BLAIR: through her looking glass

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available soon in HUSH Novelettes:BLAIR through her looking glass bc


SHANE: Pretty Boy Hustler – official book trailer

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HUSH Novelette Volume 6 … available at HUSH`s eBook Store – .98¢

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Available now in HUSH Novelettes:


SHANE:  Pretty Boy Hustler – .98¢

Shane Pretty Boy Hustler BC



HUSH Novelette Volume 1 … available at HUSH`s eStore .98¢

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First off, I`d like to welcome you Fans & Readers to HUSH`s brand new series, HUSH Novelettes, a series volume of story shorts of key characters and how they came to be a part of The HUSH Series.

Our first volume in the HUSH Novelettes is titled “JUSTIN:  Boy, Interrupted“ and is now available for purchase here at HUSH`s eStore, and will not be sold anywhere else.

HUSH Novelette Volume 2 will be available February, 2018.  Until then, enjoy, and Thanks for purchasing!