the Pros & a Con of Selling My Own eBooks

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I’m taking this brief time-out not to talk about my books – which is funny since I really don`t talk about my books all that much to begin with (hence, my posts) – but just a little something to say “Thank You” to the Buyers who took the plunge, from Amazon and other online ebook retailers, into my site to purchase your ebook(s) despite the hesitancy and the skepticism you may have felt since many (Indie) Authors rarely, or if not, sell their own ebooks direct from their site.

So, again … 

First the Pros:

I won`t sugar coat it and say it has been a real success but it`s been a success never-the-less; meaning, I`ve managed to sustain repeat Buyers, garnish new Buyers, receive great feedback with very little – miniscule, actually – to zero technical issues with it either being an issue of downloading/locating a book or app reader related, and recently, a refund request as the Buyer was under the impression that they had bought a physical copy of the book and not the ebook itself, so other than that, it`s been crickets in that department.

So far I`ve been content with the decision I made to sell from my site as it allows me total control over my books:  if I make changes, I don`t have to wait days for those changes to take effect or if I decide to offer FREE ebooks, I don`t have to compete with time frames so the flexibility is there; AND I don`t have to worry about my books getting banned or blocked because I failed to adhere to rules and guidelines or because it offends – my books are what they are, and if someone doesn`t like them well then tough shit!  Don`t buy!  It`s that simple!

Now the Con:

Because the transition of purchasing ebooks direct from my site is still fairly new (since 1/2018) it`s just a matter of time before everyone catches on.  Things take time with a multiple of convincing, but of course!

Thanks for reading & for your open-mind.

~Devlin De La Chapa

So … Here`s what`s New in Today`s Top #100 of Best-Selling Books …

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Again … not bad for an Indie Author!




a quote I tend to live by & hopefully up to

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As a self-proclaimed “Indie” Author not only do I think it important to gain an audience to support your books but it’s just as important to stay in touch with them especially when your audience start becoming your Fans.  And as embarrassing as this might sound, or in the words of Jerry Maguire:  37e91c7“A pride swallowing siege”, “Fans”, along with genre enthusiasts, are the ones who TRULY make it possible for indie author’s like myself to push forward in writing through sales, reviews and comments.

So as Fans take the time [out of their busy schedules] to read and comment on my work, I think it only fair to extend the same courtesy.  So as of today – or whenever I see a comment or a complaint or question arise – I will start responding, good or bad.  So expect to see more of me!

And in the grand of quote traditions, particularly from one of my all-time fave women/actresses, and a quote I tend to live by and all Authors should:


s-l225“You expect me to ignore my fans; they’re life and death to me, Baby! They’re the ones who really MADE ME!” ~Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest



~ Devlin De La Chapa