex-trafficking victim working for her disturbed family as a prostitute who then later goes on to becoming DiamonD, a renegade prostitute on the tracks of Hollywood where she works her way up to becoming a Madam and eventually the crime Boss in her family’s sick and twisted criminal empire.


While the series is solely told through Jane’s eyes, at times the series will briefly host a prelude narrative told through my eyes.  So prepare.


On an end note, and to begin with, HUSH was never intended on becoming a series as it was intended as a stand~alone novel. The idea of expanding HUSH was based on a few emails I had received asking if there was going to be a sequel to HUSH. . .And so HUSHED was born, and from HUSHED, JANE. and from JANE. the second trilogy in The HUSH Series, The DiamonD Series/Saga beginning with DiamonD which is set for release in mid to late April, 2016.