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As a self-proclaimed “Indie” Author not only do I think it important to gain an audience to support your books but it’s just as important to stay in touch with them especially when your audience start becoming your Fans.  And as embarrassing as this might sound, or in the words of Jerry Maguire:  37e91c7“A pride swallowing siege”, “Fans”, along with genre enthusiasts, are the ones who TRULY make it possible for indie author’s like myself to push forward in writing through sales, reviews and comments.

So as Fans take the time [out of their busy schedules] to read and comment on my work, I think it only fair to extend the same courtesy.  So as of today – or whenever I see a comment or a complaint or question arise – I will start responding, good or bad.  So expect to see more of me!

And in the grand of quote traditions, particularly from one of my all-time fave women/actresses, and a quote I tend to live by and all Authors should:


s-l225“You expect me to ignore my fans; they’re life and death to me, Baby! They’re the ones who really MADE ME!” ~Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest



~ Devlin De La Chapa


Diamond Vs. DiamonD … a just question

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I was on Twitter the other night and had a question asked about why DiamonD was spelled with a capital “D” instead of the lowercase “d”.  And of course, the question went on to state on how it was driving the reader nuts!

So why is “Diamond” spelled “DiamonD”? (a fair question)

Answer:  Because I found the name Diamond to plain and commonly spelled, I decided to give it some style and uniqueness by switching out the lowercase “d” for a capital “D”.

Umm. . .any other questions?


GREED, is it really?

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Honestly … I am NOT a Fan of Social Media just like people are not a Fan of writing books, poetry, book reports, essays, even a thesis  – something that requires a ridiculous amount of brain cells when one would rather put on their best “duck face” and take a “Selfie” with a click of a button instead.

Okay.  I’ve fallen off topic here.  Sorry about that.

But back to this whole Social Media bullshit.

So, I’ve re-established my Twitter account, opened up an Instagram account and GoodReads finally got off their bums and gave me my “Goodreads Author” account.  YouTube, no problem.

As for FaceBook. . .I avoid it like the plague even though I do have an account since 2010/2011 (which has since been deactivated).  And I only got the damned thing just in case I became Famous.  Pft!  Wishful thinking!

As far as other Social Media Platforms are concerned, I will alert here once they’ve been established.

Now, why did I decide to go Social Media?  Well, why not?  Okay.  Now I’m just being a smartass.  But seriously, it’s like that Greed quote in my “SEVEN – sins that aren’t so deadly”:

ENVY – How in the hell am I suppose to envy what others don’t have?

GLUTTONY – If I bit more than I could chew, I wouldn’t have any teeth

GREED – Everyone else has everything else, so why can’t I?

LUST – Just because I have a pussy doesn’t mean I have to satisfy it every second I have a sexual thought.

PRIDE – Who needs it in these times.  Beg for money.  Drink out of a used cup.  Pick up a penny.  Squat piss on a tree.

SLOTH – Isn’t everyone at six in the morning?

WRATH – If I spend all day plotting an economical revolution then I wouldn’t have time writing shit that doesn’t sell such as this shit!


So I guess that answers the question!