And still, I don`t know WHY I don`t have a Lit Agent?


So, and as of this evening:



are at US`s Top #60 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #33




The DiamonD

HUSH:  Missing Pieces

DiamonD, The Trilogy


is at UK`s Top #100 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #9 [a few days back it was at #5] sorry, I had to gloat.



The DiamonD


HUSH:  Missing Pieces



are on AU`s Top #80 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #25.


The DiamonD


DiamonD, The Trilogy



are at CA`s Top #70 of Best Sellers with HUSH at #20 and The DiamonD at #6

And still with all this, I don`t know WHY? I don`t have a Lit Agent?


Thanks to all the FANS who have made The HUSH Series what it is.



a Collage of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Reviews

It`s 2018. . .and now it`s time to update the bulletin of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly from some of those Wonderful & Ghastly reviews HUSH and it`s counterparts tend to receive periodically.  So without further ado. . .Offensive masks on, please!

from HUSH:

on September 24, 2017
Sandra Raine is an excellent writer. The story was written so well that I almost felt as though I was Jane, myself. Raine has a knack for describing the scene with perfect precision. Her narrative was meticulous and easy to follow. I will say that the story is very brutal and detailed as Raine depicts every aspect of the scene perfectly. I would recommend the story but if you are squeamish, this story may not be for you. Looking forward to reading other books by Sandra Raine.
on 12 August 2017
Reads like it’s been written by a dyslexic pervert it’s the worst read EVER unrealistic characters no real storyline
on May 9, 2016
I could have spent my time better occupied…like writing my own novel.
on 25 May 2017
This book is very captivating and I couldn’t put it down. Towards the end gets so emotional. A must read
on 5 December 2016
I have no idea how this book even made it to kindle. Very badly written with alot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I really pushed myself to try and finish reading but couldnt finish the book as it just seemed to ramble on and on. I am aware that this sort of thing happens in the real world but the way it was written turned the story into a lame duck. I feel the author enjoyed writing this for the gruesome and sick detail alone rather than producing a quality read, which in itself is sick and twisted.
on 23 June 2017
A great read another day with no housework being done
on December 3, 2014
Very explicit and descriptive work of fiction. The end seems like a clusterf*ck of everything you least expected. Like the author didn’t fully think out the ending from the beginning. The typo’s didn’t bother me, makes me think a bit harder to put the sentences together. Two stars because I did read it. I just don’t feel like I got anything out of it. Just a slew of rape, torture, and heartbreak.

from The DiamonD:

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on December 27, 2016
Awesome series . Very vivid writing. Characters were very descriptive .. Storyline held my attention so much I lost sleep because I couldn’t put it down
on January 27, 2017
Big Disappointment….. How long is this story going to go on?????? Would have thought once Diamond found her sister everything would have been great for her and it would end her being happy. Shocker….. No End in Sight!!!!

from HUSH:  Missing Pieces

Pamelasue davis
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Alexis Peterson
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on November 15, 2016
Too much sympathy for men who did way too many horrible things. It made for an unbelievable story. That they would go from being vicious rapists to compassionate men. I feel like I wasted my brain /time reading it.
on 31 October 2016
Hush captured me from the outset I covered a tangled emotions from outrage to shock to disgust it was unforgettable
however this is just a good take without any of the impact of the previous instalments . So sadly disappointing.
Just to mention there were spelling mistakes throughout including the wrong spelling if compliment/complement!!

from DiamonD:

on 10 June 2016
I have been completely engrossed with this story line. As soon as starting to read, tearing myself away is impossible
on 30 July 2016
Horrible book. The grammar, sentence layouts and choice of words is appalling. I had to stop reading after the first couple of pages when the writer described in great detail about paedophilia. Despicable. I’d give it no stars if it were an option!
on August 26, 2017
I love this book and the whole series, next to the crank series I have to say this is my new favorite author iv read them all in the past few months just got the newest one Blood can’t wait to start it, I can’t believe all these bad rratings ppl have given I can’t believe that English teacher personally if you are reading a book and know how to read past 7th grade Grammer shouldn’t matter! It only matters how the story makes you feel and all I want to do is find out what’s next, I giv my husband updates after each chapter! Keep it up Sandra Raine can’t wait for the next book

from The DiamonD:  BLOOD

on August 28, 2017
I chose this as 5 starts because I truely enjoyed this book. There was things I liked and disliked of course. But what I liked so far better than what I didn’t like. It was fast paced in reading in my opinion which is good. I loved the drama lol I guess that’s why someone would read a book like this tho right. I love the characters and how Sandra Raine put all if not most of their point of views in here to see all sides of the story it’s great and that’s what I love the most. Tho I can say if you are sinstive to prostitution, gangs, or any type of crime you shouldn’t read this or any of here other books for they are not pretty and not happy go lucky books all tho you can see some happiness if you like at the gray and not the black and white of it. I can’t wait for the books to come and look forward to them
on September 2, 2017
I am so in love with these books! Can’t wait for the next to come out. Seriously never a dull moment. If your just glancing at this book and trying to decide if you want to read it, you definitely do but start from the beginning, they are all amazing. I also love how the author goes back and refreshes your memory of the characters.
Hayley Dew
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
on 15 March 2015
i really enjoyed it but thought it would be a longer read. The first one was brilliant even though it was quite cruel but could not stop reading.The only thing i did not like about hushed was that i wanted to read more.
on 19 December 2014
These books are terrible. Terrible plot, appallingly written (I mean, really appalling) – yet somehow weirdly compelling as I found myself parting with actual money for them. No one to blame but myself for that. Hence the one star. I don’t quite know how she did it. Will it buy the next trashy installment? Probably. But only ever on my kindle so no one can see what I’m reading.
on October 3, 2017
very gripping, cant put down book
on March 1, 2017
The words hold deep pain of the human tragedy of human trafficking, but deep hope for eventual freedom for the victims. Highly recommended!
on January 24, 2015
I refused to rate the first book ‘Hush’ as there is no allowance for zero or negative stars..and in my opinion even those would’ve been nice. The spelling and grammatical errors were so HORRENDOUS it was impossible to enjoy the book. Not to mention the author’s need to include every sick act that she could remember, invent or regurgitate in such detail that it seemed forced almost manic.
This second book makes a for an easier read. The author must have gotten spell check and decided to leave the readers to use our imagination instead of drowning us in unnecessary details.
The premise of the story is great. Too bad it wasn’t written by a decent author. ***Save yourself a few hours you won’t get back..imagine the worst that could happen to children in the hands of pedophiles…now you know the story.***

from DiamonDs:

on August 30, 2016
This a a great series. Only thing about it is we get really into the book and it ends on a cliffhanger and I have to wait months for the next part. Ugh!
on August 31, 2016
It pains me to say this but I didn’t care for this book! It was a much to do about nothing! I loved the other books in the series however I felt this one was filler and just another away to make more money!
Now about the story I did not care for the fact that 2 gay for pay guys go from hustlers to ruthless gang members in a blink of an eye just not very believable Or that it appears Jane will become another statistic living the life she tried so hard to get out of!
on January 30, 2017
I have enjoyed all the books so far but the frustrating thing in these books is the editing or lack of editing of the words to and too which are not used in the correct context.
Amazon Customer
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Superimposing on Amazon Review #68

As many of you know, every now and then I do pop into Amazon to see where my books are currently standing in Rank & Reviews as I like to grasp a more in depth insight of what Readers/Reviewers thought about the book they just read.

For this instance, I read the recent review posted on JANE..  And though the Reviewer did give it a wonderful Star Rating, the Reviewer went on to express some key issues that had them scratching their head.

So to not go into too much detail, I did leave a Comment but it was merely to superimpose what will be included in HUSH:  Interlude.

And even though I did stress what is to be included in HUSH:  Interlude through a previous post, I might have failed to include some of those issues with the Reviewers Review.

Below is the Review with my Comment to follow:

on February 2, 2017
Who cares about the random spelling and grammar issues. It just adds to the raw feeling of the series. Speaking of which, I feel like it wasn’t meant to be a series so the ending doesn’t match up. Dominic, Justin and Josh went far and beyond “being tough” on Jane out of their sense of duty to the organization. The first book made that abundantly clear, so it makes the ending tough to swallow. IF they raped and beat her the first night they went to the frat party to “break her in” then MAYBE I can see her forgiving them because they are just products of their environment following orders from above. However the countless abuse inflicted on her at their hands when NO ONE was ordering them to, makes it tough for me. I can’t help but wonder if making this story a series was an afterthought, as the author could have made it far more palatable if those 3 were just a little bit less savage to Jane! Turning her out and slapping her around is difficult enough to imagine forgiveness for, but given the level of trauma they themselves endured as kids I could’ve bought it. However those 3 were soulless bastards, that enjoyed torturing Jane without having to, and that doesn’t simply just change! Still love the series, love the happy ending, Jane deserves it. Im still just conflicted a bit though and wish there was more humanity to them in book 1 OR somehow it was at least explained away better in the last book. Also why didn’t Dominic kill Mr. Parker when he had the chance? Why only shoot him in the hand? That drove me a bit nuts too…ok rant over…I highly recommend the series although I have spoiled the crap out of it with this review!
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Thank You for your wonderful review!
And just a heads up … all that you’ve expressed
will be detailed in HUSH: Interlude (a novella companion to the HUSH & DiamonD Series)
which will explain much that wasn’t included in the books.

~Devlin De La Chapa
writing as “Sandra Raine”

Autographed Books from The HUSH Series

Woohoo\(‘ . ‘)/. . .So I finally made it to this point:

personally AUTOGRAPHED copies/books from The HUSH Series

 will now be available through me beginning August 5th, 2016.

To order your Autographed copy or copies simply follow the paypal “Buy Now” button located on the side grid via HUSH’s official site.

Please allow 24~48 hours for me to Autograph, package & ship your book/books.  I will email once your book/books have been shipped.

Until then, if you have any questions about the Autographed books or of something else, please email me:


CP DiamonDCP The HUSH Series



HUSH: what is it really about?

As to not bore the Readers and the Fans with a lengthy summary on what HUSH is all about I decided to compile the following in as little words as possible.



First off, The HUSH Series or The HUSH Saga – in which I haven’t quite decided on as of yet – is a cross between Breaking Bad, Empire & The Sopranos, and entails the following ~


















and Hate.


Secondly, HUSH is a Ten Book Series depicted in Two Trilogies and One Quadrilogy. (Yes, the word “Quadrilogy” actually exists!)


And lastly, HUSH follows the story of Anna “Jane” Parker, a naive and privileged suburban teen who spends the beginning of her teenaged years as “Diamond”, a sex-trafficking victim working for her disturbed family as a prostitute who then later goes on to becoming DiamonD, a renegade prostitute on the tracks of Hollywood where she works her way up to becoming a Madam and eventually the crime Boss in her family’s sick and twisted criminal empire.


While the series is solely told through Jane’s eyes, at times the series will briefly host a prelude narrative told through my eyes.  So prepare.


On an end note, and to begin with, HUSH was never intended on becoming a series as it was intended as a stand~alone novel. The idea of expanding HUSH was based on a few emails I had received asking if there was going to be a sequel to HUSH. . .And so HUSHED was born, and from HUSHED, JANE. and from JANE. the second trilogy in The HUSH Series, The DiamonD Series/Saga beginning with DiamonD which is set for release in mid to late April, 2016.


some HUSH inspiration


Dear Readers and Fans of HUSH & HUSHED:


The following is a comment originally posted on the “Excerpt from JANE.” tab.


I wanted to share this comment here as it contains a companion comment on my behalf.  The comment is very heart felt, and my comment explains a little bit more about HUSH.


Hope you enjoy!


Devlin De La Chapa



I have to say that as I read both of these books I as well did not get any rest. I could not put them down, which makes the wait for the finale so much more torturous. As I read these books my heart broke, thinking is this story based off someone’s true life? I remember putting my ereader down and thinking my God my life is not as bad as I make it out to be. I mean I could have things so much worse! So in a way these books have made me more thankful for what I have, and what I have not had to endure! At the same time though it makes me extremely fearful and so much more protective over my two children! I found myself taking my daughter shopping for a dress for her father daughter dance, thinking of how beautiful she is and wanting her to not get dresses that made her age beyond her years! My daughter did not understand this, she just wanted to go on a date with her awesome dad, while my thoughts were of all the other dads that would be there looking at my beautiful daughter and her friends. Not helping myself but thinking the worse about those dad’s. I have to admit these books have opened my eyes to things that I choose to deny. I mean I know these things happen but I choose to ignore I guess you can say. But at the same time it has also put me more on gaurd for my beautiful babies and their friends who are like my children also. So while these stories may be fiction, I will no longer ignore anything! So thank you for slapping me awake, otherwise and (God forbid) one of my babies could end up in a non fictional story! Can’t wait for the third eBook!!! Can’t believe we all have to wait til the summer!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!


Hi, Teia. . .Wow! I honestly do not know where to start with this very heart felt comment, so I will start with this:

Back in 2008/2009 there was an innocent girl who was best friends with another girl. The girl stopped by the innocent girl’s house one night to say she was going out of town and that she just wanted her to personally know. The girls hugged, then they parted. But as soon as the innocent girl turned her back to head back into her house, the other girl, along with a couple of guy friends, nabbed the innocent girl and threw her into a van and drove off with her. It turned out that there was an older man looking to have sex with a fourteen or fifteen-year-old virgin, and the innocent girl’s best friend suggested her innocent best friend. They took the innocent girl to an apartment where the older man was waiting. For the next two weeks or so, the innocent girl was prostituted out to anybody. It is said that the innocent girl was found (when she was found) locked in a dark bedroom, occasionally hidden beneath the bed, or in a dog crate.

Around the same time (maybe earlier) there was a well-off eight-year-old girl who’s parents forced her to sign a Contract stating that she was going to support her mom and dad by prostituting for them. After, the father took her to his place of business. There were some men there socializing with one another. When the girl got up to use the restroom, one of the men followed the girl and raped her. And that is when she state she started prostituting.

These stories touched a nerve with me because at that time my daughter was 12, and we were living downtown in a not so good neighborhood, around not so good people, and just blocks away from four interconnecting Interstates leading to California, Las Vegas, New Mexico and Mexico. And we (her parents) always made it a point to tell her to be aware of her surroundings and of the people. And we would also say, ‘that by the time, baby, you realize what’s happening to you, you’ll be somewhere on an Interstate either heading North, South, East or West never to be heard from again.’

Those are just some of the accounts that inspired me to write HUSH. I originally wanted to write a documentary on the subject but decided to write a fiction story instead. When I began researching the subject of child and teen prostitution further, I also came across a couple of other accounts where teens and suburban teens were prostituting other teens, so that, too, just added to me writing HUSH. And instead of an inner city twist I decided on a suburban one as I wanted people to understand that it doesn’t matter what neighborhood class you live in, teen prostitution is happening, it’s just, and like you stated, we choose to ignore it.

I’m glad that you [openly] shared your thoughts and your opinions about the issue and about your girls. And from what I can sense, you sound like a good and wary parent. . .So keep up the good work. I will say that I am sorry that it took a book like HUSH & HUSHED to make you feel otherwise, or to open your eyes. But at the same time, please do keep in mind that just like there is bad in this world there is also good.

Good luck with your daughter, and I hope she enjoys the Father-Daughter dance as well as her dress!

Take Care, Teia

Devlin De La Chapa