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Greetings, Fans & Readers of HUSH:

Just a reminder that ‘the DiamonD’ is still available for Pre-order with the scheduled release date of December 25th, 2016, Christmas Day.

If not, and you’d rather wait for its release, well, that is good too!

And just another reminder that you can’t read ‘the DiamonD’ without reading the DiamonD or DiamonDs which are both available for purchase in Kindle & Print, but then again, that’s entirely up to you.

Either way, I do hope you all enjoy the latest & the last installment in The DiamonD Trilogy!


~Devlin De La Chapa

writing as “Sandra Raine”

excerpt from DiamonD ~ forthcoming, 2016

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“Oh, my God!  Bree!” I suddenly blurted with my body trying desperately hard to break free from my restraints.  “Bree!” I shouted again while those horrid tears – tears I vowed I would never shed again since finding my happy place in this world – clung perilously and desperately in my eyes.  “Bree!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Sara yelled, backhanding me across the face.  “You,” Sara then said pointing brutality at Bree.  “Come here.  Now!”  Bree choked back her tears and walked to Sara who in turn grabbed Bree stern by the arm and placed her right in front of my distraught appearance; an appearance I did not want Bree to see me in as I strongly feared it bringing about those dirty old days especially with me having been roughed up.

I could feel the blood starting to trickle once again from the corner of my mouth.  I felt pitied.  And ashamed for having forced Bree to gaze upon me in this way ’cause I felt weak in her eyes.  I mean, I could have literally died just by the way she just stood there trembling beneath Sara’s firm grasp, her eyes glazed with a certain amount of anger and resentment as if she were an open wound I refused to let heal with all this constant grief pulling and constricting around us, choking our virtue, continually torturing our bruised and battered and raped bodies; it felt like there was no end.

“She is quite lovely, Diamond,” Sara mused as she stroked Bree’s hair then her arms until her stroking eventually subsided to the front crotch of Bree’s jeans.  Bree then took a deep breath and held back the silent of her agonizing screams the second Sara slowly peeled both her jeans and her panties down to her knees thus exposing Bree fully to me.

“Open up, Sweetie,” Sara then mustered softly into Bree’s ear, giving her lobe a gentle lick while her fingers triumphed into getting Bree to part her thighs.

“No. . .please,” I then mustered in agony myself as if I was the one being publicly violated and humiliated.  “Please,” I mustered again for the sake of my Bree.

“Shh,” Sara mused to Bree who began to cry the moment Sara started to massage the inner and outer of her vagina in slow circular motions.  “Relax, child, relax. . .Breathe. . .I thought you’d be used to it by now, hmm?” Sara then continued to muse as her strokes became more prolonged, more intense.

After a few excruciating seconds, and in between Bree’s whimpering and my sobbing and Sara’s groaning and her verbally moaning on how good Bree felt on her fingers, Sara finally glanced up at me.

“Still no answer, Diamond?” she again mused, still stroking Bree’s vagina.  “Well, we’re just going to have to fix that then.  Jackie Boy.”

“No!” I wailed from the top of my lungs with the vibration literally shaking the walls.  And that didn’t stop Jackie Boy ’cause he shot me a taunting grin and a wink right before he stepped around Sara, grabbing Bree by the back of her neck and forcing her toward the table.

“I’ll do it!  I’ll do it. . .I’LL. . .DO IT!” I screamed to hell and back.  “Just please. . .don’t harm her.  Please don’t harm her.”

“Good girl,” Sara complimented with every bit of satisfaction her heartless and vile instinct could fathom.  “Jackie Boy.”  Jackie Boy then nodded.

“Get dressed.” he then said to Bree who wasted no time pulling her panties and jeans back up over her hips.  As for me, I just sat there bounded once again in a prison I just couldn’t find the means to escape out of.  I mean, I didn’t know how I was going to go about talking Sissy into giving into Sara and the rest of the women’s demands, nor how I was going to convince my father into leaving the country for good.  What I did know was that the shoe was on the other foot; now meaning with my father being the prey instead of the predator. God, ’cause I couldn’t understand how I managed to fuck this up?

“Don’t ponder so much,” Sara said gently lifting my chin to meet her callous, yet unnervingly sincere gaze.  “You give me back my boys, Janie, and I promise you that I’ll love, honor and respect you, forever.  That is my compromise.”  Sara then nodded to someone just over my shoulder.  And before I got the chance to see who had been standing behind me the whole time, a rag had maneuvered around my face prior to it being shoved against my nose and mouth.  I accidentally inhaled.  And suddenly everything before me started to blur until there was nothing left but a divine darkness.



The HUSH Saga…now available on Kindle & Print

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Merry Christmas, Readers & Fans of HUSH!  Just a heads up that HUSH, HUSHED and JANE. are now available together in one book ~ The HUSH Saga for $3.49 on Amazon and will only be available for a Limited Time; after, it will only be available in print.

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Thanks Readers, Fans & Guests of HUSH for clicking on the link(s).  As you can very well see, HUSH’s new site is no different from its old site.  Everything is the same ~ simple and easy to navigate.  Threads, Information and Musings about HUSH or The DiamonD Saga will continue to be posted soon or as often as I can get to posting, so from time-to-time keep checking back!



Devlin De La Chapa


#1 Best-Seller(s). . .A Gratitude of Thanks to the Buyers!

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Dear Readers/Fans:

Since mid-2013, HUSH has been a frequent #1 Best-Seller on Amazon’s Violence in Society category, particularly with the UK, CA, AU and occasionally U.S., beating out many agented and traditionally published Authors and the occasional Indie Author.  But today I am happy to report that HUSH’s companion, HUSHED has officially reached (earlier this morning) and surpassed HUSH as a #1 Best-Seller putting HUSH at #2 which I thought was “Great!” because since its (HUSHED) release, HUSHED hasn’t been able to reach its peak ’til today. . .So for that I was very pleased.  Currently, and as of this afternoon, HUSH is back to being #1 with HUSHED holding onto #2, and that is more than honorable, more than what any Indie Author could ever hope for their novels.  But while I would like to take full credit for where my novels stand today, I cannot. . .the credit actually goes to the Buyers and their Reviews. . .so THANK YOU Buyers for making HUSH and HUSHED the Best of Sellers!


~Devlin De La Chapa



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the second trilogy in The HUSH Saga ~ forthcoming, 2016